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Seahawks Gameday Poster Series: The Art of Jordan Kay

Get to know Midwest-raised and Seattle-based artist Jordan Kay Phillip; the Seahawks Gameday Poster artist for Week 6’s home matchup against the Arizona Cardinals


The Seahawks return home to Lumen Field in Week 6 to face the Arizona Cardinals. In the continued effort to create initiatives to highlight homegrown Pacific Northwest talent, the Seattle Seahawks Gameday Poster series does just that. Meet Week 6 feature artist Jordan Kay.

Behind The Gameday Poster

This is the fourth year of the Seahawks Gameday Poster series, done in partnership with Seattle art pioneers the Ames Bros, with proceeds benefiting a different organization each week. The Week 6 beneficiary is Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's Crucial Catch Fund, tying to the Crucial Catch theme of Sunday's game vs. the Cardinals. The Crucial Catch Fund will help local patients who cannot cover the incidental costs of cancer treatment.

The Ames Bros duo of Barry Ament and Coby Schultz are the masterminds behind some of the world's greatest illustrations, created here in Seattle. The pair met at art college in Montana, moving to Seattle to pursue their artistic endeavors in a bigger market. The duo found a niche in poster and apparel artwork for mega groups like Pearl Jam and Metallica. Now they are giving homegrown talent an opportunity to shine on a major platform courtesy of the Seahawks.

Who Is Jordan Kay

The journey from small-town Midwest America to the pinnacle of Seattle art didn't come easy for artist Jordan Kay. But there's beauty in everything in life, and Kay is one of those gifted enough to create art across various mediums that have been appreciated worldwide.

Ironically enough, art has been a side-hustle for Kay for the majority of her adult life, serving for several years as a senior designer for Starbucks Creative Studio. It takes courage to leave the nest, and Kay did just that, earning degrees from the University of Brighton, UK and the Minneapolis College of Art. 

The Seattle Theatre Group highlighting the arrival of Jenny Lewis at The Moore with some vibrant art illustrated by Jordan Kay:

Kay's drive and ability to create art and illustrations across various mediums has led to her working with everyone from Target to Bleacher Report to The Washington Post. 

Kay took some time to discuss her background and how she draws inspiration from both the Midwest and Seattle.

"I think being from the Midwest somehow keeps me very humble and curious," said Kay. "Growing up in a small town, I always wanted to experience all of the fun and events happening in bigger cities. Being in Seattle now (and for the last decade) has been a blast, and filled with so many new discoveries."

With more than a decade of decorated freelancing work and collaborative efforts with various entities, Kay discussed which were the most impactful. 

"That's a tricky one," said Kay. "There are a lot of projects where I'm floored to get to work with such a big company or magazine (and then I text my parents, asking if they're proud of me.) But also, taking on meaningful work for local Seattle businesses or non-profits make me really proud, specifically I did some work with Ecosia, a search engine non-profit who uses their ad revenue to plant trees around the world where they're needed most–it feels special to get to support something the earth really needs."

"Music plays a very huge part in keeping me going," said Kay. "Finding flow while working, and inspiring new ideas. Also taking time to get out on a hike or long walk through nature is very resetting and inspiring to me. And the occasional good glass of Malbec."

Achievement is different to everyone, and despite a long, decorated career, Kay still has plenty of aspirations in terms of potential collaborations.

"Ooh, that's a juicy question," said Kay. "I would love to partner with a pro-animator and make a longer length motion piece, obviously including a spicy music track. That and it would be fun to completely take over an interior or exterior space with my work in collaboration with another artist or organization–something very immersive."

The Artwork

This week's gameday poster depicts the Seahawks swooping down on its prey, as the Arizona Cardinals come into town. Kay brings out the best of the Seahawks action green and navy blue colors, with the red of the cardinal popping off the screen. Kay discussed what went into the specifics of such a vibrant piece.

"I love using limited palettes," said Kay. "So it was fun to figure out how to make the Seahawks green and blue feel cohesive with the Cardinals' red color. I gravitate towards pastel colors, so a screened back red/peach felt pretty good to bring it all together. I love pretty quirky hand lettering and did what came naturally to me when it came to the lettering. I think more personality in the lettering can make the piece fun and approachable. The sparkles felt appropriate (not only because of my love of music) but also made me think of the lights at the game."

Fortunately, there were no real hiccups in the creation process, but Kay did take a moment to thank those who helped make this possible.

"I didn't run into much–the printers of this piece really spun magic with the overprinted tones (when one color overlays another color to create a new color;)," said Kay. "That's always the only thing I get a bit nervous about. Everything can look great on a screen, but when it comes to printing, things can get a bit tricky! The real magician is Nick at Seizure Palace Printing!"

Pickup your limited-edition Jordan Kay Phillip Seahawks Gameday artwork and find out more about Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's Crucial Catch Fundhere.

Go behind the scenes with team photographer Rod Mar as he shares moments from Week 5 vs. the New Orleans Saints on October 9, 2022 at Caesars Superdome. Eye On The Hawks is presented by Western Washington Toyota Dealers.

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