Russell Wilson, Kam Chancellor, Jon Ryan and DeShawn Shead Voted 2016 Captains By Seahawks Teammates

Seahawks players voted on 2016 captains Monday.

Seahawks players voted on captains for the 2016 season Monday, electing quarterback Russell Wilson, safety Kam Chancellor, punter Jon Ryan and defensive back DeShawn Shead. 

"I love these guys as captains," head coach Pete Carroll said Monday. "There's a number of guys that could've been (selected), but the players singled these guys out."

The players selected captains by placing their votes in a hat. Wilson was named captain of the offense for the fourth season in a row, while Ryan (third season in a row) was named co-captain of the special teams unit with Shead. 

"Russell's a great leader," Carroll said, "he makes great statements of who he is and who we are and represents us beautifully whenever.

"There isn't a finer guy to have as your captain than Kam Chancellor. He is the epitome of what you're looking for," he added. 

"Jon Ryan continues to get recognized by our guys for all the great work he does and the leadership that he brings. 

"And then to recognize a guy like DeShawn Shead, too, that's a great statement of the program." Carroll said. "There was a few years back (when) he was one of these seven or eight guys here on the practice squad. (He) worked his way all the way through it with just great heart and stick-to-itiveness and toughness and all that. He's elevated to the point where he's a captain now. It's really a great statement about the young man that he is."

Chancellor was thoughtful in the locker room when talking about receiving the honor again. He described the recognition as being "very meaningful" and is ready to lead the way.

"I treat them like my brothers, like blood, so it means a lot for them to hold me to a standard like that." Chancellor said. "That's kind of one of my things, I practice what I preach. I like to tell the guys the right thing to do and motivate them and be a living example, so I think it's big for them to announce me as a captain once again.

"This is a great group of guys. We have a lot of great guys on this team personality wise, athletic wise, and it means a lot to be that guy that can stand out front and show them the way and lead by example." 

Michael Bennett praised Chancellor's impact on the Seahawks locker room.

"Kam is the best at what he does. He's everything, he's the captain of our team, he does everything right. He's just a special talent and we're lucky to have a teammate like him and he's done a great job of getting back in shape doing everything."

Shead was elected a season captain for the first time in his NFL career. Chancellor preached about how hard the 27-year-old has worked since joining the Seahawks as an undrafted free agent in 2012. 

"DeShawn is one of those guys that came from the bottom of those undrafted guys that got to make their way on special teams." Chancellor said. "First it's about getting a spot, and then showing your effort, showing your abilities, and DeShawn definitely stepped it up a lot and came a long way."

Asked about what advice he would give Shead about handling the honor, Chancellor said: "Just don't stop being the guy that you are. Those guys are letting you be a captain because the guy you showed, the guy you've proven to be. Just continue to be that guy."

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