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Revisiting The Seahawks On David Letterman

Late-night host David Letterman retired this week after 33 years in television.

David Letterman's 33-year career in television came to a close on Wednesday, with the 68-year-old comedian hosting his final night of the 'Late Show' on CBS.

As Letterman settles into retirement, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at members of the Seahawks who have been fortunate - or unfortunate, in some cases - to be a part of his late-night antics.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson joined Letterman in studio following the team's Super Bowl XLVIII victory over the Denver Broncos last year, a win that secured the first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history.

"We had a blast, man," Wilson told Letterman of the night that followed Seattle's 43-8 win over Denver. "We just had so much fun. It was awesome. Macklemore performed for us in the hotel and coach [Pete] Carroll was up there trying to sing and dance, and Paul Allen, our owner, was playing the guitar the whole night. It doesn't get too much better."

But Wilson isn't the only Seahawk with ties to Letterman's late-night show.

The team's live mascot, Taima the Hawk, was involved in an incident ahead of Seattle's home game against the New York Giants this past November, flying away from its handler and into the stands, coming to rest on the unsuspecting head of Seahawks season ticket holder Bob Tadlock. National news outlets, including CBS' Letterman, took notice, and as a result Taima was the subject of one of Letterman's lists, 'Top 10 Things Going Through This Guy's Mind At This Moment (Seattle Seahawk Landing On Head).'

You can check out both Seahawks-related Letterman videos embedded below.

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