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Revisiting Seahawks Players' First Tweets on Twitter's 10th Birthday

Twitter celebrates its 10th birthday on March 21. Take a look back at the first tweets to come from your favorite Seahawks.

Twitter, the social networking service with 320 million monthly active users, turned 10 years old on Monday.

On top of becoming a hotbed for breaking news, connecting with friends, and building a business since its inception on March 21, 2006, several brands and individuals, like the Seahawks and their players, exercise the online service to engage with their respective audiences using messages crafted in 140 characters or less.

Of course, every Twitter user has to have a #FirstTweet, and in honor of Twitter entering its pre-teen years, we decided to take a look back at some of the more entertaining first tweets to come from players on Seattle's roster.

For Steven Hauschka, his first tweet also happens to be his last, something the Seahawks kicker projected would be the case when he signed up for the social network in Dec. 2014:

Twitter may be 10 years old today, but running back Thomas Rawls just joined last week. He already has 10 more tweets than Hauschka.

Jimmy Graham, meanwhile, wanted to set the record straight with all of his social imposters:

Punter Jon Ryan has become one of the team's more entertaining Twitter follows since joining in 2011, when he apparently had "no idea" how the social network worked:

Pete Carroll joined Twitter during president Barack Obama's inauguration address in January 2009. His first tweet has one Like, and now the Seahawks' front man is the NFL's most-followed head coach, boasting more than 1.36 million followers.

Below, take a look at even more of the team's initial tweets. To discover a #FirstTweet of your own, click here and type in any Twitter handle

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