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PEP Talk with Tony Ventrella: Camp Nostalgia

Tony Ventrella reflects on his 30th Seahawks camp.

As I stood at the edge of the practice field this morning watching the Seahawks first workout of the 2008 training camp I couldn't help but think of the past.  Nostalgia has a way of working it's way into your mind when you're observing the end of an era.

After calling Kirkland home since their first year of existence 1976, the Seahawks will move to the beautiful new Virginia Mason Athletic Center on August 18th.

One of the first people I saw this morning was Post Intelligencer writer Clare Farnsworth, covering his 30th Seahawks camp.  Clare recalls with a smile the early days when Jack Patera took the team to Cheney and it always seemed like it was at least 100 degrees in the sun and 98 in the shade.

It was more like 70 out there today and I'm sure the players from the south and Midwest appreciate it.

This is my 27th Seahawks camp and 10th with Mike Holmgren as head coach. He says he won't dwell on this being his final season until the end but I'm already thinking about it.  Everytime I see coach Holmgren address the team or the media I try to picture what it would've been like to be a student in one of his history classes in the early 70s.  I might have appreciated history a little earlier in life if I'd been there.

At his press conferences he considers every ques tion tossed at him no matter how silly and often comes up with an answer that actually makes the question seem more sensible.  I will enjoy this final season of Mike Holmgren's Seahawks career.

True to his word Doug Baldwin was in camp for the first practice. 

That's good for the Seahawks, good for Bobby and good for the young receivers who can't help but learn something from the 12 year veteran every day.

Rookie defensive end Lawrence signed his contract and made it to his first day of camp. Good for him.

Now we'll settle in and watch the veteran players get ready for the season while the young guys fight for a spot on the roster.

At a time when gas prices are higher than ever and the economy is on a roller coaster, it's nice to be able to count on the constants in your life.   Being able to follow your favorite team every season is one of  those constants and for all practical purposes the season just started today.

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