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Monday Round-Up: The History Of The Ninth Pick In The NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft just over two weeks away and the Seahawks set to pick at No. 9, Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times looks back on some of the notable players taken with the ninth overall pick.


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Monday, April 11 — about your Seattle Seahawks.

The History Of The Ninth Pick In The NFL Draft

Barring any trades leading up to April 28, the Seahawks are set to make the ninth overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, their highest pick since choosing Russell Okung No. 6 overall in 2010.

As always, there is a ton of talent in this year's first round, and even more so in the top 15 picks, which has 12s excited to see which direction the team will go in with the first big draft pick of the post-Wilson-Wagner era. Mock drafts everywhere have the Seahawks making different moves like choosing a quarterback, cornerback, offensive tackle, or trading out of the ninth spot completely.

But instead of trying to predict what the Seahawks will do in just over two weeks, Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times turned to history to see what could await the Seahawks with the ninth overall pick. Last week, he looked back at some of the notable players who have been selected ninth overall in the draft — whether they were chosen by the Seahawks or other teams around the league, which ones went on to have the best careers, and which recent picks have gotten off to the best starts.

The Seahawks have picked ninth overall twice before — 1978 (CB Keith Simpson) and 2001 (WR Koren Robinson). "Simpson had a productive eight-year career, notably starting at cornerback for the 1983-84 teams that kicked off the Chuck Knox era," Condotta said. "Robinson's career obviously is somewhat bittersweet, often remembered most for his unrealized potential. But there was no questioning his talent — his 1,240 receiving yards in 2002 are still the third most in team history for a single season and he's ninth all-time in receiving yards at 3,567."

Condotta notes that there have been four Hall of Famers out of 87 total ninth overall picks since 1936, and that picks around nine reflect a similar percentage — "there have been seven HOFers taken with the eighth pick and five at 10 (though surely another one coming someday in Patrick Mahomes) … Fourteen have been named an All-Pro First Team pick, though none since [2012 draftee Luke] Kuechly," he said.

For the quarterback lovers — Condotta says that there have only been two chosen at nine, Frank Tripucka by the Eagles in 1949 and Marty Domres by the Chargers in 1969.

"Domres, though, also has an interesting tie to Seattle," Condotta says. "He was the starting QB for the Jets in what was the first shutout in Seahawks history, a 17-0 Seattle win in 1977, recording a 0.0 passer rating before being replaced and starting just one more game in his career.

Because Domres didn't throw 10 passes — he was 2-9 for 20 yards with an interception — the game doesn't qualify as one of the 72 times in NFL history a QB has had a 0.0 rating. But if it did, it would be the only 0.0 rating for an opposing QB in Seahawks history."

Click here to read Condotta’s full piece on the history of the ninth overall pick in the NFL Draft.

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