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Monday Round-Up: Russell Wilson Joins The Bill Simmons Podcast

Wilson hopped on Simmons’ show to talk about the Legion of Boom, the “DangerTalk” podcast, the importance of mental preparation and more.


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's happening today – Monday, Oct. 18 – for your Seattle Seahawks.

Russell Wilson Joins The Bill Simmons Podcast

Russell Wilson was active all over social media as the Seahawks had their bye week. From making a pumpkin patch in his backyard… training his son on the baseball field:

Russ had quite the off week. Last Friday, The Ringer's Bill Simmons welcomed Russ on to "The Bill Simmons Podcast." Routinely one of the most popular podcasts in sports, Wilson joined the show despite defeating Simmons' New England Patriots back in Week 2. Simmons, a devout Boston sports fan, opened the show with this great exchange:

"He's a rival podcaster now and he beat my beloved Patriots a few weeks ago," Simmons quipped.

"Well Bill, I'm still pissed at you because (your team) took a Super Bowl ring from me," Russ quickly replied.

From there, Simmons and Wilson discussed why Seahawks-Patriots games always turn into instant classics, how surprised Russ was about his success early in his career and what made those Seahawks teams so special. The two also talked about how he slows his mind down in big moments, DK Metcalf's insane potential and his new podcast, "DangerTalk with Russell Wilson."

You can listen to the full podcast here and read some of the highlights below.

On how much trash talk he faced from his defense at practice in his early days:

"All the time. It was all the time. Not just to me, but to everybody. Guys were talking so much stuff, borderline fighting. I feel like we had a fight everyday. If we didn't have a fight at practice, something was wrong. But I think that that was a good way to set the tone because I think that we were all underdogs, guys who were late-round picks. That was the thing that helped set the tone for us."

On what made the Seahawks' Super Bowl teams (2013, 2014) so special:

"I think we definitely had alpha dogs at every position. The thing that made that team so great was really the fact that we had so many great backups. Our second string defensive line, our second and third string corners and nickels, we could all play. As a rookie class coming in that early, me, Bobby Wagner, Bruce Irvin and guys like that, they gave us an 'F' grade first of all, so we were pissed off and ready to roll. I remember my teammate, my roommate Robert Turbin, one of my best friends in the world, we always talked about where we're going, the work ethic. Bobby and I still to this day say 'Don't get bored with consistency.' That's been a central part of our success, especially with Bobby and I."

On being named to the Madden 99 Club:

"Pretty sick, man. It was pretty cool. DK surprised me. I was doing my podcast, "DangerTalk," with Ken Griffey Jr. actually. I'm sitting there with Junior and we're talking about Seattle legacy, life, his success, his beautiful swing, and next thing I know in the middle of my podcast, DK comes in. I don't like surprises, I hate surprises. Next thing I know, DK walks in and interrupts the podcast and tells me I'm part of the 99 Club. I remember playing Madden as a kid, just throwing my controller, playing my friends all day and night. To get there is a blessing, but it's about staying there and continuing to put the work in."

DK Metcalf Cheers On Former Teammate A.J. Brown

With the Seahawks on their bye week, DK Metcalf took Sunday to watch some of his friends from around the league play. One guy who stood out was his college teammate, Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown, who had two key touchdowns in Tennessee's win over the Houston Texans.

Social Post Of The Day

As we close in on two weeks until Election Day, more and more ballots are being cast through absentee voting and early in-person voting. On Saturday, rookie running back DeeJay Dallas made his voice heard.

You can learn more about voting by visiting our voter information page right here.

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