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Monday Round-Up: Police bike Michael Bennett made famous auctioned off for charity

A daily link round-up of what's "out there" about your Seattle Seahawks


Good morning, 12s.

Here's a look at what's "out there" for today - Monday, Feb. 9 - about your Seattle Seahawks:

Bike Bennett Made Famous Auctions For $10K

The Seattle Police Department bike that Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett made famous for his joy ride around CenturyLink Field following Seattle's NFC Championship win over the Green Bay Packers was auctioned off for charity this past Saturday night.

The bike went for $10,000 and half of the funds will go toward Bennett's charity work fighting childhood obesity, while the other half will go toward SPD's efforts against domestic violence and child exploitation.

SPD Sergeant Tom Bailey, whose bike Bennett borrowed, recalled the moment Bennett dubbed as the "best bike ride" he's ever had.

"He was about 10 yards away, I was about 10 yards away, and it was right in the middle, and he got to it before I did," Sergeant Baily said, via "I just said, 'I'm gonna need that back when you're done with it.'"

What The (Blank?)

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, senior editor at The Players' Tribune, is featured in the website's latest "What the (Blank?)" feature where Wilson answers 10 off-beat questions about himself in his own handwriting.

A small sample from the Players' Tribune: His perfect sandwich? A Philly cheese-steak. If his entire team participated in a royal rumble, the last man standing would be? Marshawn Lynch. And the best cartoon character of all-time? Doug, with some added love for Patty Mayonnaise.

Brock Huard's "Chalk Talk"

In his latest "Chalk Talk" video for, Brock Huard breaks down how New England Patriots cornerbacks Brandon Browner and Malcolm Butler influenced the Seahawks' ill-fated final play of Super Bowl XLIX.

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