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Monday Round-Up: Pete Carroll, Rich Eisen Talk Seahawks Offensive Changes, DK Metcalf's Broad Skill Set And More

Head coach Pete Carroll joined “The Rich Eisen Show” to discuss a potentially revamped Seahawks offense, DK Metcalf’s skills on and off the field, and more.


Good afternoon, 12s. Here's a look at what's happening today – Monday, May 24 – for your Seattle Seahawks.

Pete Carroll Joins "The Rich Eisen Show" On Peacock

As Pete Carroll readies for his 12th season as Seahawks head coach, the team is set to undergo a handful of changes in 2021. Seattle brought in a number of free agents and added three rookies to its 2020 NFC West championship roster. There's also a new offensive coordinator in Shane Waldron, who came over from the division-rival Rams. The constant for the Seahawks, as it has been since 2010, is Carroll leading the way.

On Friday, Carroll appeared on "The Rich Eisen Show" on Peacock to discuss the Seahawks' potentially revamped offense, DK Metcalf's incredible mind and body, and how much longer he plans to coach. Carroll also spoke about the possibility of a reunion with free agent cornerback Richard Sherman, who made four straight Pro Bowls in Seattle from 2013 to 2016.

You can watch the full interview below, but here are some of the highlights:

On the potentially revamped Seahawks offense under Shane Waldron:

"We've run a lot of offense here over the years. We've done a lot of stuff, we've been a productive team for a lot of years. Russell has been a highly-productive quarterback -- explosive, efficient, he's been able to run with the ball, he had almost 500 yards again last year. There's a lot of stuff here that we have. Shane's challenge is to put all that stuff together with this marvelous background that the guys have coming out of the history of their system. This goes all the way back to Mike Shanahan and Alex Gibbs, where this offensive concept started.

"We're really excited about Shane bringing in the mentality of making things sharp and really precise and really clean. Then, adapt it to our people and our QB. We're having a blast. I'm having so much fun, I feel like I'm more connected to the heart of where it all comes from. Shane doesn't even know (how old this system is), he's such a young guy. He knows who Mike Shanahan is, but he never really had the direct influence. But it's really exciting for me and I love tapping into (the history) because I've been a student for a long time."

On DK Metcalf's dynamic, unique skill set and what his next step could be:

"This is an extraordinary young man. He's a fascinating guy. Everybody gets attracted to the physical stuff. He's recognized that he's got an opportunity to do something really special and he's not going to miss it. He's going to go as far as he has to go, push as hard as he has to push so that he can max it out. It's to a point where I worry he puts too much on himself, and that regard, because he's a marvelous player. He's a really bright football player, too. Look at how he was able to apply his skills and background, and such a limited background in track, and just be competitive.

"What's next? I just happened to be texting with him just a night ago, and he was talking about some people that he's talking with that are starting to talk about some other things, other choices. He's got a big enough mind and big enough awareness that he's able to encompass a lot of stuff, and I'm going to boost him up to wherever he wants to go. I'll follow his lead on where this career takes him. It's going to be more than football, he's going to have a lot to offer the world."

On how much longer he plans to coach in the NFL:

"It's no more demanding today than it was the last 10 years of it. I find the job really fun, and I enjoy the challenge of it. I'm excited every day, fired up about the young guys and the old guys and the coaches. There's nothing that I'm not fired up about. So, why would I set numbers on it? I've said this before, David Brooks declared how to deal with this question of 'When are you going to wind up your career?' by taking a five-year approach to it. You look at five years and five years from now we'll ask that question. Well, I get five new years every year. I'm not even concerned about it at all, I'm just having fun doing it and I want to do it really well and win as much as we possibly can. That consumes everything that we have. I don't think there's a gauge on the tank right now."

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