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Monday Round-Up: DK Metcalf Listed Among Likely First-Time Pro Bowlers

DK Metcalf has emerged as one of the league’s best receivers in his second season and could be headed to his first Pro Bowl.


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's happening today – Monday, Nov. 23 – for your Seattle Seahawks.

DK Metcalf Named As Potential First-Time Pro Bowler

Since being selected 64th overall in 2019, DK Metcalf has consistently proven his naysayers wrong. He slipped to the Seahawks on draft night and was the ninth receiver selected. As a rookie, Metcalf won over Seattle with his charm off the field and desire on it. His rookie season culminated in a record-setting 160-yard outburst against the Eagles in the Wild Card Round.

In Year 2, the Ole Miss product has only gotten better. Through Sunday, Metcalf is fourth in receiving touchdowns (9) and sixth in receiving yards (862). With numbers like that as the season hits the home stretch, the conversation inevitably goes to end-of-season award predictions.

Late last week, writer Nick Shook tabbed 10 players he believes will get their first Pro Bowl nod this year. First on his list? DK Metcalf. Here's what Shook said about his case:

"This one is a lock. Metcalf has grown from a draft prospect who intrigued with his sheer size and athleticism to a physical freak who is becoming a multi-level threat. Because of Metcalf's production, the Seahawks landed atop my receiving corps rankings last week, and he's a nightmare for opponents; he destroys them down the sideline and then wins inside with his frame, scoring six touchdowns on in-breaking routes. He's also the No. 5 receiver in the NFL (min. 50 targets) in yards gained after the catch over expectation per reception, averaging 2.2 more yards gained after catch than expected, based on surrounding factors impacting his chances. His lack of impact in Week 10 against Jalen Ramsey shouldn't be overlooked, but his success throughout the rest of the season outweighs that individual game. Metcalf ranks third in receiving yards, right behind perennial Pro Bowler DeAndre Hopkins and route-running maestro Stefon Diggs, who is in line to make his first Pro Bowl this year, too. Metcalf is a Pro Bowler, plain and simple."

Voting for the Pro Bowl opened last week, and you can vote for Metcalf and the rest of the Seahawks right here.

Are The Seahawks Favored In Tight NFC West Race?

The Seahawks picked up a critical win against the Cardinals on Thursday to pull ahead in the NFC West. Now one game ahead of Arizona, the Seahawks will take sole possession of the division if the Rams lose on Monday to the Buccaneers.

The division has been tight all year, with the Seahawks, Rams and Cardinals battling it out and the defending NFC champion 49ers close behind. As the season winds down, it's clearly become a three-team fight for supremacy.

Former 49ers coach and current NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci said on Sunday that the Seahawks are "in the driver's seat" to win the division, specifically citing their improved defense.

"Arizona's schedule is tougher than the Seahawks' schedule," Mariucci said. "The Seahawks are going to be favored in every game that they play from now on. They have a big one with the Rams, but Arizona has to play the Rams twice and at New England. So, they're in the driver's seat. But the other thing that's more important than that is their defense, their improved defense. We know that Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett and the boys, they are really good on offense. We know that, but their Achilles' heel has been their defense giving up more yards than anybody.

"They showed some good things last game against Kyler Murray. Jamal Adams, he's a beast, he's as good as we can get in the National Football League if he's healthy. And then that trade: a seventh-round pick for Carlos Dunlap. Are you kidding me? The guy's got three sacks already for them! That defense is playing better, and that's really the reason why they're going to win that division."

Social Post Of The Day

Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf have been in sync all season on the field. Off the field and on social media is a different story, apparently, as Metcalf didn't follow his QB on Twitter until this weekend.

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