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Mike Macdonald "A Home-Run Hire By The Seahawks"

Ravens coach John Harbaugh and general manager Eric DeCosta weigh in on the Seahawks’ decision to make Mike Macdonald their new head coach.

Baltimore Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta speaks during a press conference on Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024 in Indianapolis. (Ben Liebenberg/NFL)
Baltimore Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta speaks during a press conference on Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024 in Indianapolis. (Ben Liebenberg/NFL)

INDIANAPOLIS—Before Mike Macdonald began his NFL coaching career with the Baltimore Ravens, beginning a climb up the coaching ranks that culminated with him being named the head coach of the Seahawks this offseason, there was a job he interviewed for and didn't get.

Following four seasons at Georgia as a graduate assistant and defensive quality control assistant, Macdonald became a coaching intern for the Ravens, but prior to that, he was up for an internship on the player personnel side of the organization.

"People may not know this, we interviewed Mike in scouting as a player personnel assistant," Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta said Tuesday from the NFL Scouting Combine. "He didn't get the job, but (he's) a very, very thoughtful, very smart guy. We brought him back on the coaching staff."

And while Macdonald didn't land that job in the front office, he did end up with the Ravens for nine of the past 10 seasons, including the last two as defensive coordinator, and it's no surprise to those who know him best that Macdonald is now a head coach.

"He'll do great," DeCosta said. "… Very innovative, organized, he's a motivator, he's a great person, respectful, players love him, coaches love him. He's a home-run hire by the Seahawks."

Longtime Ravens coach John Harbaugh, who gave Macdonald his start in coaching a decade ago, and who made Macdonald his defensive coordinator in 2022 after he spent one season at Michigan in that same role, has little doubt that his protégé will find success as a head coach.

"I think Mike will do great," Harbaugh said. "Mike's great. A couple years ago, everybody was like, 'Why Mike Macdonald?' Now I can go, 'Well, that's why. You saw it.' He's a great guy, he's a great coach, he's very diligent. Yes, he's smart, he's thoughtful, but he's fundamentally grounded and he's very diligent. Every single day, all he thinks about is ways to help the guys be as good as they can be, or attack the offense that he's going against. I do think he'll expand that being a head coach, he'll take those qualities and apply them to being a head coach and do a great job."

And Harbaugh wasn't the only head coach praising a former assistant who found a new home in Seattle this offseason. Dan Quinn, who was recently hired as Washington's head coach, worked with new Seahawks defensive coordinator Aden Durde both in Atlanta, where Quinn was head coach, and most recently in Dallas when Quinn was defensive coordinator and Durde was the defensive line coach.

"I'm super proud of the man," Quinn said. "AD started with us through the fellowship program in Atlanta, then was hired on as an assistant from there. So seeing the last seven years together, seeing personal growth at these rates that were just remarkable to see—one of his superpowers is building a connection between people. He's a master teacher and a master connecter of people. I thought going (to Dallas) I'd help mentor on the D-line; he didn't need my help on that. He was ready to go. I'm super proud of him, he's going to do great things up in Seattle. His connection his ability to teach is really one of the things that sets him apart, and they're very fortunate to have him."

With the hiring of Mike Macdonald as the next head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, take a look back at his career. Macdonald spent nine of the past ten seasons on the Baltimore Ravens coaching staff serving as a defensive assistant.

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