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Meet Stephanie Macdonald, Mike Macdonald's Rock Star

Learn more about Stephanie Macdonald, a woman of many talents and unique experiences who is married to Seahawks head coach Mike Macdonald.


Both Stephanie and Mike Macdonald received a warm welcome from Seahawks employees in the lobby of the Virginia Mason Athletic Center on Wednesday and were met with more hospitality as employees and staff sat in on Mike's introductory press conference on Thursday.

"It's just incredible, we're so lucky," Stephanie said following the conference. "Walking in and having that warm welcome, I'm like 'Alright, this is where we're meant to be.'"

Stephanie said she, Mike, and their four-year-old English labrador, Bruce, will need time to adjust, but being in Seattle just feels right.

During the introductory press conference, before Mike took any questions, he took the time to thank important people in his life. He opened his list of thank you recognitions by thanking Stephanie.

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"My wife Stephanie is an absolute rock star," Mike said. "You'll get to know her, and this city will fall in love with her."

Although "head coach's wife" will be one of her new titles, Stephanie has had her own journey through the NFL. From a young age, she's been a cheerleader and says it was her dream to cheer in the NFL one day. That dream came true when she had the opportunity to cheer for three different NFL teams over the span of eight years – the Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Commanders.

"The friendships from those teams are just so invaluable to me," Stephanie said. "Each team had such a special place in my heart."

But Stephanie says her favorite moment during her time as a cheerleader was when she was named Pro Bowl cheerleader for the Ravens in 2014.

"You're not expecting it, it was my second year on the team and every single person on the team is so deserving and deserves to go," Stephanie recalls on the Pro Bowl announcement, adding she couldn't believe that she was the one chosen.

Her time as an NFL cheerleader came with exciting opportunities, like the Pro Bowl. During her time with the Commanders, she had the honor of singing the National Anthem before a game.

"That's something I'll never forget," Stephanie said. "Being on FedExField and singing for 70,000 people was incredible."

Stephanie took her singing to other venues besides the football stadium. Before the move to Seattle, Stephanie was singing at a local church on Sundays and then hurrying to make the home games at M&T Bank Stadium, to watch the Ravens. As you can imagine, rushing from church to the stadium was no easy task.

"Usually, I was pulling into the parking lot as the flyover is happening over the stadium," Stephanie said.

But she was always there making sure she was cheering on the team right along with the fans.

When it was mentioned that Lumen Field is known for having one of the loudest game-day atmospheres, Stephanie was proud to say that she loves contributing to a loud stadium.

"Well let's bring that back," Stephanie said when she was told that the 12s have broken a world record before. "Let's have a scream-off, me and the fans."

And the 12s will have a lot of fun trying to be the loudest, proudest fans and showing Stephanie exactly why they have such an incredible reputation.

Seahawks new head coach Mike Macdonald arrived at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center and was greeted with a warm welcome from the organization. Check out some of the best photos from his arrival.

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