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Meet The 2021 Seahawks Dancers

After nearly a month of virtual and in-person auditions, 25 individuals have been selected to join the Seahawks Dancers for the 2021 season.


The gameday experience -- including dancers, mascots and other entertainment -- will play a key role in this NFL season as fans return to stadiums.

Auditions for the 2021 Seahawks Dancers concluded this past weekend, and in the end 25 individuals were selected to join the squad. The audition process returned to some normalcy in 2021 after only hosting virtual sessions last year. The Seahawks Dancers held virtual preliminary auditions followed by another virtual round of semifinal auditions.

For the final round, dancers interviewed with the Seahawks Dancers management team at Lumen Field. The final round was conducted at Lumen Field in front of a group of 10 judges. During the final audition, dancers were able to perform choreographed solos as well as a group competition.

"The 2021 Seahawks Dancers are perhaps the most talented group we have ever selected," said Courtney Moore, Seahawks Dancers Director. "These Dancers are both exciting and entertaining to watch and all have extensive dance backgrounds. We are so excited to introduce them to the 12s this season!"

At the end of the final auditions, the 25 members were announced -- up from just 16 members last year due to social distancing guidelines. This year's group consists of 20 female dancers and five male dancers. There are 12 rookie dancers along with 13 returning veterans, with Hailey and Kiana both entering their sixth consecutive season as Seahawks Dancers (most among all dancers).

Take a behind-the-scenes look at this year's final auditions for the Seahawks Dancers. A total of 25 members were selected for the 2021 season, consisting of 12 rookie dancers and 13 returning dancers.

The Seahawks selected 25 members for the 2021 season, consisting of 12 rookie dancers and 13 returning dancers.

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