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L.J. Collier, Marquise Blair & Ugo Amadi React To Day 1 Of 2019 Seahawks Rookie Minicamp

After Day 1 of Seahawks rookie minicamp, 2019 draft picks L.J. Collier, Marquise Blair, and Ugo Amadi shared their first impressions of the NFL.

After Day 1 of Seahawks rookie minicamp, 2019 draft picks L.J. Collier, Marquise Blair, and Ugo Amadi shared their first impressions of the NFL. Here's a look at some of what the trio had to say in their meetings with the media:

DE L.J. Collier, TCU (Round 1, No. 29 Overall)

(On Day 1 of Seahawks rookie minicamp...) "It was fun. A lot of competition, that's what coach instilled us in the first meeting and that's what we did today. We competed and everybody had fun."

(On his first impressions of the Seahawks organization...) "They love football and they love to compete. If you've watched them over the years you've seen why they've done so well. My first day being out here I see why they've done so well. They push you to compete and I really enjoy that. It makes everybody better. It makes me better. I feel like I've gotten better already today."

(On what his experience has been like since getting the draft-day call from the Seahawks...) "It's been the best feeling in the world. It's an honor to get to play for Pete Carroll and this organization. I'm excited. I think I came to the right fit and the right team. The first couple days I was kind of overwhelmed, but I was happy my name got called. It's back to ball and it's time to work now."

(On the comparisons to Michael Bennett...) "I think that's a great comparison because he can play outside, he can play in. He's a tough, hard-nosed guy. He loves to hit people. I like his style of play. His flexibility of going in and out, I would say I can do that too. That's where I see the comparison at."

(On if the comparisons to Michael Bennett add any pressure...) "Not at all. If anything it strives me to get better because that's a great comparison. Guys here, they're going to push me, they're going to help me get better. That doesn't put any pressure on me at all. I've lived with pressure my whole life and it's just pushing me to go harder and play even better."

(On interacting with Cliff Avril at Seahawks rookie minicamp...) "He helped me out a little bit when I was on the bags, telling me to stay low, things like that. I know he's going to be around here a lot. That's a good guy to learn from. He won a Super Bowl here, he played a lot of good football here, so if he can take me under his wing. I've already asked Jarran Reed when he gets back, when we all get here if he can show me some ropes around here, how he does it, how things are done around here, just anything that can help me get both feet in the door."

SS Marquise Blair, Utah (Round 2, No. 47 Overall)

(On his experience of being drafted by the Seahawks...) "It changed my life. It's one of those things that change your life and I'm happy to be here."

(On the initial challenge of Seahawks rookie minicamp...) "I'm just here to work. I'm happy that they picked me. I'm just here to come and work and compete."

(On if there was a player he modeled his game after growing up...) "No. When I was little I just watched highlights. Just hard-hitting highlights of anybody. I just turned on YouTube. … I just wanted to be like all of them because they're all in the NFL."

FS Ugo Amadi, Oregon (Round 4, No. 132 Overall)

(On Day 1 of Seahawks rookie minicamp...) "Day one was good. Great weather, good vibes, great water. Overall good day."

(On if he was surprised to play nickel cornerback on Day 1 of Seahawks rookie minicamp...) "No, I wasn't surprised at all. I knew that my versatility, I just expected to do anything today to be honest with you. It went very well for me. I understand their scheme a lot quicker just because the system I came from, so I just adapted a lot quicker."

(On if it was nice to have his parents in attendance on Day 1 of Seahawks rookie minicamp...) "I loved it, man. Especially being so far away. Like when I actually saw them in the cafeteria I actually turned into a little baby. You know how when your parents come pick you up from daycare? You're like 'oh my god.' That's the feeling I had."

(On being teammates now with former Pac-12 rivals such as former Washington linebacker Ben Burr-Kirven...) "It's crazy, because the rivalry, especially when we play Washington. Now I have to (be) like 'all right, you're my teammate now.' But I'm biting my tongue on it. When the game comes along this upcoming season there will be some rivalry in the locker room for sure."

(On how much Seahawks football he watched growing up...) "I watched a lot of it. You know what's crazy, one of the coaches in my area in Nashville, Tennessee, he's the head coach now, Trent Dilfer, and I got to talk to him and stuff. I watched when they had Shaun Alexander. Seahawks football, to be honest with you, besides the Titans that's the only two teams I was really watching NFL games. Those two teams, Titans and the Seahawks."

Photos from Day 1 of 2019 Seattle Seahawks rookie minicamp at Renton's Virginia Mason Athletic Center.