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Josh Gordon Enjoying A "Smooth Transition" In First Week With Seahawks

Receiver Josh Gordon talked to the media following Saturday’s practice to discuss how things have been going for him since joining the Seahawks. 

Josh Gordon knew he had no say in where he ended up after the New England Patriots waived him last week, seeing as 31 other teams had a chance to claim him, but he couldn't be happier with where he ended up.

"I'm just grateful to be here," Gordon said following Saturday's practice. "I'm grateful to be here. There's a lot of gratitude. Definitely thankful to land in a spot like this. Could've been anywhere, I couldn't control that. Nonetheless, I'm grateful to have this opportunity to just go out there and do what I do."

Gordon has only had three practices with his new team since being claimed last Friday, but both he and his new team feel like this has the chance to be a great fit.

"He did really well," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. "He was very impressive in terms of picking stuff up, studying overtime. He fit in really well. He's a really good athlete. You can really tell that he's got a lot of potential to be a big-time player, so it was fun seeing him on the practice field. He did a nice job."

Carroll didn't definitively say that Gordon will make his Seahawks debut in Monday's game against the San Francisco 49ers, but did say there's "a good chance" that happens.

Gordon described his first week with the Seahawks by saying, "It has been great. It's been a smooth transition. A great environment, a great football team, and organization. I'm really happy to be here."

Gordon said he has been impressed with the energy level throughout the organization in his first week with the Seahawks.

"The energy is high energy, all the time, everybody," he said. "Top to bottom, all across the board. Offense and defense, staff. I love it. Keeps everybody kind of moving, everybody's on their toes and in the right frame of mind to come in and do what you have to do and just perform, work, and compete."

Another reason Gordon liked the idea of playing in Seattle is his connection with Russell Wilson, who he has known going back to 2014 or 2015, he said.

"Me and Russ have been talking about (playing together) for a long time, for a while behind the scenes; how nice it would be," he said. "… Admire his game. I think maybe he respected mine mutually. I love the way he plays, it's as simple as that. He's a great ball player, he can make it happen from pretty much anywhere."

Wilson liked what he saw from his newest weapon in practice this week.

"Josh, he's been great since he's gotten here," Wilson said Friday. "He's been studying like crazy. He sits up (front) and takes tons of notes. He's highlighting like crazy. He's in his playbook nonstop. He's prepared. He'll be prepared and ready to roll. He's a true pro. He's been in different systems and stuff like that. I think that helps him. I think he's really fired up to be here. We're fired up to have him."