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Get To Know The Seahawks' Rookie Draft Class

Get to know the 11 players the Seahawks took in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Take a look back at the best photos from Junior 12s Kids Club events held throughout the 2016-17 Seattle Seahawks season. To learn more about the program, head to

The Seahawks added 11 new players in this year's NFL Draft, and following the League's annual selection process, we took a bit of time to get to know a little bit more about what each athlete is into off of the field.

Here's a handful of questions to help you get to know the Seahawks' 2017 rookie draft class.


Favorite Subject In School Growing Up: "Science."

Favorite Superhero: "The Hulk."

Favorite Book:"Growing up I liked The Cat in the Hat."


Favorite Subject In School Growing Up:"Other than P.E. and lunch, I would have to say science."

Favorite Superhero: "Batman, because he's just like a normal dude."

Dog or cat person: "Dog. My family, we have a Husky. My sister has a Husky, my brother has a mutt, and I have a mutt."


Favorite Subject Growing Up In School:"My favorite subject growing up was math, but that changed once I got to high school [laughter]. But it was math."

Favorite Book:"Training Camp, by Jon Gordon."

Favorite Superhero:"Definitely The Hulk."


Favorite Subject Growing Up In School:"My favorite subject growing up in school was social studies."

Favorite Superhero: "I liked villains. The Joker."

If You Could Play One Position Besides Safety, It Would Be: "If I wasn't a safety, I'd be a running back."

DT NAZAIR JONES, North Carolina

Favorite Subject Growing Up In School: "Is lunch a subject? [Laughter] No, my favorite subject was math. One plus one is two, all day."

Favorite Food:"Mac-n-cheese."

City Or Country You'd Like To Visit Someday:"Paris. I want to see Paris."


Favorite Subject Growing Up In School: "I liked English."

Favorite Book: "I like that David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. I read that a couple months ago. That's the most recent one that I really enjoyed."

Aside From The NFL, Your Dream Job Would Be:"Working in business, and then hopefully own my own business, running some type of business. My dad owns his own construction business, so just watching him run that. I haven't found what my interest is going to be, but just running my own business, something like that."


Favorite Subject Growing Up In School:"Not really growing up in school, but in college one of my favorite classes was this criminology class I took."

Favorite Restaurant:"Probably Benihana's, or I'll say P.F. Changs. Actually, I'll stick with Benihana's. Benihana's is my favorite restaurant."

Dog Person Or Cat Person:"I'm a dog person, for sure. I don't have any pets or dogs, but growing up they were always in my household."

CB MIKE TYSON, Cincinnati

Favorite Subject In School Growing Up: "Math."

Favorite Superhero:"Thor. Thor is my favorite superhero. I love Thor."

Dog or Cat Person: "Dog. We have a dog, it's my grandma's dog. But I like Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, full-bred Pit Bulls and Rottweilers."

OT JUSTIN SENIOR, Mississippi State

Favorite Subject In School Growing Up: "Gym? [laughter] I loved science growing up."

Favorite Superhero:"Batman."

Favorite Book: "Growing up I did read the entire Eragon series. Those are great."

WR DAVID MOORE, East Central (Okla.)

Favorite Subject In School Growing Up: "My favorite subject was math."

Favorite Superhero:"Superman, for sure."

Favorite Book:"I used to read like Captain Underpants growing up."

RB CHRIS CARSON, Oklahoma State

Favorite Subject In School Growing Up:"It was science, but I switched it over to forensic science — I liked that class in high school."

Favorite Superhero:"I was a big Batman fan growing up."

Favorite Book:"I was big on those A Series of Unfortunate Events books growing up."

Photos of the 11 draft picks the Seahawks selected in the 2017 NFL Draft.

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