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Get To Know Seahawks Wide Receiver Freddie Swain

To help 12s learn more about some of their favorite Seahawk players, we caught up with wide receiver Freddie Swain and asked him some questions. Check out his answers below. 'Get to Know the Seahawks' presented by Delta.

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What do you enjoy most about playing your position?

"It's fun. I come out here and get to compete with guys like Tyler (Lockett), DK (Metcalf), and Russell (Wilson) and I enjoy the camaraderie that we all have."

What is something you enjoy doing with your loved ones?

"My family and I play Monopoly pretty often when I'm home. We try to play every Sunday. My mom, my grandparents, brothers, sisters, everybody."

What's your favorite holiday?

"Christmas. I like to see smiles on other people's faces by the gifts that you give."

What do you enjoy most about the holidays?

"I do backpack giveaways, I give dinners for families on Thanksgiving, toys for Christmas, things like that." 

What is one of your favorite moments from playing in the playoffs?

"Probably when we went to the playoffs last year on that play with me and Jacob Hollister. He caught it in the back of the end zone and sealed the game (vs. the Rams). It was big for me personally because if I didn't pick the defensive back off like I should, we probably wouldn't have scored right there."

What do you normally do in the off season?

"I like to relax. Chill with family, I don't really do too much."

Do you have any hobbies?

"I like cars. My Trans Am, and '88 Cutlass. I'm about to build a '75 Capri convertible. It was done, but I tore it apart and I'm about to have somebody else do it the way that I want it though. I'm going to do an LS engine swap and I'm going to keep the interior original. I haven't thought about a color combo yet, that's coming later."

Which teammate probably has the messiest locker?

"Messiest teammate? Tyler Lockett. Hands down."

If you could meet any celebrity who would it be and why?

"Kevin Gates. The rapper Kevin Gates. I can relate to a lot of his music and some of the ways that he thinks. He's a pretty unique guy."

What is your most memorable moment in the game so far?

"My first big moment was when I scored against the Patriots. That was pretty fun, there weren't any fans to cheer but still pretty fun." 

What is your gameday routine?

"Wake up, walk-through, chill. I don't really do too much."

Some of the best photos of Seahawks wide receiver Freddie Swain over the course of his career. Learn more about Swain in this Player Q&A presented by Delta Air Lines:

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