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Get To Know Seahawks Tight End Colby Parkinson

From reality TV to how he would handle leading his own country, learn more about the Seahawks tight end.


His brother inspired him to pick up his first football as a child

"Probably my brother. He was five years older than me, and I did everything he did growing up. So, once he started playing football, I was hooked and ran with it as far as I could."

His support system such as his family and coaches always encouraged and motivated him that he would make the NFL

"I thought I had a great support system my whole life. My family, my coaches always encouraged me to allow me to move onto the next level."

On overcoming his foot injury and continuing to work hard to earn his spot because he knows nothing is promised

"I broke my foot going into my rookie year and into my second year. And just the realization that no one is going to feel sorry for you. You have to put in the work, get back healthy and earn the spot. No one is going to give anything to you."

This past offseason, he gained some extra weight and speed to help him for this upcoming season and always vowed to himself to be the best version of himself

"Just trying to get in the best shape possible. For me that was gaining weight in this past offseason and gaining speed as well. Lots of lifts, running and being the best version of myself possible."

The best piece of advice that he has received is to focus on his beliefs and what the Lord has set out for him through an internal perspective

"One of the most important things is having an internal perspective so that means focusing on what the Lord has for you instead of the turmoil in your life. It's all in perspective."

He supports and is passionate about The Children's Hunger Fund back in his hometown

"The Children's Hunger Fund is a cause that I've been a part of for a while. They are from back home and they feed children all over the world, domestically and abroad. I was lucky enough to partner with them last year."

He would pick Will Dissly to survive on an island with because he would make it a fun and good time

"I would probably pick Dissly just because he would make it fun somehow and make it a good time."

He would want to sit down with hall of fame tight end, Tony Gonzalez, and would want to learn about his work ethic and how he became so successful in the NFL

"Probably Tony Gonzalez. He was one of the tight ends I grew up watching and I'll just pick his brain about his drills and his work and how he got to where he was especially because he was a former basketball player."

He would star in Yellowstone if he had to choose a reality show to become a part of

"Probably Yellowstone. I think we all want to be cowboys when we watch that show."

He would choose to sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen if his team were to have a karaoke night

"Bohemian Rhapsody for sure by Queen. I know every single word. I would rock it."

He would want to be Travis Pastrana if he had to be another person for 24 hours because he grew up watching him and always wanted to do his crazy stunts

"Growing up, I would always say Travis Pastrana, the nitro circus guy. I always wanted for a day do his crazy stunts in BMX, dirt bikes and everything that he did.

He would implement eight-foot doors as his first law if he became ruler of his own country

"Minimum eight-foot doors."

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