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Get To Know Seahawks Linebacker Cody Barton

To help 12s learn more about some of their favorite Seahawk players, we caught up with linebacker Cody Barton and asked him 12 questions. Check out his answers below. 'Get to Know the Seahawks' presented by Delta.


Who was your favorite football player growing up?

"I'm going to have to go with LaDainian Tomlinson. I was a running back as a kid, and I loved him. If I had to choose an active NFL player, I'd say my brother, Jackson. He plays tackle for the Giants."

Who would you say is your biggest role model (s)?

"My biggest role models are my father and my uncle. My father and my uncle are two big role models in my life. We are big on family. Obviously immediate family, but extended family as well. My aunts and uncles, especially on my dad's side. My dad taught me that the biggest things are hard work, sports, dedication, and being consistent. On top of that, getting to hunt and fish with all my uncles growing up was awesome."

Do you have any teammates that you look up to or admire?

"There's a few. I admire Bobby's play style and work ethic, Nick Bellore's play style on special teams, and you know who is coming along lately is DeeJay Dallas. His effort, just going out there and playing as hard as he can."

Do you have any hobbies?

"Ranching. I grew up in Park City (Utah), and for school and sports we would be there. On the weekends, we'd be up at the ranch. We've done that our whole lives. I love the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, riding horses, I love all that stuff."

What would you say is your favorite TV show?

"Yellowstone. Without a doubt, Yellowstone."

What's your favorite kind of music to listen to?

"My favorite country artist is Josh Ward out of Texas. That's my guy, he's really good. I saw Cody Johnson at the Woodland Park Zoo my rookie year and he's really good too."

What's your favorite go to meal?

"My favorite meal is ribeye steak, sweet potatoes, and asparagus. My favorite restaurant is wherever I can get that meal."

If you could have that meal with any three people who would it be?

"Only three people? People are going to see this and get offended! I'm going with my little brother, my big brother, and my sister. My three siblings. Sorry mom and dad."

Do you have any favorite vacation spots?

"Utah is vacation for me. I've been to all of the national parks so, I'd go back home and go to the ranch. If I had to go out of the country I'm going to Cabo. I'm staying at Las Ventanas. It's a Rosewood Resort in Cabo. It's so nice."

What is the best part about the regular season?

"The regular season is just different from preseason. It's go time. We are in pursuit of that championship, and everything just gets real. Every week is just fun and more intense."

Have you created any memorable moments on the field yet?

"I haven't intercepted a pass yet, but I dropped one in Miami last year. I got a fumble against the Saints my rookie year at home which was cool. Last year we didn't have the fans so I had a bunch of good plays but there were no fans. I would say the coolest moment so far was just that very first game of my NFL career. Coming out in front of the fans as they were announcing us, that moment was awesome. That was cool."

When people think of "Cody Barton" what do you want them to remember?

"I want people to say that I was passionate, I flew around and never got tired, and played like I loved the game. That's what I want people to say. And to add to that, I want my teammates to say that I was a great teammate."

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