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Friday Round-Up: Wild Card Fan Wins Call of Duty Tournament

Just one of the tournament's bosses survived the first round of competition in the first ever Battle of the Bosses.


Good afternoon, 12s!

Here's a look at what's out there for today – Friday, March 12 – about your Seattle Seahawks.

Wild Card Fan Eliminates Bosses

When it comes to Call of Duty, the 12s turned out to be the real bosses.

On Thursday, March 11th, the Seahawks hosted their first Call of Duty Search and Destroy tournament, Battle of the Bosses. The contestant field was a mix of bosses, made up of Seahawks players and a team of gaming influencers, and fans who earned entry through a qualifying tournament earlier in the week.

In the only first-round matchup featuring two teams of bosses, Carlos Hyde and friends took down the team of gaming influencers comprised of HawksNest, NoahFromYouTube, and Godzly. "Carlos is nasty, I didn't expect that at all," HawksNest said on his stream after elimination.

Throughout the bracket, the 12s brought stiff competition against the other Seahawks players and Hyde and friends were the only boss team to survive the first round.

Ultimately, it was the PlayStation tournament runner-up, Santiago Villegas, who won the Battle of the Bosses. After losing the PlayStation tournament finals, Villegas needed a wild card bid to earn entry into the main event. He went on to beat Team Damontre Moore and Team Carlos Hyde en route to the championship.

In the finals, Villegas didn't waste his shot at redemption, beating Nathaniel Betts in a rematch of the PlayStation tournament finals. Villegas will receive a custom trophy and autographed Seahawks swag for his efforts.

Here was the full tournament field:

  1. Ugo Amadi and friends
  2. Carlos Hyde and friends
  3. Kyle Fuller and friends
  4. Damontre Moore, Rasheem Green and Geno Smith
  5. HawksNestNoahFromYouTube and Godzly
  6. Xbox tournament winner: Richard Spivey and team
  7. PlayStation tournament winner: Nathaniel Betts and team
  8. PlayStation tournament runner-up: Santiago Villegas and team

This was the first non-sports gaming tournament the Seahawks have hosted, and given the incredible participation this week, the team intends to continue to expand opportunities for fans and players alike. Register here to stay updated on future tournaments and subscribe to our YouTube channel for event highlights. Fans can also subscribe to the Seahawks gaming newsletter to stay up-to-date on news, highlights and upcoming events.


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