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Friday Round-Up: Why The 'Crucial Catch: Intercept Cancer' Initiative Is Important To Russell Wilson 

In partnership with Virginia Mason and CHI Franciscan Health, the Seahawks are supporting the NFL's 'Crucial Catch: Intercept Cancer' campaign for cancer prevention awareness.

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Here's a look at what's 'out there' for today - Friday, October 5 - about your Seattle Seahawks:

Wilson: "The Platform That A Lot Of Us Players Have, We Can Bring Great Awareness To It"

In partnership with Virginia Mason and CHI Franciscan Health, the Seahawks are supporting the NFL's Crucial Catch: Intercept Cancer initiative with a handful of activities at this weekend's game against the Los Angeles Rams, as well as throughout the month of October, and on Thursday at team headquarters, quarterback Russell Wilson was asked about why the cause is so important for players to back for cancer prevention awareness.

"Well, obviously with Crucial Catch, it's a big deal," Wilson said. "You think about the platform that we have in the National Football League, the platform that we have as players and the platform we have socially and everything else. It's a good thing to have, but I think also, there's a great responsibility to acknowledge some tough times for some people. You get to play football for a living, you get to do all of the great things that we get to do and people cheer our names and everything else, but there's young kids who have cancer. There's people who are maybe going through something tough and I think just to – and there are people that have family members. People have a kid that they may have, they may have somebody else's kid that they know, whatever it maybe be. It may be a friend. At the end of the day, I think being able to bring awareness to cancer and just continue to research and try to find as many ways as possible to help it.

"I know for me, it's been amazing with our Why Not You Foundation to be able to do a lot of things with pediatric cancer in particular. It's been amazing with T-cell therapy and everything else and it's been a blessing just to be able to see kids – there's no better feeling than to see a child who goes in with cancer but also comes out with no more cancer because of T-cell therapy and just some of the things that I've been able to see and witness. I think about people like Milton Wright and just others. There are so many others. It's a tough thing that we all experience. We all may know somebody, whatever it may be. Obviously, we have Paul Allen who's going through something right now and as many things as you may have in the world, or whatever you don't have, we all go through a lot. We all have our situations and our issues or whatever it may be and I think just to be there for people, to continue to bring awareness and to continue to love people and everything else and be a helping hand in whatever that may be. It may be with your resources, it may be with your time, it may just be with your voice and just giving a sense of care. I think that's what's really critical and I think that with the platform I have, the platform that a lot of us players have, we can bring great awareness to it. It's been a blessing to be a part of." 

On most Tuesdays since he arrived to Seattle in 2012, you can find Wilson supporting young kids facing tough circumstances at nearby Seattle Children's Hospital, an action Wilson said he was inspired to take in part because he spent a lot of time in hospitals as a child, with his mother working as an ER nurse and his father passing away from diabetes.

"When you're in a hospital, you feel alone sometimes," he said. "I think that for me, it's been something that I've always wanted to be able to try to give a glimpse of hope just for a split second. Just (put) a smile on somebody's face for a quick second. ... the reality is that you never know if it's going to be your kid, you never know if it's going to be somebody else's kid that you know. I think that when you take that perspective, you're willing to do as much as you can. Having two kids now and everything else, it means the world to me just to see other people. The nurses and the doctors who make such a great difference at Seattle Children's. Not just Seattle Children's, but all the hospitals that are around in this location and a lot of other places that I've fortunately been able to go to."

You can learn more about Wilson's Why Not You Foundation right here and learn more about how you can support this year's Crucial Catch campaign at

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