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Friday Round-Up: The John Schneider Show With Wyman and Bob: Approaching the Offseason

Seahawks president of football operations and general manager John Schneider joins Wyman and Bob for another weekly behind-the-scenes look at Seattle’s offseason moves.


Good afternoon, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today—Friday, February 23—about your Seattle Seahawks.

John Schneider breaks down the Seahawks' latest staff hirings and the approach to the upcoming 2024 NFL Combine.

The second episode of The John Schneider Show with Dave Wyman and Bob Stelton was recorded live at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center on Thursday, as Seattle's president of football operations and general manager broke down the latest happenings around the franchise. With the 2024 NFL Combine kicking off next week in Indianapolis, Schneider gave the Seattle Sports 710AM duo some insight on how the new-look Seahawks are approaching the coming weeks leading up to free agency and the upcoming draft.

On Thursday, the Seahawks officially announced the hiring of 15 more assistants under Coach Mike Macdonald. After making Macdonald the league's youngest head coach at 36-years-old, Seattle heads into 2024 with a staff mixed with 23 tenured coaches and new leaders on Macdonald's coaching staff. With the clock ticking for the staff to get familiar and to work

"We're getting done," said Schneider. "We're talking about wearing nametags upstairs."

"It's a really cool mix of brainpower, creativeness, youth, experience with (running backs coach Kennedy Polamalu) and obviously (assistant head coach) Leslie Frazier," Schneider said. "It's cool, it's exciting. It's different ideas and different philosophies all mixed together. Everybody's coming together. They're now getting to a point where it's going be all ball now."

The 2024 NFL Combine kicks off on February 26 in Indianapolis, with Seattle currently holding seven draft picks. Schneider breaks down why Seattle's new staff won't be heading to the combine.

"They're just focused on implementing their systems, so they're not going to be going down to the combine next week, said Schneider. "They're all going to be here just 24/7 installing everything they need to get installed because it's basically a race to April 8 when the players come in. Mike coached in the AFC Championship Game, so there's a little bit of a feeling that we're behind the eight ball a little bit. So we're getting caught up but still staying true to his hiring process and the group that's come in and just mixing all those people together."

Seattle's front office has changed drastically through the early portion of the 2024 offseason. Schneider broke down the potential changes of the roster, including the process of evaluating and interviewing potential first-year talent.

"For me personally," said Schneider. "It's the guys that we covered in those meetings that I don't have a very good feel for yet, that I wasn't able to study in the fall. So taking all my notes through the process and then knowing who I want to focus on based on what we haven't covered yet and not necessarily getting into needs."

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