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Friday Round-Up: Seahawks Legends Marshawn Lynch & Richard Sherman To Star in 'Mars' Reality Show

Seahawks Legends Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman set to take their talents to reality TV in FOX’s ‘Mars’ debuting June 5.

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Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Friday, June 2 — about your Seattle Seahawks.

Super Bowl Champions Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch Reunite On The Small Screen For 'Mars' on FOX

Seahawks Legends Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman's playing days are done, but their careers on the small screen are just beginning to blossom. Now, the pair will reunite on FOX’s new sci-fi reality game show debuting June 5.

Renowned actor William Shatner serves as the master of ceremony, as Lynch and Sherman become part of a dozen of celebrities living on a simulated Mars colony riddled with puzzles and obstacles to see who can survive until the end of the game. The pair will compete in a game of brains and brawn with athletes like Cyclist Lance Armstrong and entertainers like singer Tinashe.

The pair reunited on the set of Amazon’s Thursday Night Footbll in October, with Sherman serving as an in-game analyst and Lynch traveling city-to-city to dabble in the home team's culture. But in preparation for the show, the duo had to relocate to the town of Coober Pedy in Australia. In a May interview with the Seattle Times, Sherman discussed the 30-hour commute.

"It's not a trip I'm gonna make in my spare time," said Sherman. "That's for sure."

Sherman went on to highlight Lynch's involvement in the project as being a factor in accepting the opportunity.

"I think I might have said yes after he did," said Sherman. "But we both wanted to do it. We were both excited about it. That he was doing it was definitely a lot of the appeal."

Each episode will bring new challenges for the group to take on, forcing them to use their wits all while wearing full astronaut gear (helmet included). Sherman discussed the adjustment of putting on a helmet again - and his new-found respect for astronauts.

"That was a bit of an adjustment," said Sherman. "That suit was a bit much. It was heavy and kind of bulky. It was tight in terms of the actual helmet. You'd think playing football you'd be used to wearing helmets, but no. [Wearing those suits] gives you a lot of respect for the real astronauts, the people who do it for a job."

Be sure to tune in to FOX on Monday at 8 PM for plenty of laughs and excitement, as the Seattle duo looks to survive on Mars.

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