Friday Round-Up: Seahawks Among NFL's Most Underrated Offenses

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Here's a look at what's "out there" for today - Friday, July 1 - about your Seattle Seahawks:

Baldinger: Seattle Offense Most Underrated in Football

In a recent video for NFL Now, NFL Media's Brian Baldinger shares his take on the top three most underrated offenses in the League, putting the New York Giants at No. 3, Cincinnati Bengals at No. 2, and Seattle Seahawks at No. 1.

Here's what Baldinger, a former NFL offensive lineman, had to say about Seattle's offense, which averaged 26.4 points per game last season (4th NFL):

Leading the most underrated offenses in football are the Seattle Seahawks. We know the Legion of Boom. We know that the Seattle Seahawks are the only team in the history of this League to lead the League in fewest points given up four years in a row. But offensively, think about it, you lose Beast Mode, you lose Thomas Rawls and they still run the ball effectively a year ago. Russell Wilson just flourished as a passer finding Doug Baldwin time and time again towards the end of the season, and then the emergence of a Tyler Lockett, behind an offensive line that was in shambles all year long. This is an offense that is really good that doesn't get talked about an awful lot.

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