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Friday Round-Up: Pete Carroll Discusses Unique Start To Season

Carroll discusses Training Camp amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and talks about some of the new additions to the team.


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Friday, August 14 — about your Seattle Seahawks.

Pete Carroll Jumps On Radio To Discuss Upcoming Season

Normally at this time of year, we would be in the thick of preseason football, evaluating rookies and newcomers and getting our first feel for how the team will look this season. Alas, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way things work this year in the NFL, and instead of playing preseason games in mid-August, teams are just now getting the chance to practice together for the first time.

On Thursday, Pete Carroll joined Dave 'Softy' Mahler and Dick Fain of 950 KJR Radio to discuss some of the challenges presented by the NFL's COVID-19 protocols, the additions of Quinton Dunbar and Jamal Adams, and more about how the Hawks will look in 2020.

On the biggest challenges of preparing for a regular season without minicamps, OTAs or preseason:

"That's the issue, you have to get your work done between yourselves," Carroll said. "When we get to some full speed hitting and tackling stuff it's going to be so crucial that we're ready for game time. Everybody's up against the kind of same situation, it's all relative — it's who's going to do it best. We'll find out when the games roll around."

On his confidence that the NFL will be able to play out its regular season games starting Sept. 10:

"I think we're going to make it to the games," Carroll said. "This format that we're in — we're trying to do a great job, we're counting on everybody else to do a great job, too. We've gone almost two full weeks now and we know how to do that, so if we just can take it one day at a time and everybody's doing the same thing, then the games are rolling."

On the biggest question mark regarding the roster right now:

"The hardest thing is to evaluate the young guys," Carroll said. "They just will not get as many turns. The first preseason games, the young guys would be playing three quarters of the game — you go a couple weeks into camp and you'd have that film. There's nothing like comparing them to the full-speed work. We have to be really astute with our observations."

On what newly added CB Quinton Dunbar adds to the secondary:

"He hasn't been in the league that long but he has had a lot of playmaking," Carroll said. "He's got that kind of sense about taking risks at good times, he's been a good solid football player in that regard. He can turn the ball over and get the interceptions. He's a really good tackler. He just makes us more competitive and is going to make the guys that are here better."

A Look At Russell Wilson's Offseason

The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone — Russell Wilson included - but you'd never know it by seeing him on the field. The quarterback is known for his maniacal preparation, and we get a glimpse of it here with a vlog Wilson shared of his offseason workout regimen.

"It's been tough but I think that ultimately, you have to get ready still," Wilson said. "You have to be prepared. The lights are gonna come back on at some point, and when the lights come on it's time to show out."

Social Post Of The Day

With all the talk about newcomers Jamal Adams and Quinton Dunbar, cornerback Quandre Diggs reminds us that he will be patrolling the Seahawks' defensive backfield as well. Here's his pick-six from last season against the Rams:

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