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Friday Round-Up: New DC Clint Hurtt Talks Hiring Process With 710 ESPN's 'Wyman & Bob' 

The Seahawks’ newly-promoted defensive coordinator spoke with Dave Wyman and Bob Stelton about what the hiring process was like, and outlined his plan to get the revamped coaching staff on the same page. 


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Friday, February 18 — about your Seattle Seahawks.

New DC Clint Hurtt Talks Hiring Process With 710 ESPN's 'Wyman & Bob' 

Earlier this week, the Seahawks officially announced that Clint Hurtt was promoted to the role of defensive coordinator after five years of serving as the team's defensive line coach, as well as carrying the assistant head coach title for the past four years. Before joining the Seahawks, Hurtt spent two seasons under defensive coordinator Vic Fangio as the Chicago Bears' outside linebackers coach. 

Last season, the Seahawks' defensive line gave up just 3.8 rushing yards per carry under Hurtt's guidance, the second-best mark in the NFL. Hurtt's defensive line also produced a Pro Bowler in 2017 in Michael Bennett, and the following year had just the third defensive tackle in team history to reach double-digit sacks as Jarran Reed recorded 10.5. 

This week, Hurtt joined 710 ESPN's 'Wyman & Bob' to discuss the hiring process, why he loved the hire of Karl Scott to the coaching staff, and his plan to get the new coaches on the same page. You can read some of the highlights below, or click here to listen to the full podcast episode

On what the hiring process was like in general: 

"I just understand the process from afar, being in the coaching world. Obviously coach [Pete Carroll] has to do his due diligence and talk to people, get a chance to sit down and talk football and gain knowledge. So I knew that was going to be a part of it. I wasn't nervous or worried during that because again, if you understand how the process works, that part is not a big deal to you. I look at it like this — even though you have to interview for the position, I've been on the interview now for the last five years. So whether it's professionalism, football knowledge, all those types of things, I know I've been through that process … Obviously once everything was all said and done and I got the phone call, and then he started talking to me about staff stuff and things of that nature, that was really a cool and exciting time." 

On why defensive passing game coordinator/DB coach Karl Scott was such an important hire: 

"When you ask questions like, 'Hey, tell me, who's an up-and-comer, fast riser DB coach that you hold in high regard?', you just start writing down names and Karl Scott's name just comes up over and over and over again … Being able to talk to him, the first thing you realize with him obviously is how sharp he is. This guy has been in a lot of different systems, knows them inside out. Adjustments and how to communicate with players. Just a savant. Just understanding how to do different things. Everyone in the world runs Cover 3 and Cover 4 and things like that, but the different tools that you can use within the coverage to help you handle different formations and routes — when guys are really sharp on that, that's when you know they're on top of it." 

On the general plan to get new coaching staff members on the same page with new scheme: 

"One, you want the new coaches on the staff, particularly with Sean [Desai] and Karl [Scott], to get familiar with our players. Be able to watch the film on the guys in the secondary — and obviously as they're watching and evaluating guys in the secondary you're going to see other guys in the second and first level of the defense, too — to get familiar with the guys and who we have. That's one. Two is, I want to hear Karl and Sean's opinions on the guys we have here in place, because when you've been coming from other organizations, Minnesota and Chicago, respectively, you just want to get a different perspective when we do that before we go into free agency and things of that nature. Then a lot of it, for the rest of it, is us getting on the same page terminology-wise."

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