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Friday Round-Up: Media Reactions To The Seahawks' Week 12 Loss to the 49ers

What the local and national media are saying about the Seahawks’ Thanksgiving loss to the San Francisco 49ers.


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Friday, November 24 — about your Seattle Seahawks.

Local and national media react to Seattle's 31-13 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

The Seahawks suffered their second straight loss on Thursday, falling 31-13 to the San Francisco 49ers on Thanksgiving evening.

Seattle fell to 4-2 at Lumen Field on the season, as San Francisco jumped to a big lead in a mistake-filled first-half for the Seahawks. Seattle's only touchdown of the contest came on the defensive side of the ball, with linebacker Jordyn Brooks returning an interception for a score early in the third quarter.

Quarterback Geno Smith discussed the performance of the offense and what needs to be done to make a change following the game.

"I think (it) kind of starts with every guy individually really just looking at his own film," said Smith. "His own tape, kind of looking himself in the mirror and say, what can I do to help the team? How can I be more consistent? How can I be more effective on a down-to-down basis and play better so that we can score more points than we are right now? It directly starts with me. But as you know, we're all connected out there, all 11, so every single guy has to look himself in the mirror, starting with me. We get time to reflect on this. It's tough. We get the time to reflect on it, figure out ways to get better."

With Seattle facing the red-hot Dallas Cowboys next week, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll addressed the team's performance while taking responsibility for adjustments that must come.

"It was a big opportunity tonight playing a really good team," said Carroll. "Good setting, good opportunity for us to be at home. The first half of this game we couldn't get out of our way enough to make them go long fields and they keep the football, and so they got off to a great start. Really good drive to open up; they go 45 with the next drive; then they scored, and 50 something with the next one. So the field was too short to hold these guys down the way we needed to. We got nothing done on offense in the first half, and so it really was halftime, here we go. What are we going to do about it. Our guys jumped back and got going in the game, moved the football better, we get off the field a few times, we get the turnover. There is a moment in there, there is a time that 14 points down where one more score and it's going to feel a whole lot different, and we weren't able to get that closed off. So they get a good win and away they go. This is a really difficult team to play when you give them stuff and give them the field position opportunities and we don't make our first downs. Hard for everybody I guess tonight, so we saw what that was like. It's a tough stretch coming up for us, as challenging as it can get, and we got to clean it up. We cannot give our opponents the opportunity to have short fields and expect to get the kind of results we want. So as always, the ball determines so much of it. The turnovers determine so much of it. It's like the one for us almost did for us, too. Kind of turns the whole feeling of the game around. So, we go back to work. Got to get our stuff done. We have a really challenging game coming up next week, and we don't have any time but to get back to work and do stuff right, coaches, players, everybody, all of us do. Starts with me."

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