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Friday Round-Up: 'Everybody Respects Each Other' - Freddie Swain Talks Seahawks' Culture, Offensive Identity 

The Seahawks’ second-year wideout joined 710 ESPN’s “Jake & Stacy” to discuss the team’s offensive identity and expectations, the culture in the wide receiver room, and more.


Happy Blue Friday, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today, November 12, about your Seattle Seahawks.

Freddie Swain Joins The Huddle With 710 ESPN's 'Jake & Stacy'

In his second season, Freddie Swain has begun to settle into the third wide receiver role in the Seahawks' offense behind Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf. As 2021 second-round draft pick Dee Eskridge has missed extended time nursing a concussion, Swain has seen steady playing time this season and has tied or surpassed most of his 2020 season totals, recording 16 catches for 169 yards and two touchdowns through eight games so far — including a career-best effort of 5 receptions, 95 yards and a touchdown in Week 2 against the Titans.


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On Thursday, Swain joined 710 ESPN's Jake Heaps, Stacy Rost, and Dave Wyman for The Huddle segment of the "Jake & Stacy" show to talk about the team's offensive identity and expectations, watching Russell Wilson during his rehab process, and why he doesn't feed into trash talk with cornerbacks these days. Read some of the highlights below, and click here to listen to the full podcast episode segment.

On the culture in the Seahawks' receiver room:

"I think it all starts with respect. Everybody respects each other, everybody knows what everybody brings to the table. I think we just push guys to a limit, to [where] whoever is in the game, there's no dropoff. I think we just hold everybody to the same standard, and just have fun."

On the team's offensive expectations and identity:

"I think we just have to play a clean game all the way through, with everybody, every position. I think if we play a clean game and everybody executes, I think we'll come out like we should … I think we're a balanced team. We can run it, we can pass it. If we just come out hitting on all cylinders like I said, and just execute the plays that are called, I think we'll be a well-[oiled] offense and a top offense in the NFL."

On watching Russell Wilson mimic running the offense in pregame and practice while out with the finger injury:

"You could just tell how much he wants it, how much he's locked in and he's focused. To be out with an injury and he's still over there managing like you have a whole offense around you, driving the ball up and down by yourself. It shows your character as a human, as a player, as a man, and it shows guys that you're bought in."

On trash talk with cornerbacks:

"I don't feed into that. I'm there to play a game, I don't feed into the trash talk. I mean, it's cool and it's fun, but it's a penalty now, so I don't really feed into it anymore. And they fine you for it, so I try to keep my money in my pocket, I have a daughter now!"

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