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Friday Round-Up: Behind The Scenes Of The Seahawks' Media & Influencer Combine

Corbin Smith of Sports Illustrated gives a behind the scenes look at the combine held for media members and influencers at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center earlier this week.


Good evening, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Friday, March 25 — about your Seattle Seahawks.

Behind The Scenes Of The Seahawks' Media & Influencer Combine

On Tuesday, for the third time ever, the Seahawks invited some local and national media members and influencers to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center to participate in the Media & Influencer Combine. Just a few weeks removed from covering the actual NFL Draft Combine, various reporters, writers, and radio hosts now had their own chance to run drills like the 40-yard dash, broad jump, and receiving gauntlet.

One of those writers was Corbin Smith of Sports Illustrated, who wrote about his experience on Thursday. For Smith, who claims to be entering his "elderly years as an athlete at the age of 33," it was a reminder of why NFL athletes are on a different level than most people.

The first event Smith did was the broad jump, and according to him, it didn't go so well. "While I swung my arms violently hoping to squeeze out a few extra inches in the air, gravity won as expected," he said. "All 235 pounds came crashing down to the turf like a bowling ball sliding off a kitchen table after an underwhelming 89-inch jump. To put in perspective, only 20 players since 2000 at the NFL combine have produced a shorter jump and only two of those players were under 300 pounds."

Smith would bounce back though, with what he calls an "elite" performance in the receiving gauntlet. "While many of my competitors chose to wear gloves, I did not," he writes. "After catching my first two passes, I ran like a gazelle down the line - okay, maybe not the best animal for an example, but give me some credit! - and plucked the ball out of the air with ease. Even on one throw that was way out in front of me, I tracked it down and showed off my soft hands, flawlessly executing the drill."

The finale: the 40-yard dash. After some stretching, the former baseball player then had to practice getting out of a track stance for the drill. "Out of an unorthodox, not very technically-sound stance - next time, I'm going to make sure I've gotten some proper training to maximize my start - I didn't have the cleanest footwork out of the gate," Smith said. "My initial 10-yard split was probably a disaster on par with the horrible combine face posted by the Seahawks on social media, but I recovered somewhat and once the old train got rolling, I thought I finished strong during the final 20 yards."

Click here to check out Smith’s full story about his experience at the combine.

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