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Friday Round-Up: 12 "Day One" Seahawks Season Ticketholders To Raise 12 Flag Sunday

A dozen fans that have been season ticket holders since the team’s inaugural season will raise the 12 Flag for Sunday’s contest.

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Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Friday, January 6 — about your Seattle Seahawks. 

Twelve "Day One" Fans Will Raise The 12 Flag Sunday As Part Of The Seahawks' Fan Appreciation Game

The Seahawks host the Rams Sunday looking to keep their playoff hopes alive, and it will also be their fan appreciation game. Amongst the packed home crowd will be a special group of fans who purchased season tickets to support the team in its inaugural season in 1976. Twelve "Day One" fans will raise the 12 Flag prior to the divisional matchup that is a must-win for Seattle's playoff hopes.

Twelve Seahawks fans who invested in the city's franchise team 47-years-ago by purchasing season tickets will be bestowed the honor of raising the 12 Flag prior to kickoff as recognized day-one 12s: Steve Jacobson, Bill Carson, Debbie Lamb, Pam Hokanson, Mary Kennedy, Joanne Flemings. Patrick Whaley, Barbara Boyd, Luana Joslin, Jim Harris, William T. Gates and Lee Margaret Phillips.

Not only does each have a unique story of coming to love the team they love start from scratch, but all have countless memories of a team that's impacted them for more than four decades. Barbara Boyd's love of the Seahawks came from her uncle, Joe, who gifted season tickets to the family in 1976.

"My uncle Joe Boyd bought the tickets at the beginning of the establishment of the Seahawks back in 1975," said Boyd. "Joe lived his entire life on Vashon Island, working as an accountant until 2020 (age 86) when he passed away. He was a true fan, and he and I went to many games together. Back in the Kingdome his tickets were on the 50 yard line behind the Seahawks bench and we could hear the phone ring down to the team on the field. At Quest, now Lumen, Joe had other Vashon friends on one side of him (Kirsten Lindskog) and his cousin (Larry Lesley) on the other. I also had Husky tickets together with Joe for many years. I still have the UW ticket also. Don't be offended if you're not a fan of the purple and gold. My family is honored to carry on in Joe's tradition with the Seahawks. I found a picture, vintage 1990, of Joe and me. He would love to have been personally a part of Sunday's event!"

Jim Harris moved his family from New York to the Emerald City a year before the team's inaugural season kicked off. As a die-hard sports fan, catching a glimpse of the construction of the Kingdome would lead to season tickets becoming a family heirloom of sorts. As well as a first-hand opportunity to work with the team he grew to love as a transplant to the city.

"I first became a sports season ticketholder for the NY Jets and Mets in 1964 and the Knicks in 1967," said Harris. "When we moved to Seattle in 1975, I said to my wife and son, for whom are we going to root? The Sonics were here but no football or baseball teams or stadium. I saw the Kingdome being built so there was hope for one or the other or maybe even both. When the Seahawks announced they were opening up season ticket sales, I jumped on it. I chose the 300 level behind the goal posts, about halfway up, in the south end of the stadium. Why there you might ask? Because the whole field and every play/player was in front of you. You could see the whole play as it developed without having to turn your head. I had four seats on the aisle. After freezing my butt off in Shea Stadium for a decade, I was extremely happy to be sitting inside, warm and dry. Then the stadium started to fall apart. Two years at Husky Stadium outdoors, in the rain and cold, west end zone, no cover. Booooo! Finally, a new stadium, still outside but at least with a roof over a lot of seats. My son and I spent a whole year looking at weather patterns. We consulted with the Hawks about how far the roof would extend. At that point, I made my choice, Section 344, Row T, seats 1-4. Under cover but still cold in the winter and late fall. Not behind the goal posts but close enough so the whole field is before us. On TV before the first game, there was a guided tour of the stadium. At the end of the show, the host pointed up at our seat location and said, 'Those are the best seats in the stadium!' When Paul Allen instituted the Account Executive program, I rejoiced. The first rep I had was Chris Lawrence. The succeeding reps all followed Chris' lead in outstanding service. Our son, his wife and my nephew all went to NY/NJ to watch the Hawks crush Denver in Super Bowl 48. I was there in spirit with them. I now have two seats and our son has two seats right in front of us. We figured that would increase the odds of winning the lottery for more Super Bowl seats. Hopefully, that will happen this year or next. GO HAWKS!"

The Rams stand in the way of a potential Seahawks playoff berth. Fortunately, Sunday's contest is a day of appreciation for 12s across the country rooting for the Seahawks to climb to 9-8.

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This week, Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith visited Seattle Children's Hospital to provide gifts and spend time with patients. #ThatsOurQuarterback #Seahawks

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