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Daily Social Recap: Back to Practice

Today on social media the players finish up with the media and head back to practice.

Back to Practice

Today the players started their first day of practice since coming to Phoenix. Judging by the tweets, they couldn't wait.

Appreciate You, Boss

If you were around Downtown Seattle today you had the opporunity to pick up a package of limited edition Seattle Mix Skittles from the Pro Shop In CenturyLink Field.

From the look of the line, plenty of people were still in Seattle.

Today's Announcements

Keeping up with the trend, DeShawn Sheadhas joined in on the Super Bowl XLIX blogging. You can check out his post below.

For those of you keeping up with Marshawn Lynch, you can catch him on Conan tomorrow.

Paul Richardson completed his first day of rehab following surgery to fix his ACL injured in the divisional round playoff game against the Carolina Panthers.

Just finished my first rehab session and it went pretty good.

— Paul Richardson (@PRichJr10) January 28, 2015

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