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Cliff Avril Crashes Michael Bennett's Media Session

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett had the start of his Thursday press conference interrupted in entertaining fashion by the emergence of fellow pass rusher Cliff Avril.

While a reporter was in the middle of asking Michael Bennett a question to start his Thursday afternoon press conference ahead of Sunday's divisional round playoff game against the Carolina Panthers, the Seahawks defensive end began to crack a smile.

Bennett's reaction wasn't in response to the content of the reporter's question, but to the emergence of fellow defensive end Cliff Avril, who had come running into the Virginia Mason Athletic Center auditorium to join his teammate at the podium.

As Avril got to the front of the room, he leapt up on stage to stand alongside Bennett.

"Hey, what's going on fellas?" a "little winded" Avril said after Bennett was done relaying his response to the session's initial question. "How you all doing today?"

Avril said he was on his way to his own meeting with the media and decided to stop and say hello to Bennett on the way.

"I just remembered they said he was coming to the podium," Avril said. "So before I went and did my media obligations, I said, 'Hmm, let me disrupt his.'"

It was an action that was all-good with Bennett, "Yeah, that's OK" he said, as the two pass rushers proceeded to answer an off-the-wall question about dabbing - "the little trendy dance," as Bennett put it. The pair was then asked how Seattle's defense gave up four 80-yard drives the last time it played against Carolina, a question that prompted Avril to exit stage left and leave Bennett all alone.

"I'll leave that one for you, buddy," he said.

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