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Cassius Marsh Offers Reward For Stolen 'Magic: The Gathering' Cards, Gets Gift From Wizards of the Coast

Cassius Marsh had part of his 'Magic: The Gathering' collection stolen earlier this week, and on Thursday, he received a special visit from the makers of the trading card game.

One day after sending out a note on Twitter asking for help reclaiming his lost Magic: The Gathering collection, Seahawks linebacker Cassius Marsh received a special visit from the makers of the popular trading card game. 

Representatives from Wizards of the Coast, which is located just a short drive from Seahawks headquarters, met with Marsh on Thursday at Renton's Virginia Mason Athletic Center to deliver a large box full of Magic merchandise. 

"Magic: The Gathering came by and gifted me a bunch of stuff, just trying to make my day better," Marsh said. "That was just the coolest thing that's ever happened to me. If I was 11 [years old] and I thought about getting a box full of Magic stuff from Magic: The Gathering, I'd be pretty hyped."


If you haven't yet caught wind of Marsh's situation, he sent out a tweet on Wednesday offering a pair of tickets to the Seahawks' next home game to the individual who stole his Magic collection out of his car. As Marsh tells it, his girlfriend borrowed his car to attend a local concert on Tuesday night, when his car window was smashed and a backpack containing several of Marsh's Magic decks was taken.

"It's not just the money," Marsh said of getting his cards back. "I've been playing since I was 11 and you spend a lot of time building these decks and spending time with friends. Each one of these cards, you trade to get them or you purchase them in certain places, so there's memories connected with all the cards. It's just like anything that people collect that mean a lot to them.

"Everything's got a little bit of meaning behind it, so they mean a lot to me."

Marsh tweeted out a list of the decks that were stolen, and if you're a fan or follower of the game, you can sympathize with what Marsh is missing:



Since then, Marsh has received support from fans, local card shops, and fellow Magic players who have been on the lookout for Marsh's cards. Even athletes from around the NFL have chimed in, including Chicago Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long:


Marsh said he became "obsessed" with the game after catching glimpse of it while walking by a card store and saying, "That looks fun," noting he started to get serious about it around the release of Magic's Onslaught block. He said his closet at home is full of common and uncommon cards, and the heavily-tatted linebacker even has a Magic-themed tattoo on his left hand showcasing the five colors of Magic: white, blue, black, red, and green.

"The cards themselves have beautiful art," he said. "If anybody's into Star Wars or anything like that, anything nerdy, really, I'm sure they already know what Magic: The Gathering is. But if you haven't checked it out, you should."

If his collection is returned, Marsh said he doesn't plan to press charges. He encouraged whoever has them to contact him on Twitter (@KingCash7191), Instagram (cassiusmarsh), or send an anonymous letter to the building (12 Seahawks Way, Renton WA 98056). 

"I wouldn't tell nobody who you are, I wouldn't say anything, I would literally just take my stuff back and I'll give you two tickets to the next home game," he said. "I'd be very gracious."

Seahawks linebacker Cassius Marsh, who had part of his 'Magic: The Gathering' collection stolen earlier this week, received a visit and gift on Thursday from Wizards of the Coast, makers of the hit trading card game.

While Marsh's Magic story has received a lot of attention the past two days, he also wanted to remind fans of Seattle football that his focus remains on the Seahawks' upcoming Sunday night matchup with the New England Patriots.

"It's been a great day for me, but I'm focused on Tom Brady and the Patriots, so don't get it twisted everybody," Marsh said with a smile. "I'm ready to go rush the passer and make some plays for the Seahawks this weekend."

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