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What The Browns Said Following Their 24-20 Loss To The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 8 loss to the Browns at Lumen Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Kevin Stefanski

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KEVIN STEFANSKI: Okay. Obviously disappointed. You know, we dug ourselves into an early hole, climbed out of it, and then we didn't close the ball game out. That's disappointing, and, yeah, we all share in it, offense, defense, special teams players, coaches, we share in those wins. We share in those losses. It's disappointing, but, you know, I was obviously pleased with how we fought out of it, but we can't turn the ball over. That's continuing to hurt us, so we got to find ways to not turn it over, and, you know, after early in the game, defense really settled in, but ultimately just didn't get the job done, and it's frustrating. But we'll learn from it and then we're moving on and got one at home next week. I'll take any questions.

Q. Kevin, coming out of the timeout you guys run the ball well. What was the thinking throwing the ball in that situation?

KEVIN STEFANSKI: Yeah, you know, obviously with the interception, with the outcome you're always thinking what can you do differently? We had options there. Certainly, you can run it, certainly you can pass it, but, you know, the result, that was tough.

Q. The ball went off the helmet, but what were you trying to do there?

KEVIN STEFANSKI: It was a quick game play. I have to look at it, but it was a quick play.

Q. Why with Walker turning the ball over every game, why not put the game in the hands of the defense and punt?

KEVIN STEFANSKI: Yeah, definitely was a consideration. There's going to be plays that you want back. Obviously, you're also looking to try to give your guys the best chance to go make a play.

Q. P.J. made some huge plays in the game, obviously, but also turned the ball over. So can you talk about the ups and downs of the P.J. experience?

KEVIN STEFANSKI: Yeah, obviously some good moments, but, you know, ultimately we've got to take better care of the football. He knows that, but, as a team, as an offense, fought just didn't make enough plays at the end.

Q. What do you think went wrong on that last play?

KEVIN STEFANSKI: Yeah, I'd have to look at it. They made a few plays. Maybe didn't tackle great, but I'd have to look at it, and, that's where I say it's going to be a close game. It's the NFL. It's going to be a close one. It's just disappointing that we can't close it -- or didn't close it out, but that's all of us.

Q. Were there a lot of adjustments made? I mean, you scored on the first two drives, touchdowns. What changed for those middle couple quarters?

KEVIN STEFANSKI: Yeah, felt like we were staying ahead of the down, staying ahead of the chains and getting them into some longer third downs I think was the key.

Q. How did you think the offensive line in particular handled the noise?

KEVIN STEFANSKI: Yeah, a couple penalties. I can think of the one coming out of the halftime. Yeah, we practiced hard at it. I thought the operation by in large was pretty good. Had a couple of different guys in there at times along the offensive line.

Q. Kevin, does this feel like a missed opportunity considering the way your defense dominated for such a long point in the game, considering the way you guys made plays and manufactured points offensively in this environment?

KEVIN STEFANSKI: Honestly, they're all disappointing. They all sting, but bottom line is, number one, we'll share in it and then we'll let it go.

Q. You had a fourth and four early in the fourth at the 40, what went into the decision to punt there, given, I know, Dustin last week...

KEVIN STEFANSKI: Yeah, defense was playing well in the second half like we talked about. That was really the thought.

Q. Did you get an explanation on what Njoku thought was a catch on that second interception?

KEVIN STEFANSKI: I didn't see a great replay shot of it, but they did make note that if the first touch is on the ball, that's going to rule him down. So (if) the person's on the ground you can't knock the ball out, because once you touch the ball, he's down.

Q. Did you call time-out to discuss that play?

KEVIN STEFANSKI: Yeah, I mean, we talked about a bunch of different options there.

Q. Looks like Za'Darius went in for x-rays. Do you know what's going on with him?

KEVIN STEFANSKI: I don't, not yet.

Q. And Dawand?

KEVIN STEFANSKI: Shoulder injury. We'll get an MRI tomorrow.

Q. Kevin, is there anything you can say about Deshaun Watson's chances to try to come back this week for your home game against the Cardinals?

KEVIN STEFANSKI: Yeah, we'll see. He's fighting like crazy. He'll be back when he's ready.

QB PJ Walker

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Q. P.J., could you take us through that third and three play and what you were looking for, what options you had in terms of receivers and what happened?

P.J. WALKER: It was a one-high, two-high read. They played 44 palms. They blitzed the nickel. The inside, we were throwing double slants to the field. Just trying to put the ball on Coop, let him fall for the first down. Got tipped in the air. That's just out of our control for that one.

Q. Were you surprised at all you guys were running so well there -- Kevin decided to throw it?

P.J. WALKER: Not really surprised at all. We just playing the game, you know, and just happened to have a tipped ball at a crucial moment in the game, and the minute it got tipped in the air, I felt the bad feeling that it was going to be a pick or something like that.

Q. You make so many big plays and, you know, you're kind of a gunslinger and you take a lot of chances, but that also (inaudible) with the turnovers. So do you feel like -- I mean, that's just your style of play. You have to take some of the good with that bad or --

P.J. WALKER: I mean turnovers happen. I haven't seen a quarterback play a football game in his career that never really turned the ball over, so they happen. I just got to try to eliminate the two. The second one hurt especially. The first one is a miscommunication between me and 85, and it's tough. It's tough. Especially in a crucial moment in the game, having the lead with under three minutes left in the game, you know, we got to find a way to get that first down by any means, whether it's passing or running.

Q. How disappointing is it to have this game seem like --

P.J. WALKER: Very disappointing, especially the way we started off. We started off real slow, and we were able to fight back as a team and battle. It just shows the grit and the grind that we got in this locker room. As a group, we're just going to continue to be resilient, come back next week and just not let this one come back with us.

Q. In the time -out to discuss that call, was there a lot of disagreement or was there --

P.J. WALKER: No, there wasn't disagreement at all. We thought it was a good call and we just had options and they just made a great play as a defense.

Q. Was it going to Cooper?

P.J. WALKER: Yeah.

Q. What changed for the offense after that slow start?

P.J. WALKER: Just finding ways to get big plays. I just thought that we were, as a team, we got into a rhythm after that second drive, I believe, and we just felt good, just playing and once we got going, I think we had a four-play drive or a five-play drive and got into the endzone pretty quick and we realized we settled in and we were good to go.

Q. How did the offense -- how was it able to overcome the noise?

P.J. WALKER: That was really good as a team, as a group. I think we only hat one false start, so for us that was really good as a group and we just got to play clean. Not even we, just me. I just got to play clean, I got to play better as a player to give us a better chance to win this game.

Q. Can you talk about the way the defense just put the clamps on after you guys fell behind in the first quarter.

P.J. WALKER: Yeah, the defense did a great job giving us another opportunity to go out there and take the lead, they did a great job of just giving us a chance. It was a good game, and our defense played great. As an offense, we got to help them a little more. If it's putting up points, milking the clock at the end of that game where even, you know, me just not having that turnover at the end of the game, pinning them back. It could have been okay to just get an incompletion at that point and just pin them back and make them drive the field on our defense. It's pretty tough for them, but things happen that was out of my control, and that was the way it went today.

Q. Are you planning to start against Arizona next weekend?

P.J. WALKER: I prepare to start every week. You just can't go out there not prepared mentally, physically and go out there and expect that if you do get called, to go out there and perform well or play well in general. So for me, I just continue to keep the same preparation every week and just keep going.

Q. Did you feel your personal play improved in practice all week?

P.J. WALKER: I thought it did. I thought it did today. At times I was still a little off with a couple of receivers, but I thought I played a little better today, but still, just them two turnovers really hurt.

Q. Amari and the big plays that he continues to be --

P.J. WALKER: Yeah, week in and week out, to just continue to step up and make plays. I got to do a better job for him. At the end of that game, we had a big play available for him and the safety. I saw the safety fly over there and he scared me off a little bit, made me throw the ball off side and, you know, just me giving the opportunity to go up there and make a play. I got to be better at that.

Q. Did you not see the blitzer on the blind side...

P.J. WALKER: No, I didn't. That was on me. I got to change the protection on that one.

Q. Did you guys know the screen game would be so effective?

P.J. WALKER: We go into each week thinking our screen game is going to be effective, and we take pride in it. We take pride in being an elite screen team, and I thought we did a great job today. We had some big plays. They got us an opportunity to go for it, to get in tight. The

opportunity to go out there. We got third and shorts, fourth and shorts because of the screen game so it was big today.

Q. This is yet another game right down to the wire. What do these games say about you guys as a football team about your scrappiness and grittiness and all that?

P.J. WALKER: Yeah, it's going to be week in and week out. You going to have these battles. That's just the way the league goes. You just got to be ready for them. The moment is the moment, so you just got to go out there and live in the moment and play and don't worry about being in a situation that's too big or anything like that, just go out there and have fun and enjoy it while you can.

Q. Do you feel a responsibility while going out there playing, you see Deshaun over there and he's looking at the Surface and he's helping you. Do you feel an enormous responsibility to keep this train chugging along?

P.J. WALKER: Absolutely. Absolutely. That's my job and my job is to continue to, like I tell him, before I step on that football field I tell him I got him. I let him know I'm going to go out there and handle business for him. So for me, it's just continuing to try to build on that and just continue to try to grow. He's just continuing to help me week in and week out every day on the sideline and practice, so just having that communication with him helps.

Q. P.J., you guys ran a lot more plays and led in time of possession.

P.J. WALKER: Yeah, that sucks, saw that.

Q. My question is, I know that's a focus for you in general but was there extra emphasis on that this week?

P.J. WALKER: There wasn't. I just knew -- we knew as a team we needed to come out here and execute as an offense and to start off as slow as we did and to still to have the time of possession, the time of possession and all that is big and we got a good group in that locker room and we just got to put it together, and if I'm going to be playing, I got to play better to give us a better chance.

Q. What does it say about Jerome Ford. He was supposed to miss some time for an ankle sprain to get out there --

P.J. WALKER: Yeah, they're both tough dudes. They gave us a chance. They gave us what they had, and I thought Jed (Willis) played well. You know, Jed went out there and did his job even after not being able to go a couple days during the week. He went the out there and did a good job today. Thank y'all.

RB Jerome Ford

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(On his health) "I felt pretty good. Just a little stiffness, but as the game went on and I got running on it, it got better."

(On the team's running game) "It feels good. Like I said a couple weeks back, trusting Coach Stefanski, trusting the play calling, and just executing."

(On getting a tough bounce and not salting the game away late) "It's tough, but we've got one of the better defenses and we trusted our defense to go out there, and we had no worries. Our defense was going to go out there and handle business."

(On how he, Strong and Hunt form a unit) "Just prepping like we're all starters. I feel like when we all rally behind each other, and no matter who's in the game, we feel that's where he's supposed to be."

(On how badly he wanted the ball on the last drive) "When the play call came in, we were like, 'This is what we got, this is what we're going with, this is what coach Stefanski wants and we're going to execute. I didn't question it at all. Whatever he want to do, we're going to execute and make the plays we need to make."

CB Denzel Ward

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(On what the team has to do to regroup from this loss against the Seahawks) "We just have to watch the film back and see where we messed up and things that we can do better and fix. Just get back to the basics, see what we have to fix, and just do better when we get back to practice."

(On if long trip to Seattle was a factor in the slow start for defense) "I don't think it's the trip, but we definitely have to start faster. We have been starting a little slow. We have to pick it up and find a way to come out the gate hot and keep it rolling the whole game."

(On how disappointing it is to end the game the way the team did) "Of course it's disappointing. The ultimate goal is to get the win and we had the opportunity to finish, but we weren't able to capitalize off of it. Like I said we have to go back and watch the film and see where we can do better at and see how we can win in that situation next time."

(On matchup with DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett) "It was fine. Those are great receivers over there and they have a talented group. We knew that going in and they made plays, we made plays, but it was a good matchup."

CB Martin Emerson Jr.

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(On what matchup with DK Metcalf was like) "Big physical guy. Good receiver. Just got to be locked in every play and expect the ball to come to you."

(On how disappointing it is to end the game the team did) "We got to finish. One play at a time. Just to get the win. Whatever it takes. We made some plays, but that last drive we have to step up. We have the best defense in the league and we have to get off the field and win that game for this team."

(On what he saw on the interception he had at the end of the half) "No timeouts, they want to get in field goal range, bigger receiver, not really elusive out of his break so when he raised up I knew he was coming up before he did."

RB Kareem Hunt

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(On how tough it is to be getting tough yards and not having a chance in clutch situations) "I didn't get a chance the whole fourth quarter, so it was cool. I don't know, I just go and play my role. It's what I do."

(On not getting the ball in the fourth quarter) "It is what it is. I feel like I could've helped win."

RB Pierre Strong Jr.

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(On how unlucky it is when an interception goes off a defender's helmet) "It's tough, especially a loss. Just got to build from it, go back to work and correct it the next time we get in that situation."

(On what it says about the team climbing out of a 14-point deficit) "We're going to fight to the end every time. We're all winners and all competitors. We're not going to lay down and always fight to the end and do what we do."

(On what this game says about P.J. Walker) "Just leadership. You can't just blame that one play on P.J. (Walker). He works his tail off and he makes his right reads at time. At the end of the day, he balled out and I'm right behind him 100 percent."

DT Maurice Hurst II

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(On how tough it is to walk away from a game like this without the victory) "I mean it's extremely tough and frustrating. I feel like we're a lot better than the way that we played. How we started was tough and we corrected it and in the end we just couldn't do enough to secure the win. We got enough from the offense today and that is just really on us to correct, respond, and get things right for this next week."

(On how the team fought back after trailing 14-0) "It's glimpses, but we're not quite there yet so just doing everything in our power to get there and keep working, keep grinding and figure out a way to win these close games which is what we've done in the past. We had a rough week last week and had another rough week this week on defense so it's just making those corrections and not beating ourselves."

LG Joel Bitonio

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(On if this outcome might sting) "Yeah, it was tough. I think we were resilient coming back, down a couple of scores, just finding our way back. Our defense started playing how we know they can play, and our offense was running the ball. We had some nice screens called. I thought we were about to put it away on the last drive, and obviously the ball bounces. It's a game of inches. We put our defense in a tough spot there. It was tough. Every game hurts that you don't win. But I think you saw the resilience in the guys fighting back in a hostile environment across the country."

(On the thought process during the timeout before the two-minute warning) "We were just trying to execute what's called. We knew we were going to take it was close to the two-minute warning as possible, and we just like, let's close it. Get a first down there. They're going to have to use their time outs. We were just trying to execute."

(On the fact the team was having success running) "The two-minute warning was coming after it, so you could pass or run. If there was like 2:15 left, you want to run the ball for sure. Every lineman wants to run the ball. You want to put it on our shoulders. You protect what's called and we try to do that. Jamaal Adams made a good play, jumping up there, getting a tip on the ball. But we just try to control what we can control in those situations."

WR Amari Cooper

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(On the team's resilience to rebound from an early deficit) "All week we were preaching this was going to be a 12-round fight. We knew Seattle was a good team. We knew the environment we were coming in to, so we just kept swinging for four quarters. It's unfortunate that we came up short. We've just got to rebound."

(On the pride he takes in creating spark plays that get the offense going) "It's a great feeling. When I'm off the field and I see the defense making a play, it's a spark. I assume it's the same thing when we're on the field and we're all making plays, it's a spark for the defense, and not only that, it's a spark for other guys on the offense to think, 'OK, we have momentum now. Let's start making plays. Let's go score.'"

(On the ability to mount a comeback) "We dug ourselves into a hole early, and we showed a lot of resiliency, 100 percent. But truthfully, most of the games in the NFL kind of go like this game. It comes down to the last drive, Whoever wins, wins. But we did show a lot of resiliency, and that's a good thing for this football team because it shows that no matter what the situation is, it's not insurmountable. We can go out and compete until the last whistle blows."

TE David Njoku

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(On his thoughts on P.J. Walker) "I think he's a warrior. He fights. He pushes through. He's definitely a warrior, and we really, really appreciate him."

(On if the team was close to calling a running play on the third-and-three that resulted in an interception) "Oh, no. That call we called, we tried to execute, and we didn't and that's that."

(On playing in a hostile environment) "We've got fighters on the team. No matter what the score is, no matter how much time is left, we're going to keep fighting until the clock hits 0:00."

(On scoring earlier in the game) "It was a nice start. Obviously we had a long way to go. It's a long season. this one game isn't going to justify who we are. We know who we are, we know what we can do, we know what we bring to the table. So we're going to swallow this pill, and it's a tough one to swallow, and watch the film, make corrections, move on to next week.

(On P.J. Walker's progress) "He's a dog, man. He really is. Coming onto this team at such late notice, a quarterback, having to know all that he has to know, it's not easy. And he comes into work every day, works his ass off, so I have all the respect for him."

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