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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 20-10 Win Over The Cardinals

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 7 win over the Cardinals at Lumen Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Pete Carroll

COACH CARROLL: Really solid win for us to get this done coming back home for a second -- we haven't been here a while. We were trying to put together some consistency playing here. And where the consistency showed up was with our defense. They did a fantastic job again today to go back out at halftime, after halftime and shut them down and not give anything up and just play really good football. To answer the bell, we had three horrible turnovers in this game. It's so hard to win it, minus-3 in a game. So the game stays close because of that but the defensive guys did a great job going out answering the bell. I think they got three points out of the three turnovers. That's huge. It's a big source of pride to us that we do that well. And we have been doing it well during the season already and we just did it again. I'm really fired about that. The pass rush was alive again today. A lot of opportunities for us to go get it. And I was really fired up that we finished it. That's the way we like to finish games here at Lumen, and chasing the quarterback around, getting sacks and ending it like that. Geno had a really nice solid game, solid game. And numbers were good. Brought the pups to life in this game. It was great to see Jaxon get his first touchdown. He had a number of contributions. And Bobo, a frickin' circus grab to hold that ball and get it by an eyelash down there and make that touchdown. It was a great play by both Geno and Bobo. But it's great for us, here we are, coming to the halfway point and having the pups play like that, they can play like starters. And they did. So that's a great accomplishment through the process. That's what we shoot for. And so really fired up to be able to say that. Those guys can go out there and play and it doesn't matter what's going on or who's in the game or whatever, they'll play like starters. Kenny had a good day. It was a hard, tough day. Got over 100 yards, I think, that's what I heard. He battled all day long and did a really nice job. So I think that the guys up front, somebody gave me the number that this is the fifth variation of our offensive line; is that right? Okay, that's challenging. But those guys did well today. It was a really good job by those guys getting a 100-yard rusher and protecting the quarterback enough so we could play a good football game. A lot of good stuff. Penalties still were a factor. But today we got better on third downs, both sides. I think we were seven out of 13 on offense, which is a great improvement. And might have been like 5 for 15, something like that, on defense. We did it last week as well. And that's a big deal for the way we're playing. That's why things are turning a little bit. Fired up that we're going places and we got out of there pretty healthy other than Uchenna. He has a pec strain and we don't know anything about the extent of it at this point.

Q. Seemed like Brooks was all over the place. He's only nine months from that surgery. Do you ever marvel at what he's doing?

COACH CARROLL: He's never even flinched. He really hasn't. We held him out of some practices in trying not to overload him in preparation for the games early on. But he hasn't even flinched. He's such a fantastic athlete. So strong and explosive and all that. You can't see anything in his game that's off. This is the best he's been. And he showed that, and he's just cleaned his game up so well, where he's way more consistent than he was. It wasn't a consistency -- he would go for stuff and maybe not at the right time. His timing now is really much advanced. And so he's just playing better football.

Q. Witherspoon had a couple of huge plays negated by penalties --

COACH CARROLL: Did we know Witherspoon was out there today? The Spoon was out there. Golly. Two great plays, another great hit, three great plays in the game. Unfortunately the penalties take those plays away. But you know he's out there. And really an exciting, young player.

Q. Did Geno's turnovers concern you at all? It's been a couple weeks.

COACH CARROLL: Yeah, and it's something we've been talking about. He got on the sprint, he's outside the pocket and it didn't happen on rhythm, so it went to a late rhythm. And he took a shot, trying to squeeze one in there. And he knows -- we saw him do that in camp a few times, and it's something that's topical. And he's sick about it. He should have just eaten the football or run with the football right there. That's what the options are. And he tried to squeeze one in. We went quick on the snap, and we didn't handle it right.

Q. You challenged the touchdown pass to Jake Bobo. Did you know the time, did you get word on time?

COACH CARROLL: I had Nate and Carl screaming in my ear to challenge it right down to the end of it. I saw it too. I couldn't tell. We saw it on the sidelines, saw what they showed on the board. I was just trying to evaluate whether or not they'd give us a shot to really look at that thing. They gave it great consideration. Right now it's an eyelash between him making it and not making it. But looked like the right call. That's why we challenged it. We went for it. Maybe what gets lost is the throw and the catch. Gosh, it was a great throw and great catch under duress and the whole thing. It was a fantastic play.

Q. It's one thing for Lockett to do that, but Bobo at 6'4", 200-plus?

COACH CARROLL: Jake's got all that stuff in him. He's already shown -- we've already seen. He's got the great knack and the sense and awareness and spatial awareness. There's no catch that he can't make. There's nothing he can't do with catching the ball and using his body in that fashion. That's in a short time, six months of watching the guy, I totally trust him.

Q. Looks like he's helping you out as a blocker with the run game?

COACH CARROLL: He continues to, yeah. He's been doing it well. Just continues to make him more valuable for us in so many ways.

Q. You talked about Jaxon getting started. Do you like the next step he took today?

COACH CARROLL: No doubt. He feels so much better and contributing so well. The call was a great call from Shane. And it was so easy, Geno just threw it at him at him on the goal line for the touchdown. But there were other plays that were really good plays for him. Like I said, those guys played like starters.

Q. How close was DK to playing?

COACH CARROLL: He's hurting. If he could have played he would have played. Don't for a second think that he's looking for a way out of this thing. That's not him at all. He's sick he

couldn't play. He tried to stay with it. He's played the last couple of weeks under tremendous duress and played well in those circumstances. This just added up too much, and he couldn't get it done. If he can get back, he'll be back.

Q. We talked about Boye Mafe's improvement. He missed a few plays in the first half, but he was frequently back there disrupting Joshua Dobbs. How much did he key this impressive performance?

COACH CARROLL: He's continuing to be a factor, no doubt. He did jump when he shouldn't have. The guy wasn't even throwing it. He still has stuff to learn. He had a clean sack opportunity that he kind of went airborne on it. He's got more to learn. But he's a big factor. He's doing a really good. I thought Darrell had a couple of rushes, did a nice job. The guys are contributing. You can tell. We've got something going on here. I'm really excited about it.

Q. What did you think of Geno's somersault play down on the goal line --

COACH CARROLL: I forgot about that. No kidding. That was a great play. A great play. There was a big play that happened in another game, someone was flipping like that. Geno's was better. Geno's was better. He completed the jump.

Q. Did you challenge that play to see if he was in?

COACH CARROLL: No, we thought we were going to knock it in. I was just glad he got up, to tell you the truth.

Q. On Geno Smith's run play.

COACH CARROLL: It was probably designed that way. We were just lucky. Lucky. Great effort. That shows you who he is and how willing he is to do whatever it takes.

Q. What did you think of the call on Mafe in that whole sequence where they took away the interception, all that?

COACH CARROLL: I don't know. I didn't see it. I don't have any evaluation what happened on the play.

Q. Think it's three straight opponents you've held to under 250 total yards. How much of that is predicated on your run defense and kind of playing off of that?

COACH CARROLL: We played the run really well except we let the quarterback get out on the 25 -- on the first-and-25 play. That's the touchdown we gave up on the day. And we had it -- scheme-wise we should have played the play really well and we didn't. We're really playing the running game well. Every time we've been out from preseason throughout, that's the commitment from the coaches and the players is getting that done. That's consistency. And that's where it all starts. Remember way back when, it starts there. This is where we build from. And it's working. Unfortunately they get a bunch of yards today from the quarterback. But the quarterback element is really the hardest factor. We had a scheme. We just didn't execute it as well as we needed to keep him down, but we're playing well there.

Q. What does it look like as far as Abe Lucas getting back this week?

COACH CARROLL: From what I'm hearing, I can't say, hey, yeah, he's coming back. I don't know that. He's got to surprise us a little bit. It's just taking time for this process to get him right. And we don't want to rush it now that we've gone this long. I don't know until we get to the week.

Q. What about Kenny McIntosh?

COACH CARROLL: He's doing great. He's right on the verge of coming back.

Q. What about Jason Peters?

COACH CARROLL: This should be his week. He should be ready. If we've got a spot for him to play, he's ready to go. It was all but this week, but next week he'll be ready, if he makes it through the week and everything goes well. I'm looking to see where he can fit in and contribute to us. And depends who is available next week.

Q. Did you get a sense how Olu played at center?

COACH CARROLL: I felt solid. Did mishandle a snap there. But other than that, felt like he was doing all right. He's really a bright kid. And it's just not too big for him. He's played in a lot of big games in his college career and all that stuff. Not too big for him to do this. He really handles things well. That's a fine job by him. Evan should have a chance to come back next week; we'll see.

Q. Two-for-two on challenges?

COACH CARROLL: Yeah, good day for challenging. Got a lot of help, though.

QB Geno Smith

Q. Take us through Jake Bobo's phenomenal catch there on the sideline, getting both feet down inbounds.

GENO SMITH: It was a great play call by Shane (Waldron). Great play designed by Kerry Joseph. I thought Bobo did an excellent job -- it was a double move. He did an excellent job trying to get the guy to bite. Really didn't bite as much as we thought he would, but he still won at the end. And I was just giving him an opportunity ball in the back of the end zone. Phenomenal footwork. I think now we can say Jake's probably up there with Tyler (Lockett) when it comes down to the toe-drag swag. It was a great job by him. And obviously awesome call and great protection around as well.

Q. What did you think of Jaxon's (Smith-Njigba) touchdown?

GENO SMITH: Another great design. I don't think they get any more open than that. Coach called it up, dialed it up for the right coverage. We got exactly what we wanted. The protection was great. Gave me a chance. And then Jaxon obviously ran his route, made a great catch, and scored. It was great for him to get that first touchdown.

Q. Getting the two rookies involved, how big was that for the offense?

GENO SMITH: I think it was huge. I think it was huge for not only Jaxon and Bobo, but I think it was huge for just our overall offense, to see those guys continue to step up and make great plays and for their confidence and obviously for the chemistry that we're building together. I think it was great. And so obviously there's going to be a ton of guys who have an opportunity to step up on this offense and do great things. But for those two guys, man, I'm just so proud and so happy for them.

Q. How do you think the offense played today?

GENO SMITH: If I'm being honest -- I don't think we played up to our standard. Personally I feel like we left a lot out there. It's the league. Any win you get you're going to be happy with, right? A win is a win. But it's kind of this weird feeling that I got, specifically, that feeling like I haven't done enough, haven't played my best game. But still we're winning, and we're getting the job done. But a lot left out there, I feel like. So I'm excited to get to work tomorrow so we can fix those things, clean up the mistakes that I've been making and try to play a complete, clean game.

Q. What did you see on the interception?

GENO SMITH: The play call was a sprint left. Initially got covered. I thought Bobo did a great job extending the play to the second play. He wheeled up, was actually open on the sideline. I was giving him a shot, was gonna throw that high ball, maybe he can get his feet in. And my arm got hit. Obviously it changed the trajectory of the football. Those are the things I'm talking about. If we clean up those mistakes, how good can we be? So as always, I put that on myself. No one else made that mistake but me. So I've just got to be better in those situations.

Q. What about the fumble?

GENO SMITH: Again, just bad by me, a mistake. That can't happen. Putting our defense in tough situations. Luckily we have a great defense that continues to go out there and show us that no matter where the situation is or what it is, they have backbone. They're going to go out there and stop them. So you talk about playing complete team football, that's what it's about -- offense and defense helping each other. But I think we've got to do a way better job at not putting them in those situations. And I've got to be better in those situations myself.

Q. You moved up to No. 6 all time in the Seahawks' passing touchdowns. How does that sit with you?

GENO SMITH: Right now I'm just happy to have this opportunity. Happy to be able to go out there and compete and play with the guys. Happy to be a part of this organization. To even say that my name is in the record books somewhere I'm forever grateful.

Q. Fifth offensive line combination you have had in six games. What do you say about the way those guys get the job done?

GENO SMITH: I've got the ultimate faith in those guys up front. I know how hard they prepare. We communicate, myself and the linemen, the guards and centers, we talk all week about fronts, protections, run game. We're in this thing together, all 11 playing together. But it starts up front, as we all know. And just proud of the way those guys have accepted the coaching. Coach Andy (Dickerson) has done a great job preparing those guys during the week and having them on point for game day. Whoever is out there, we know they're going to get the job done and just happy to be a part of it.

Q. On when he feels like he hasn't played his best game…

GENO SMITH: Today and just as a whole. I feel like I haven't played nowhere near where I'm capable, and like I said, it's hard. It's tough. They're out there. They're going to try to stop us. I believe I have a tremendous amount of talent and I put the work in, I study. I know what's going on out there. And it's just one or two mistakes in just about every game that I keep coming up here and talking about. I feel if I can clean those things up, where can we go as an offense? That's what I'm striving for. Like I said, I'm ready to get back to work tomorrow so we can correct that.

Q. The series when you got to the 1 and couldn't get it in, did they just have good defenses against you guys there?

GENO SMITH: Yeah, they did a good job at keeping us out. They were stout up front. And that's something again, like I said, we've got to be better in the red zone. We've got to execute better. I have to help us out in any way I can in those situations. And those are things that, like I said, you can look at and say, "Man, we're one of the best offenses and we still haven't reached our peak yet". That's the positive thing, I think, we've got to look at it glass half full right here. So I think we can be a lot better, especially in the red zone. I think we did better on third down today. But overall we've just got to keep working.

Q. On the throwback uniforms…

GENO SMITH: Super excited. I can't wait to have them on and see the fans. Everyone's going to be excited about it.

Q. Do you remember a time in any level of football you've had five different starting offensive line combinations?

GENO SMITH: Honestly, I don't even count them. I don't remember a time. But I'm not even looking at it like that. I trust every single guy who is out there. The thing about being an offensive lineman, just how hard they've got to work throughout the game, and they rarely receive the credit they deserve. But without those guys, nothing happens, nothing can go. So any guy that we have out there, we trust those guys to do their job, just as all the other guys gotta do his job. So, just happy to have those guys in front of me, and they've been playing great. And I've just got to keep making them better.

RB Kenneth Walker III

(On what the game was like today) "It was a hard fought game. Obviously, it gets frustrating when we don't score, but that's the game, and it happens. I'm glad we got the win, and I felt like we played alright on offense."

(On trying to work through the turnovers) "Like I said, things happen. I congratulate our defense for playing hard. They kind of get us out of some tough situations. The defense played a great game, and we got to fix the turnovers."

(On what it will take to improve red zone efficiency) "Execute. We just don't execute. We've got the good play calls, but we just got to execute."

(On whether he feels he has improved in getting tough yardage between the tackles) "Yes, definitely. They harp on getting vertical, so that's something I want to work on, and I continue to work on now, is just getting vertical. I work on it in practice a lot, too."

(On seeing Smith-Njigba and Bobo both score touchdowns today) "Yeah, it was great. Those are two guys that came in and they can make a great impact on the team already. I'm glad Jaxon got to score his touchdown, and Bobo, that was just a crazy catch, too."

(On whether he got thanks for breaking Geno Smith's fall on his somersault run) "No, but that was crazy. He actually landed on me."

(On whether he is excited to wear the throwbacks next week) "Yeah, definitely yeah. We had a shoot, like a 90s shoot, some months ago and I like the throwbacks. That's probably my favorite uniform right now."

(On what sticking with the run did for the offense this week) "First off, the O-line did a great job. I felt like they did their job, and they made it easier for me. When we run the ball, I feel like it opens up a lot on the offense."

LB Bobby Wagner

(On how he feels about the play of the defense over the last month or so) "I feel really good. I feel like, obviously, there were some plays that we could have executed better, but overall to hold a team to 10 points and under 250 yards; we're moving in the right direction."

(On the improvement of the run defense in the second half) "We just have to on the quarterback runs. We knew they were going to do that coming into the game. The one they got on us, we need to be better. I believe they checked into a blitz that we had, but other than that, I think we communicated better throughout the second half and made sure we play the scheme better."

(On the touchdown catch by Jake Bobo) "I mean, you watch him make those catches in practice, when they do one-on-ones and things of that nature. When I saw it, I thought he got his foot down. I was hoping that Pete challenged it, and he did. Just a great throw, a great catch, and I'm glad we challenged it."

(On Bobo's ascension from an undrafted guy with a slow 40 time to an NFL receiver) "I think people get too caught up in the 40 time, to be honest. Just, period. I've met so many players that ran a 4.2 they didn't make it to the league, and I've met a lot of guys that run a 5-flat that had a hell of a career. We put too much into the 40 time in my opinion. But watching him when he first get in here, and he was preparing and you watch him run routes, you watch him do extra stuff off the field, extra workouts, things of that nature, that propelled him into making the team. Then, he worked even harder to find a role and he's really mastered that role. Then when we had some guys down, it was his opportunity to step up and he did a really, really good job, not just in the pass, but he's very effective in the run game as well. I think it's just a really cool story for guys that don't get drafted. If you work hard and you do what you need to do, he's a guy that can show you that you can make it."

(On what Jordyn Brooks is doing better since two years ago when he last played with him) "I think he is trusting himself, he's trusting what he sees. I think he's playing free, not thinking. He's always been fast, and can always make plays, but I think some of the plays he's just trusting his instincts, trusting his film study. And I think that always happens over time as you play in this league, you learn to trust what you see, you learn to trust your preparation. He's done a really, really good job. I don't want to keep harping on it, but I will. What he's doing is so impressive, because he had a crazy injury, I think pretty late in the season, and a lot of people thought that he wasn't going to be back. But not only is he back, he's playing at a very, very high level. He's making a lot of plays. I don't want to overlook the road that he had to get to get to this point, and how well he's playing."

(On the pride of the defense in keeping a team from scoring after a turnover deep in your own territory) "We practice those sudden change moments. You don't want to, as a defense, have the offense turn the ball over or have something crazy like that happen. But those plays are all mindset. You can get frustrated at what happened or you can embrace the challenge, take it as a challenge and see if you can get no points on the board, and that's kind of how we approached it."

(On what has improved on third down conversions; under 33% the last two games) "I just think the emphasis. The emphasis after a couple of those games in the first part of the season. Understanding what teams are trying to do, being more sticky in coverage, putting more emphasis into that, because those plays extend drives. If they complete third downs, you stay on the field a lot longer. I think early on, we were having those crazy, like 14 play drives. You get off the field on third down, that allows you to be fresh throughout the game and you get the ball back to the offense. I think we've been emphasizing that, the communication in that part of the game is crisp."

(On whether he noticed Jordyn Brooks playing with more pep today) "I think when you make plays, it naturally brings the energy. He's kind of like Jamal [Adams]; when he's making plays and when he's out there, you just feed off of that energy. He definitely was excited because he was having some hits. I think Spoon had a nice hit. We were just feeding off each other and Jordyn was part of that."

(On whether he is excited to wear the throwback uniforms next week) "I am extremely excited to wear the throwbacks. I still think that we should have black jerseys, but I'm not going to complain."

S Jamal Adams

(On playing at Lumen Field for the first time this season) "It felt great. It was hard to sleep last night, I was so excited. The energy was there, feeding off one another and that's why I like being at home."

(On how the defense has come together the past few weeks) "It's just attention-to-detail. We understand our assignment, we understand where everybody else is at on the field, just know our job. We know the three-receiver hook, we know who has the wheel route, we know who has the weak hook, so we're just feeding off one another. That just goes back through the week about communication as far as knowing what our assignment is, knowing where guys are. If we keep that up, the sky is the limit."

(On if Devon Witherspoon reminds him of anybody) "He reminds me of Devon Witherspoon man, he's that guy. I'm excited since he came here. One of the smartest rookies I've ever been around. Just a complete baller, game changer, can do it all. That's my guy."

(On what the defense's potential could be) "The highest of the highs. A Super Bowl, that's our goal, but one game at a time. That's our approach, we don't look forward, we don't look in the past, we just try to keep our head down, fix whatever our mistakes we need to fix and continue at it. We still left a lot of things on the table. As a defense, we're just so competitive to fix it and get it right and to hold people out of the endzone. That's our mindset and as long as we do that, we'll be fine."

(On the difference in the run game between the first and second half) "We had to see what they were going to give us. They gave us their best punch, made some adjustments at the half and came out and executed. We just needed to play our ball game, and that's what we did."

(On the altercation in Cincinnati) "It is what it is. I'm not going to speak on it. I'm excited for the win. That's an NFL situation."

(On Jordyn Brooks' performance) "He was a little down at halftime, obviously he wasn't playing his game, his brand of football. Everybody was keeping him positive, keeping him happy, that's what we do. I went up to him and just reminded him of the past of all the sacrifices him and I had to go through. Just out there grinding 24 hours just to get our knee back to normal somewhat and just all the sacrifice we had to put in. I just reminded him from things of the past that we went through. He got his mind right, he came out there, he was flying, hitting everybody."

(On how he is feeling physically) "I'm not normal yet, but I am sore as hell. I feel good. I feel better after a win I'll tell you that, but it's just a daily process with me as far as my routine of just how I take care of my body and do what I need to do before the game or after the game. When I leave here I have a whole routine at home so I have to get to that, but obviously just taking care of the body is a whole different ball game and obviously I had to make some adjustments through the years, but I'm really happy of where I am right now."

(On if he got a clean look at Devon Witherspoon's hit) "I just saw it on my phone. Oh my God. We knew exactly what play was coming. I was sitting inside just waiting and I saw him come off

slow and as soon as he went out, I knew (Devon) Spoon was coming. Again, phenomenal football player."

(On how the three safety looks are meshing together on the field) "I think it's phenomenal man, just getting everybody on the field at one time. I think that's special. So much versatility to where we can do anything and anybody can play any position. We just feed off of one another. Again, we're just excited, the sky's the limit, and we're just going to keep our head down and work."

(On if he is excited to wear the throwback uniforms next week) "I am. I'm looking forward to that. I got to work on my cleat game. I'm trying to customize some right now. Hopefully I get them in time, but I'm definitely looking forward to it."

(On how difficult it is to have an impact on the game as a rookie like Devon Witherspoon) "I don't know. You have to ask him on that because my rookie year I was a--, so I don't really know. He's a phenomenal football player. Hats off to him. He's very smart, he's very coachable, and he listens. It's a rare find and it's a reason why he's a top five pick."

LB Jordyn Brooks

(On how he feels about the team's defensive performance in the last three games) "It's been fun. Dude's been getting hit. First half we were a little slow coming out, but second half, it was fun. I think these last three or four weeks we've really been finding our identity. I'm just happy where we are, and excited to see where we're going."

(On what the defense's identity is) "I think it's a lot of things in one: violent, disciplined; as far as being where we need to be gap wise and pass fits. I think we need to limit the flags, myself included, but other than that I think we're disciplined, we're fast, we're violent, all those things in one."

(On having to come off the field for certain packages) "It's the worst thing in the world. It definitely motivated me today. In the first half I kept coming in and coming out, coming in and coming out. I wanted to make up for that, and I think I did that."

(On what happened on the overturned interception) "I saw guys all over. Bobby (Wagner) was on the ground, Devon (Witherspoon) was on the ground, so I had to go break it up. I shoved a guy, he shoved me back, and yeah, I got the call. That's on me."

WR Jake Bobo

(On how he's feeling) "Good, feeling good to be back in the win column, always good."

(On what he talked to the official for after his TD catch) "I was asking him if it was close, he said 'real close.' I obviously looked up at the board, but didn't know if they were going to rule in my favor but happy they did."

(On the first time in franchise history that two rookie receivers scored touchdowns in the same game, what does it mean to him) "I just heard that, it means a ton. We were waiting for Jax (Smith-Njigba) to get going. Obviously, we knew we needed to give him the ball, we did today, so now you guys are seeing what we see everyday in practice. But with 14 out we knew we were going to have to step up, obviously he'll be back soon, he'll be back healthy. I was just looking to fill his big shoes and it felt like we did a little bit of that today."

(On his mentality when he knew DK Metcalf wasn't going to play) "Your mentality changes a little bit, because I know my role when he's healthy I'm going to do a lot in the run game and then come in when those guys are gassed, when their tired. I knew that I was going to do a little bit more today, my mentality changes but I wasn't more excited or more in purpose or anything like that."

(On what he was thinking during the replay process of his catch) "Just give it to me. I'm happy they did."

(On if he's excited to play in the throwback uniform) "I'm very excited, the hat is courtesy of the equipment manager, he asked me if I wanted it, of course I'm going to say yeah, big week."

(On id DK Metcalf said anything to him after his touchdown catch) "Yeah, just congrats. With a guy like DK (Metcalf) on the sideline and his football IQ I'm just picking his brain. What are

you seeing out of 20, what are you seeing out of 24? He'll give me his diagnosis and we'll go from there, but yeah that was just a congratulations."

(On his block for Jaxon Smith-Njigba play) "Yeah I take pride in that. Like I said earlier, that's kind of my role when everybody is healthy and I have a good time down there with the big fellas and knocking some heads, so yeah its fun."

(On how much Geno Smith helps his confidence grow) "It helps me a ton, just knowing that he trusts me in that situation like you said. Then for me it's just continuing to build that trust and letting him know with my play that in bigger situations he can come to me. He did a little bit today, so I'm thankful for that but we have a long way to go for sure."

(On if this was the first time having to have two feet in the endzone since college) "Possibly, I learned from the best in number 16, so just being able to watch him has been huge."

WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba

(On what he's doing with the ball from his first touchdown) "With the ball, I give it to mom. You know she can have it; she likes things like that."

(On what it meant for him to score a touchdown and see Jake Bobo score a touchdown) "Yeah, it's big, it's huge. (Jake) Bobo is a great player, and I knew he was going to get one today, if not more. You know he took advantage of the opportunities, and that's just what we've got to do. As young receivers, trying to figure out our roles. I heard it's part of history, so that's definitely cool for us and everybody on this team. I'm sure you've heard a lot, but we believe in Jake, and Jake is a great player. Hopefully, we continue to make a lot more plays."

(On if he's excited to wear the throwback uniforms next week) "Yeah, they look good, huh? They look good, and I appreciate the media team for doing that. You know, I know how big that is for our fans, you know, the 12's. Look good, feel good, play good, so hopefully, we will bring that next week."

(On playing through the wrist injury) "It was hard, and it was definitely a challenge, an obstacle. Came back fast, speedy recovery, you know, thanks to God. It's been difficult, but it's been feeling a lot better these last weeks. Definitely thankful for that."

S Quandre Diggs

(On what's working well for the defense the past couple of weeks) "We've been taking away the big plays. I think that's been the biggest part. We are taking away big plays and you got to earn your big plays. Any time you do that to take away the big plays and try to make teams one dimensional. Today they were able to run the ball, but they couldn't throw it, you make teams one dimensional and you win a lot of football games."

(On what he saw from Jordyn Brooks) "That's just him, that's who he is, that's what he does and that's what we expect from him. At the end of the day he's just going out there doing his thing. It's Week 7, he's feeling good, he's healthy. We're just flying around having fun."

C Olu Oluwatimi

(On the second half of the game) "The Cardinals defense was playing really well in the second half. We had a few drives that we got going, we just didn't finish it. We have to do better and finish the job when we get our scoring opportunities."

(On his first start and overall performance against Arizona) "I thought I played pretty well and communicated well. We'll see it on film, but I thought the communication was on point so that was a big thing."

(On whether expectations of his first NFL start became reality or not) "I haven't started or played a full NFL game until today. The reality is that each play is hard, each play is its own play, and you have to treat each snap as its own snap. That's what I saw today."

S Julian Love

(On what was working on defense) "We need to have a better turnover margin. It starts with both sides of the ball [and] special teams. But we liked our gameplan going into the game. We were physical the entire game. We felt like we had their number. We just ran with it."

(On the difference between last week in a game they probably should've won and this week where they were able to close it out) "We're growing. All of us are growing, adapting. On defense, we only allowed one touchdown drive. They switched up their personnel on us [and] we adjusted after that obviously. We played complimentary football. We were really good on third down. I think those are the numbers that you need to address. I think we were 33% success rate."

(On being on the field with Jamal Adams and Quandre Diggs) It's great. They hold all of us to a high standard. They hold me to a high standard and they do very great things, each of them in their own way. I'm lucky that I get to learn from two greats."

(On how the defense has come along since the beginning of the season) "It's been great. Everybody is just getting to know each other I feel like. Early on, we're still meshing, learning how to grow. And now, we're vibing. We know where each other is going to be. So we have to keep stacking."

WR Tyler Lockett

(On keeping Jaxon Smith-Njigba motivated to score his first touchdown) "That's the thing, the type of team that we have, we have so many great guys who could be able to play, and it's hard to be able to pass the ball to each and every person. You just have to keep being patient, your time is going to come and eventually he got that opportunity today. Got a good amount of targets, made a great amount of plays that allowed us to keep the chains moving, and got a chance to score his first touchdown."

(On what it was like on the sidelines as Pete Carroll challenged Jake Bobo's touchdown catch) "We knew he scored a touchdown, but it was one of those things where when in doubt, it might be considered incomplete. But, thank God for replays, Pete (Carroll) was able to throw that challenge flag, we won the challenge. It might've been the first or second of the year because I think we got another challenge that was done today and I think that was the first time we ever won two back-to-back."

(On where the offense can improve) "The first drive was remarkable and then after that, it seemed like we were slowing stuff down. We have to be able to learn how to keep feeding off of each drive. We already know to feed off one another, but once you get one great drive, it's like, "All right, let's put another great drive together. Once you start stacking, then you start being able to take advantage of what the defense is giving you. I think we just kind of lost a little bit of chemistry when we were out there and then it just took us a little bit of time to find it back."

LB Boye Mafe

(On how cohesive the defense played today) "We stress about it; we talk about it a lot. It's one of the things we pride ourselves on, is how we play and how we take the field and we have to understand if it's on us, it's on us and taking that pride when we get on the field."

(On the defense coming up clutch) "It was very big. It was one of those things that we pride ourselves on. It's one of those things as a defensive player in this unit, we tell ourse

matter what the situation is, if they don't score, they don't win, and that's what we have to say point, blank, period."

(On recording a sack in four consecutive games) "Every day is a grind; we have to get better every day. There is never enough and you have never done enough on the job and you always have to keep progressing. I may have had a sack today, fourth game with a sack, but I feel as if I should've had more and I have to elevate my game and prepare myself to get even better."

Check out some of the best action shots from Week 7 vs. the Cardinals at Lumen Field on October 22, 2023. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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