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What The Cardinals Said Following Their 20-10 Loss To The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 7 win over the Cardinals at Lumen Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Jonathan Gannon

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JONATHAN GANNON: Okay, so good, hard-fought game. Didn't make enough plays there to win. Couple turning points in the game. Give them credit. They made some plays there. I thought we battled. I just told them in the locker room we've just got to battle a little bit better but like the fight from them. We'll go back to work tomorrow.

Q. What's the feeling with defense? Three points on three turnovers.

JONATHAN GANNON: Just got to find some rhythm there. Credit to Seattle's defense. They're a good defense. Got to find some rhythm in the run game a little bit, because we made some plays in the run game. Just got to be a little more consistent. The pass game takes all 11. We've got to do a better job throwing the ball.

Q. Their first touchdown looked like there was miscommunication.

JONATHAN GANNON: Yeah, that's on coaching.

Q. You talk about Budda Baker's return, what (has) he brought?

JONATHAN GANNON: Thought he looked good. Coming back from the injury that he had as quick as he did, I mean, he's a warrior, man, and it's good to have him out there. Made some good plays in there today, but he definitely helps us out as a team and a unit.

Q. Looked like Garrett was ready to go, too.

JONATHAN GANNON: I think he had an interception. I thought(he) covered pretty good, had a couple tackles in there. Good to see his first snaps, however many he played, first time playing football in a long time. Just a credit to him. He got himself ready to play and stepped up and played quality snaps for us, and probably played winning football. I've got to watch the tape, but he did well.

Q. (Regarding Emari Demercado.)

JONATHAN GANNON: Just the matchups and how we decided to structure the game plan. I thought Emari did some good things in there, turned on some burners a couple times, had some explosive runs, and I thought he did well.

Q. Kelvin Beacham stepping in, what did you make of his game?

JONATHAN GANNON: Yeah, I think he did good. I think he had the one penalty or whatever, bang-bang, but in that environment versus that front I thought he did a really good job.

Q. On the ejection…

JONATHAN GANNON: You know, I didn't see it. They told me he touched an official.

Q. On the fake punt, was that something you were thinking about doing the whole time?

JONATHAN GANNON: Just a call I made. Credit to them. They made the play. You've got to live with those decisions. I like the call and ultimately that's on me. We didn't get it done.

Q. Were you surprised at all? I know you said Seattle has a good defense. Were you surprised the passing game had a hard time gaining traction?

JONATHAN GANNON: No. They do a good job covering up windows. They got some length out there; they can rush. It's a good defense. Thought we probably left a couple plays out there, and when we watch the tape we'll see that. I do think we improved on some things, all three phases today that gives us some energy. We said we wanted to improve these things. We've got to keep improving these things. That's why I said I like the fight, just got to fight a little bit better.

Q. How important was Joshua Dobbs' ability to make plays with his feet?

JONATHAN GANNON: Huge. You see it every week. He gets us out of trouble at times; he extends plays. Missed a couple when he extended them, and that's how the game went, but he does a good job with that.

QB Joshua Dobbs

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Q. Josh, just didn't seem like you guys offensively could get a rhythm, especially in the pass game. Did it feel like that?

JOSH DOBBS: You know, felt like I started slow personally, but then felt like we got on track in the first quarter; second quarter we moved down, touchdown drive; then third quarter, we were able to start drives but not just able to finish them. We did a good job getting couple first downs when we were backed up flipping field position. Defense got a turnover, and we got to go down and score points when we have those opportunities. We fought hard, as JG said. We didn't fight well enough, though, just in our execution, how we started the game, and then ultimately how we finish the drives.

Q. Did you feel like you had enough time to throw it today?

JOSH DOBBS: Those guys were battling all day. There were opportunities. Like the second play of the game where I got to take advantage of an open Trey down the field. We had opportunities. We were moving the ball. Converted a couple big third downs when we needed to to get us the lead. Had that touchdown drive. At halftime felt like a couple times it was on me. I got to get the ball out quicker with those guys fighting up front to open receivers just to keep the chains going and moving forward, especially once the drive's started. We're throwing a Hail Mary when if I don't take a sack, get a completion, then we get a field goal chance and now it's a one-point game. There is opportunities for me to improve, and it starts with me, especially on offense with how I start and how I find those completions and get the ball out of my hand, and then that will resonate throughout the entire offense.

Q. Josh, what was going through your mind in that sequence there in the second quarter, interception, two penalties, EJ gets thrown out. How do you process all that in that short amount of time?

JOSH DOBBS: Yeah, a lot was going on right there. I thought we responded well. It was a confusing situation where knew we had the roughing the passer so we were going to keep the ball, but then we get backed up so it's first and 25, and then we were able to overcome it on the next play and score a touchdown. So yeah, a lot of emotions applying. Especially us knowing how big that drive was to go down and score and get points. But I thought the guys did a great job of once the ref made the call, we got back in the huddle, they re-settled, and executed the play for us to score a touchdown. When we execute and play at that level we're able to score a lot of points, and so now the onus is on us to be able to repeat that time in and drive in and out throughout the game.

Q. When the pass game isn't clicking, like you say, how to you approach -- you need to do to make plays, get something going? How do you see that?

JOSH DOBBS: When the plays are there I got to make them, right? Obviously when the pass game isn't where we expect it to be we have to be really good in the run game. So for me, it's understanding that the flow of the game, but also trusting in the calls, right, the game plan, and not trying to do too much in order to get us going backwards. We'll watch the film and see how we can improve. As I say, it starts with me. There were opportunities to get the pass game going quicker and earlier in the game. I feel like that would've put us in a better position to continue to execute throughout the game. So when I watch the film, see how I can be better. Ultimately if I start fast, this offense is difficult to stop. We've seen it throughout the season, and so starts with me and ends with me.

Q. Why did you start slow today?

JOSH DOBBS: I thought they did a good job on defense. Just didn't execute those first couple plays, right? So just got to come out, find completions, get that first first down, and get the chains rolling.

Q. How have you learned to shake off a start like that from game to game? How do you move on?

JOSH DOBBS: Yeah, you know, always play the next play. Just keep playing the next play. I thought the response on offense was great. After the first quarter being able to bounce back and put together a couple scoring drives, and had another one before the half. For me, it's always the next play, the next opportunity. It's learning from the past opportunity if you do something really good, or if you don't, figuring out how not make the same mistake again and keep moving forward. The last play never has any effect on the next play unless you let it. That's my mindset, and I'm always playing the next play and ready to take advantage of the next opportunity.

Q. How do you feel when you hear three points and three turnovers? How do you feel about that?

JOSH DOBBS: Yeah, that's probably the most frustrating thing about today. Like our defense, I thought they did a great job of forcing turnovers, keeping a really good offense behind the sticks, and giving us some opportunities with field position. We weren't able to capitalize. Looked at that last week and looked at that this week, and those opportunities are slim, and when the defense gives us a short field, we got to execute and take advantage of it. Last week we only got a field goal out of it; this week we only got a field goal out of it; didn't get any points out of one them. So it's frustrating. That's something as an offense, when we get those opportunities we got to go down, execute, take advantage of the short fields, and score, and that's what the game comes down to.

Q. Did you see anything on the ejection?

JOSH DOBBS: Excuse me.

Q. The play with DJ where he was ejected.

JOSH DOBBS: Oh, I did not. I saw the end of the play, saw the flag, so I knew we were going to get the ball back, but I didn't really see everything that went down.

S Budda Baker

(On how it felt to be back out on the field) "Got to run a little bit you know. It felt good."

(On if it felt good being back home) "Yeah exactly in front of the home crowd. In front of some family and friends, so it was real special to be back."

(On how many family and friends he had at the game) "12 people."

(On Washington versus Arizona State game) "That was a great game defensively. Those are the type of games where if you win those, you feel like you can win everything."

(On how important it was for him to get back this game) "For me it was very important. Of course, being in my hometown it was very special to me. I usually do a routine to go see my big brother who is resting in peace. So usually land in Seattle then go see him and come for the game the next day. It's very special for me."

CB Garrett Williams

(On his first game, one that included his first career interception, On what thought of his performance...) "It was cool. It was a lot of fun. There's definitely a lot of stuff I've got to improve on, work on, but I'm glad I got the first pick out of the way. But a lot of stuff to improve on going forward."

(On areas where he hopes to improve...) "The pre-snap stuff -- lining up faster, communicating better with guys. I feel like, especially early in the first half, I was kind of throwing off the defense by not lining up fast enough, making guys have to kind of help me get in line, stuff like that. But that's stuff we can fix as time goes on."

(On if he experienced any kind of learning curve while he was out there...) "No, not a learning curve with the scheme. Just the speed is a lot different than at practice. Seattle did a good job a couple of times getting on the ball fast, causing me to think faster. Some of the times I did it right, sometimes I did it wrong. So I've just got to get better at it."

(On if he experienced nervousness...) "Not really any nerves. I don't really get nervous for games. I feel like football is football. I was really just excited. It's been a long time coming. I've been ready to play, excited to play, so I was really just trying to live in the moment, enjoy it for what it is."

RB Emari Demercado

(On what it felt like to get the opportunity to start in this game) It really allowed me to go out there and get comfortable and play my game. Just trying to not make it bigger than that. Just go out there and play and do my job."

(On the feeling in the second half when the offense is struggling to get going and the defense is playing well) "We're just trying to keep motivating each other. We want to go out there and score points. We have to keep positive with each other, talk to each other. If we have an opportunity, we have to go seize it."

(On what he's been working on in practice to prepare for games) "I don't think it's anything in particular. For me, I just prepare a certain way like I'm going to play every game. That's just the way I approach every week whether I'm playing or if I'm not playing."

OL Hjalte Froholdt

(On his mentality after facing Seattle) "I think we have to reset every week. We're fortunate to be out here on this field. We're fortunate to be able to play for the Cardinals and do what we can to go out and perform. We have to bite the bullet on this one, go in tomorrow and look over wins, take the coaching and move on week to week. If you look too far ahead or too far behind, you get lost in it. Learn from this game and then move on."

Check out some of the best action shots from Week 7 vs. the Cardinals at Lumen Field on October 22, 2023. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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