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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 37-31 Overtime Win Over The Lions

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 2 OT win over the Lions at Ford Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:

Head Coach Pete Carroll

Opening Statement:"Well, that was an opportunity captured today. We have so much respect for them and the way they started the season with the time they've had in building up this team, winning at KC and all that on the road, knowing that the stadium was going to be perfect in their support, it was going to be as hard as it can get, so the opportunity was just magnified in that regard. I mean in all honesty, it's we win a game and that's really important, but for our young team and for our guys to understand what it is, we've been talking about it and believing in finishing and doing the stuff that they needed to do in this game, and do right all the way through the end of the game, it wound up all the way to the end of the fourth quarter and all the way into OT. I mean it's just – it's hard to measure how valuable that is for us. There's so many guys that did great stuff today in this game. I'm starting with the tackles. There's a lot of people that wrote us off because they didn't think that (Seahawks LT) Stone (Forsythe) could get it done and (Seahawks RT) Jake (Curhan) could get it done, but they did. They did a phenomenal job today. They held up their end of it, stepped up just like we ask guys to do and came through in a huge way. (Seahawks QB) Geno (Smith) had a spectacular day. It's the one crazy sack, but other than that, he had a spectacular day and leads us down the field in OT to win the game with some great throwing. But the most exquisite part of that last drive was the pass protection. Gosh, it was just there, just hanging in the pocket and he moved when he had to and worked with the guys up front, and so it's not just the tackles, but they were the guys today and they came through in a huge way. (Seahawks WR) Tyler Lockett had a phenomenal day today and as always, we've been watching him I just hope he can keep playing forever because he continues to just make those spectacular plays. The catch on the back corner of the endzone and then to get the pylon for the win, a walk-off win, that's just Tyler. And he's – what a phenomenal competitor and player and leader that he is for us and I'm so fired up for him. (Seahawks WR) DK (Metcalf) got popped really good early in the game and had to get checked out if he can play and just sucked it up and played and made some great catches down the stretch.Big first down for us over the middle, and he was hurting, but he just stuck it out. He was as tough as you could ever ask a guy to be. (Seahawks RB Kenneth Walker III) Kenny played his heart out and didn't get many yards I wouldn't think, but he played his heart out. You can't play any harder than he's playing. I love the way (Seahawks RB) Zach (Charbonnet) came off the bench too and ran really tough for us. There's just so many things to talk about on that side of the ball. (Seahawks TE Will) Dissly coming through too in some great plays. On the other side of the ball today – just hang all day long, just keep hanging, and keep hanging and making plays and coming through for us and getting to the quarterback late. We got three turnovers today and as we know, we preach, they come in bunches and today, huge. (Seahawks LCB) Tre (Brown)'s pick-six was such an extraordinary moment for us to get that done. (Seahawks OLB) Uchenna (Nwosu)'s big hit to start the third quarter, just to send the signal that we're ready too and to go. All of those plays, we need every one of those plays to get this room as close as it was. Now, I know you guys will write all about it all, but this is just a coach just overflowing with praise for our guys because of the way we came through. And we needed this badly. We know what happened last week and we stunk it up in the second half and we were ready to show that we were ready to show that we could play anybody, anywhere, anytime. And I'm so thrilled that we can say we got away with a win here."

On Seahawks LT Stone Forsythe's and RT Jake Curhan's performances:"Oh, man. I didn't have words. I was so proud and so fired up for him. Just amazed by that they came through in such a consistent fashion all day long. They've played before. Over the weekend I might've mentioned it to you, they've played before, they've been out there, and they just did what they do, and they did a great job to battle all day long against a great player and a terrific group on the other side. But I didn't really have words other than just to hug them up and just hang with them for a while. They were the first two guys I wanted to see and I found them in the locker room."

On trusting his offensive tackles to go one-on-one more as the game went on:"We felt great about the pass pro. We really did. Once we got going the game, we went in with the concepts that we needed. I don't know how much it really strayed from where we were early, but we could block them and so, we did. And (Seahawks QB) Geno (Smith) has a huge day because of it."

On CB Devon Witherspoon's performance:"Yeah, I don't know. I'm just glad he played. He said it was his idea of looking at it was, 'This is easy.' And so, he had a great time playing today. He's going to have some bumps along the way, but he's a fine football player and he's just scratching the – just getting started. Again, wait to see the film." 

On Seahawks QB Geno Smith's performance in this environment:"Yeah, he was so solid the whole time and so true to it the whole time. He didn't like what happened last week. In the second half, we didn't get it done as we are capable of and he was really determined to just be in it and not get knocked off the course by anything that happened in the game. And a matter of fact, he's going in with some new, young tackles and it could have been, but it didn't. He believes in those guys, trusted them and played accordingly."

On if he was shocked the Lions did not take more shots down the field on their final fourth-quarter drive:"Well, we just try to figure it out. I'm not shocked by anything, but it just – we were just trying to figure out what they were going for and see if we could – I thought because of where they wound up getting the football, if we could hold them to that field goal it would be a phenomenal stop and the defense totally came through. It was a phenomenal stop. That's a really good offense and they're loading the quarterback and the receivers, the whole group. And to stop them, make them kick that field goal to put us into OT – don't forget that (Seahawks QB) Drew Lock made the call to get the flip too by the way."

On Seahawks CB Tre Brown's performance:"Geez, yeah, we missed (Seahawks RCB) – Riq (Woolen) got banged up, hurt his shoulder a little bit. I mean he's been playing with the ones the whole time, so it was not a transition for us at all. But did he have a sack? Did he have two sacks? Just one? Whatever, great day. I mean the pick was so huge and such a turnaround for us. He just came through and played the defense exactly right and the ball came to him, but he converted it and came through so that's pretty exciting." 

On Seahawks CB Riq Woolen's chest injury:"It's something right here, whatever that is."

On if he knows the severity of Seahawks CB Riq Woolen's chest injury "No, I don't know anything. I just know it's sore right there. He'll be OK. We'll figure it out."

On what this means after last week's loss to the Rams:"Oh, to me, it's everything to us to get this thing put behind us and get going. Unfortunately, we have to drag the loss with us, but this was such an extraordinary opportunity with a team that we hold in such high regard that this can jump us and jump start us and get us rolling and we're really excited about that. That wasn't us in the second half we just – it's just the game that we have to live with. It was one of the great lessons for us."

On the intentional grounding called on Seahawks QB Geno Smith:"Yeah, they – oh God, I felt like Leo Durocher talking to the umpires. The play is – (Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett) Lock didn't run the right – the route that (Seahawks QB) Geno (Smith) thought he was running. OK, he runs a little quick out instead of running a fade route, so he stepped back to throw the fade, there's nobody near him. He's not under duress at all and it's just a mistake. It's just an error on us. And they have to determine – they asked the guy down there, 'Was there anybody there?' he says, 'No.' And so they come back and that's – I don't have a clear explanation of, 'Does he have to have – be under pressure to unload a ball like that?' That's a crazy rule. That should never be the way it should be. That's not the way the thing should be called. That's just me talking about ball in general, but that – I don't know what the rule is because I don't understand it. There was nobody near him and he throws the ball away. That should be an under duress throwaway thing, but it wasn't. So, I have no idea why – I'll find out."

On how he has seen the Lions grow under Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell:"Oh, it's a terrific team. No, they're a terrific team. And they've got a style, they've got a way. His challenge is on the fourth down thing that he challenges his team with. We met the challenge today pretty well, but that gives them a whole style and mentality and it's in your brain the whole game. They may be thinking it here and there. He's made a real impact and they're going to win a ton of games."

On how much of today is a grit aspect for his team:"Oh, God, this is why I'm so thrilled about capturing this day because this is as hard as it gets. This is as hard as it can possibly be. Coming off beating the world champs on the road and starting the season and all of that and these guys were on fire, they were healthy enough, the whole thing. So, that's because we respect them so much. That's not for any other reason, but we have so much respect for (Lions Head) Coach (Dan) Campbell and the way that he does his stuff. And that team, it just stacked up all of these opportunities for us to see if we could meet it and it took a long time, but we got it done." 

On the Seahawks tight ends' performance:"Huge, they were huge today. Great job of (Seahawks Offensive Coordinator) Shane (Waldron) calling the game, getting those guys open because they were running clean a lot, and really a fantastic part of the game plan."

On the leadership of Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner:"I'll have to tell you until Bobby said something, I had not had the impact that I wanted to Monday, Tuesday, to get to Wednesday, and then Bobby called them up on Wednesday and hit them right between the eyes. We just flipped instantly, from the time he talked to them to we turned it around it was over and done with and we were on to this game. Which is what we're supposed to do on Wednesday I just didn't get it done, he got it done for us. So it doesn't matter however we figure it out but that was a pivotal moment for us, for sure it was and they all heard him, and listened, did exactly what he asked them to do. That's leadership."

On turning the team around from last week:"We're just getting started. It just takes a while to get it rolling. I was thrilled to see the big play, the impact play right off the bat at the start of the third quarter. Think the absolute opposite of what happened last week when we jumped out, scored in a couple plays and away we go, here we go. Just very timely and very fortunate that we got that done." 

On the fourth down stops:"They're like turnovers, I don't know if you saw our bench, those guys were all revved up for those opportunities. That was our shot to get the ball, as well as their shot to make it, and our guys took it to heart, and went for it, and we got a couple of them I think and they were enormous. They give you the ball – there's that chance and I think they made one or two, I can't remember the numbers now. But I do know that the way we approached our guys totally capitalized on the opportunity."

On his thoughts on the pass rush:"Yeah we did some things, we changed some things during the week and emphasis-wise a couple of things we did in practice that worked out. I thought the guys up front (Seahawks G Damien Lewis) D-Lew, (Seahawks Pass Rush Specialist) BT (Jordan), and those guys and (Seahawks TE) Will (Dissly) along with Clint (Seahawks Defensive Coordinator Hurtt) they all were working it and we attacked our guys and said we have to adjust now, we can't wait and see what happens. So it really happened on Thursday, it was from Wednesday to Thursday we made a big jump and so hopefully we can keep growing, it's one ball game."

QB Geno Smith

On how he felt the tackles performed with both starting tackles being out this game due to injuries:"I mean, that's what we expected from those guys. The funny thing is, (Seahawks T) Jake (Curhan) and (Seahawks T) Stone (Forsythe), they both played a lot of games for us and they played – stepped up big time in a bunch of games, so we know who they are. Also, they're not out there alone they've got other guys out there, nine other guys out there playing with them and I'm just so happy for those guys to see what they did today. They were a big part of this offense, a big part of the reason why we scored the points we did and I think they may – themselves may have silenced some people."

On his mindset going into overtime:"Yeah, I mean it started out with (Seahawks QB) Drew (Lock) going out and winning the toss. Very confident that we could go out there and get it done. We had been moving the ball all game. (Seahawks Offensive Coordinator) Shane (Waldron) was calling a great game. He had been in rhythm. We somewhat found a rhythm somewhere in the second quarter and kind of got rolling and I just felt like we knew the ball was in our hands. We knew the opportunity was there for us to go win it and that's what you want as an offense and I'm just so proud of the guys and the way we got it done."

On bouncing back after losing in Week 1:"Yeah, that was huge and we talked about it during the week. We talked about it before the game about knowing who we are and I believe we're a really good offense. We've got so many dynamic players, like I always say. So many great guys on our offense and we've got a great play-caller and a coach who trusts us in (Seahawks Head) Coach (Pete) Carroll, so we just had to go out there and kind of put the past behind us. Last week is last week, has nothing to do with this week, and go out there and play ball and it wasn't perfect today, but we found a way to win and that's what matters." 

On Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett being able to execute big plays:"I mean he does it time and time again. It's the stuff that we practice. (Seahawks Head) Coach (Pete) Carroll puts us in those positions every single week. We've got Comp Wednesdays, Touchdown Thursdays, Turnover Thursdays and we're competing our butts off every single week and so for Tyler to go out there and make the plays that he's always made is just routine for him. But we've got so many other guys who can make plays and so we've just got to continue to trust each other. I feel like that's what we did today. We leaned on one another, especially when times got a little hard and we found a way to get a win."

On how similar this game felt to previous contests against the Lions:"Yeah, it felt pretty similar, honestly. Just a back-and-forth game. They've got a great offense. They were moving the ball and scoring. Our defense came up with some clutch plays, some clutch turnovers, just as they did last year. It kind of felt like déjà vu, got the pick-six. I mean everything kind of, that happened last year, kind of happened this year and I just felt like we knew they were a great team coming in, coming off a big win last week and we're coming off a loss, so something was going to have to give and we came out and we played together. We played hard, fought till the end and, like I said, we found a way."

On how important the three tight ends are to the offense:"I mean those guys are so important to the offense. (Seahawks WR) Cody (Thompson), (Seahawks TE) Wil (Dissly), (Seahawks TE) Noah (Fant), even (Seahawks WR) Tyler (Lockett), he can step up as well, but those guys, they complete our offense. They're pass-catchers, they can block in the pass and run-game and they make it hard on defenses. You don't know what we're going to do. We can line up with all three tight ends, we can run the ball or pass it and so, for those guys to continue to come up clutch and continue to be the driving force of this offense, we need those guys and I just enjoy having them out there because they're so dynamic, every single one of those guys can make a play at any given time and today you saw that."

On what it was like playing with a loud crowd: "We're used to it, we're used to it. We're used to the chaos. Coach prepares us that way. It's extremely loud in practice, you can barely hear them practicing and so I thought the guys did a great job of communicating in the huddle. I thought the poise was phenomenal, especially down the stretch in the game when the crowd was getting riled up and really trying to get us off the field and so I was just tremendously happy with the way we performed and the way we handled the pressure."

On the intentional grounding call: "Yeah, that was a miscommunication between (Seahawks WR) Tyler (Lockett) and I and obviously we can't have that happen. They made the call and it was just great that we were able to overcome that and still get a touchdown on that drive."

*On his decision not to throw the ball away on a play that resulted in a loss of 17 yards: *"In hindsight, just throw the ball away. In my mind, I'm trying not to stop the clock. Obviously, they had the two minute, but just trying to waste as much time as I could, knowing they'd get the ball back. But that's a tough situation to be in, third-and- long. They're playing two-man, things are pretty much covered. I'm trying not to throw an incompletion. You don't want to stop the clock, but you also obviously don't want to lose 17 yards, so that's something looking back on I've got to improve on and it was great to be in that situation and have that happen so that I can learn from it in the future."

On the possibility of calling a timeout before the two-minute warning: "Well I knew they didn't have to burn a timeout, but what I didn't want to do was throw it away too early and maybe they have time to get a play off before the two-minute warning and use it as an extra timeout, so it was an interesting situation obviously. Looking back on it, like I said, don't want to lose the yards. Maybe if I get in that situation again, I'll just throw it away and live with the results."

On winning against the Lions after losing the season opener against the Rams: "You know what, I just feel like we came and we played to win. We know who we are as a team. We were looking forward to this opportunity. It's hard to win in this league and sometimes we're going to lose. Like I said, last week was last week. We got to put this game behind us real soon and get ready for our next opponent, so the reality is that we lost one game last week, but we followed it up and we're a resilient bunch. We fought back, in the noise, on the road, against a really good team and we found a way to win."

On Lions DL Aidan Hutchinson:"I mean just, tall dude just who's giving maximum effort every single play. I think he's a tremendous player, going to have a great career in this league. Obviously, like I said, our tackles stepped up and did a great job on him, but I think he's a really good player."

On ILB Bobby Wagner's message to the team last Wednesday: "I think it had a great impact. Again, we talked about it throughout the week, all the captains talked about knowing who we are, knowing that we're a great team, we're a great offense and all we have to do is play our game. You know, not make it bigger than what it is and also have fun. That was the key message, to have fun, have that swagger and obviously it's hard to do after a loss, but for us to come and perform the way that we did today, I think it just shows you who we are as a team and it shows us as well. Now, we can look back on this and say this is who we are and we just got to stay steadfast in that and continue to work harder. 

On the performance of the offensive line: "During the game, those guys, like I said, they played a bunch of snaps for us and they stepped up in many games. (Seahawks RT) Jake's (Curhan) played a bunch of games for us and he's done really well as well as (Seahawks LT) Stone (Forsythe). Hats off to those guys for doing what they did. I appreciate those guys. I look forward to playing with those guys, because I know they're going to give it their maximum effort and so, whenever I get a chance to play with Stone, Jake, or any of the guys on the front line, you know (Seahawks C) Olu (Oluwatimi) came in and stepped up as well. We're all connected and we're in it together, so that's the way we need to always play."

On the refs not calling a holding penalty on Curhan on the last play with Hutchinson: "They didn't call it today, so it was good that we won." 

On how he shook off being sacked to continue on with the game: "I just put it behind me. We got a lot of game to play. We got the ball. We had a chance to go win the game and I remember when I was little, a player said you know, big time players make big plays in big games and I kind of live by that motto. When the ball is in my hand and the game is on the line, I look forward to it. I know I'm out there with 10 other great guys who are going to get their jobs done and we showed that. Everyone played together and found a way to win."

On the team's performance on third down: "Just overall execution and I really think that was important, especially on the road. The communication was great, phenomenal, you know, starts up front. It starts with the guys echoing the calls and it's loud up there, so you got to pass it down the line. The receivers ran great routes, got open. I was able to find them. I had great protection all day and guys did a great job just converting those third downs."

LB Bobby Wagner

CB Tre Brown

WR Tyler Lockett

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