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What The Lions Said Following Their 37-31 Overtime Loss To The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 2 OT win over the Lions at Ford Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:

Head Coach Dan Campbell

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Opening Statement:"Well, certainly that's a disappointing loss. That was hard. Appreciate our fans, they showed up and did their part and we didn't finish it. Listen, credit to those guys over there. They came in and they took that game, and they earned it and we didn't. So we wanted a fast start in both halves and we didn't do that, we did the opposite of that and that's not the type of game we wanted to play. Then once we got into that game, we said, 'Well, that's fine. We can play that game,' and we didn't finish it."

On the lack of pass rush today:"No, look I think the rush – we've got to stay true to the rush plan itself. One more time, just close the pocket in on him, alright don't give him anywhere to go and somebody's going to get one here. But we can't rush high and let him run through uninvaded, and it's just discipline one more time. That's what we've got to do because the more we do that, then you're covering all day long again. Now look, all in all – here's what's hard is, defensively, you look and you're like, well, first drive of the game they go down and then there at the end and I get that, but all in all we played some pretty good defense. When you turn the ball over twice offensively where we did that's tough and that bit us. We're not good enough to turn the ball over. I know it was three but it was really two criticals, and win the game." 

On Lions RB David Montgomery's injury:"It looks like a thigh bruise. I'll know more tomorrow." 

On not using his timeouts earlier in the drive at the end of the game:"Yeah, I wanted to take it as it came. Here's what I knew, they had two timeouts and I did not want to give that ball back, that was number one, do not give this ball back. Number two, can we get down there far enough to score a touchdown? And so, I already had in my mind if we get it to a certain point on fourth down, we will go for it, if not we won't, so kicked the field goal. I felt like our chances were really good in overtime and it didn't work out." 

On if he thinks Seattle is Detroit's kryptonite:"No, they – when they're able to stay in their plan, in their game plan, which that's what I wanted to try and get them out of early, I wanted to see if we could put some pressure on them and get them out of that comfort zone. But if you allow them to do that, they're pretty good. They've got enough schemes, (Seahawks QB) Geno (Smith) can function in their offense very well, they do have weapons, and we could never quite do that." 

On what happened that led to Lions QB Jared Goff's interception:"Yeah, I need to look at it again, but to me that was more on the route than it was Goff. This is why we work them over and over. You've got to be decisive. You can't do that to your Q. But I'll know more tomorrow, I need to watch it in real time. I thought Goff played really well, really well. He looked comfortable, calm, I thought he was accurate. He threw the heck out of it and he was in it. I was really proud of the way he played. There was a number of guys I was proud of the way they played, it's just we made the critical errors in this game and you can't do that. That'll get you beat every time." 

On if he felt that the Lions were going to find a way to win or if the Seahawks' ability to bounce back scared him:"It didn't, it didn't scare me. We had our opportunities, there again, to take the turnovers away. All the sudden we're in control of that game like we should be, but ultimately they got the ball out, we didn't. We put a tremendous amount of stress on our defense when you do that, and we did we had some really good opportunities that we just didn't capitalize from. I know it stings and those guys are disappointed. I'm disappointed, the staff is, but my gosh man, this is good. We'll get a little humble pie here and we've got a real good opponent coming in next week and they run it as good if not better than those guys and they have better weapons just all around." 

On Lions WR Josh Reynolds' performance:"Yeah, Reynolds is really playing big for us right now, and look Reynolds he's been a trusted target, reliable guy since he's really been here. He just had some injuries last year that slowed him down a little bit at times but man when he's healthy and he's going he's somebody we have a lot of faith in." 

On what he means by this game being a 'slice of humble pie':"Yeah, I just think sometimes you don't know exactly where you're at until you're in it. It's just we come off a big win and you can always preach certain things, but this is the NFL, and these guys came in and they took that win, they earned it over there. We did the mistakes that cost us and I don't want to say we weren't ready I just – man we have to make those plays in the moment and not just assume it's going to turn into the game you want it to. We wanted to go in, we attacked it a certain way and it didn't go that way and that's OK, because now you know you've got to close it out at the end, and we weren't able to do that. So, look we'll regroup and we'll get this stuff cleaned up, and I'll be better with the coaching staff and we'll be great." 

On how he balances not wanting to give Seattle the ball back at the end of the game with not wanting to rely on a coin toss:"I think the best way to put it is there was a risk I was willing to take dependent on what that yardage was for fourth down. Once it hit fourth-and-3, it wasn't worth it anymore for me. To me, we had plenty of time to score a touchdown. It wasn't about the time to me. Ended up – we ended up in a fourth down – I never felt like we were crunched against the clock to score a touchdown. We didn't feel that offensively because we still had time, we had timeouts, and it wasn't that we just – we weren't able to convert. It was really more that, I felt like the time was – we were good, we were good."

On the sacks Seattle got in the fourth quarter and if there were any adjustments made:"No, never felt like they really – look, they pressured a little bit more in a couple situations but really they had pressure a little bit earlier too so there was enough sprinkle in there that we were able to handle – it just, in those moments we didn't handle it real good where he got hit." 

On Lions G Halapoulivaati Vaitai's injury and if it caused the pressures in the fourth quarter:"No, and there again I need to see the tape, but we've got a lot of faith in (Lions OL) Graham (Glasgow). That's why he's here, so I didn't necessarily feel that. But I need to go back and watch everything. Vaitai, I'll know more tomorrow. I'm not sure, I can't give you a clear answer right now. The only one I could is I think (Lions LB James) Houston will be out for a little while." 

On if he believes the loss reigns in expectations:"I just think inadvertently it always – it gets your focus back on. We're on one track now, here's what it is, it's Atlanta, it's getting back to what we do, it's cleaning up all the little things, and forget everything else because if we're not all collectively – me included – all of us just focused on what's right in front of us, then we're not all on the same page and I just think that's what happens with a loss. It stinks, it stinks to lose, it does, but this is not a sprint. It's a marathon, and I know this though, we've got to get cleaned up in a hurry. We've got some good opponents we've got ready to face coming in." 

On the explanation he got from the officials after not calling pass interference on a fourth down throw to Lions WR Josh Reynolds:"Tangled feet."

On if he got an explanation of the last play where Lions DL Aidan Hutchinson appeared to be held:"No, no. Look they're going to – every crew is different and that crew called it the way they call it. We knew that was a crew that normally calls a lot of penalties, and hey, that's up to them. To me, it should have never come down to that, so I'm not using that. I'm not using any of them."

On if he felt today was a missed opportunity only getting one sack against an injured offensive line:"Yeah, you'd like to believe we could've applied a little more pressure, but I felt like we never really got (Seahawks QB Geno Smith) him in that type of game consistently enough either though. We let them continue to function in their offense and they were better at it and just better on the day than we were overall. They didn't make those critical errors. The turnovers are killers. I mean, I don't know how many times you guys have heard that, but we've got to get ours cleaned up."

QB Jared Goff

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On the challenge of not getting to take the field in overtime:"Yeah, it's kind of always the worst case scenario as a quarterback or offense is, get to overtime, lose a toss unfortunately, and don't get to touch the ball, so credit to them. They got the ball in their hands and finished the game with it. You'd like to have a chance there, but yeah."

On today's turnovers and their impact on losing such a close game:"Yeah, no doubt. Certainly the second two. I think the one at the end of the half didn't end up hurting us, obviously, mine and then the fumble coming out of the half was tough, but the pick-six, can't let it turn into points. It's tough. On me and I got to take care of the ball there."

On if his interception was a result of the route or a bad throw:"I thought he ran a fine route. I was getting hit or was about to get hit and threw it before he broke. The guy (Seahawks CB Tre Brown) made a good catch. Sometimes it doesn't go your way. I would've liked to throw it a little more inside and be able to give him a chance to catch it and I didn't."

On the importance of showing offensive resilience and leading a 10-point comeback:"Yeah, that's just part of playing the position. You're going to have turnovers. You're going to have bad plays. It's about what you do next and how do you bounce back. I was proud of the guys, the way we did bounce back and got two scoring drives there after the defense made a great stop there at the end, giving us another chance. I would've liked to get a touchdown there at the end to kind of finish it, but ultimately not enough."

On his comfort level playing with Lions WR Josh Reynolds and his performance against Seattle:"Yeah, I trust him a hell of a lot. I trust him. He's got great hands. He's been playing at a high level. He started to catch himself in a little bit of a rhythm now, which is good, and get himself open. I think at the end of the day I trust him and know he's going to be competitive at the catch point and he's proved to be that."

On if the loss stings more because of the fan support at the home opener: "Yeah, they all sting. You would like to get the first one in front of the fans. I think that probably makes it sting a little bit more. That was a real, real, real home-field advantage for us today, and having them do that for the rest of the year will be a real, real home-field advantage. Got to give them something to root for though and continue to find ways to win games. Today stings anytime you lose, but got to find a way to get back on the horse and get next week."

On Lions Head coach Dan Campbell calling the loss today a "humble pie" and if you can learn more from a loss than a win: "Yeah, I thought he said it great after the game. We didn't deserve that one. We might have gotten away with it at the end there. We really didn't. They earned that win and we kind of earned the loss. Again, had some plays potentially to kind of sneak one out there and get away with it, but typically it doesn't go your way if the turnover margin is that big."

On his perspective on the last offensive possession of regulation and settling for a field goal: "There's always the dance of how quickly you want to score. Yeah, I think I wish I would've hit (Lions WR Amon-Ra) St. Brown on the in-breaker that kind of put us behind the sticks a little bit. Maybe I get through some of my progression on some of those other ones to get a little bit further down the field, get us in a little better strike zone to take that shot at the end zone, but ultimately we just didn't get it done and it stinks."

On the overall offensive performance without the turnovers: "If there's some magic world where we can take away the turnovers from today, I thought we played pretty well. Outside of that, the turnovers are what kill you and you got to take care of the ball and we didn't, and it ended up costing us."

On Lions rookie TE Sam LaPorta's performance and how he came up big in the second half:"Yeah, he did. He really did. I think his run after the catch is pretty special and his hands. At the catch point, he's really competitive and he's starting to find himself in a little bit of a rhythm too, and how he wants to play the game and how he fits in our offense. I'm excited to see his development continue."

DL Aidan Hutchinson

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On if he feels the defense could have had a better pass rush today:"Yeah, for sure. We've just got to capitalize on our opportunities." 

On if he agrees with Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell calling this game a 'slice of humble pie':"I definitely think we were focused. I think we wanted it. It's a wake-up call and it's Week 2 and we're going to move on and we're going to learn from this and we'll get better."

On how the fired-up crowd adds to their desire to get better: "Of course, I mean Detroit's – they were very excited for what we're building here and with a game like that, you kind of – it's just a shot in the leg a little bit, but yeah we'll get better and we've got 15 more games left."

On how Seattle's offense was able to bounce back after facing numerous penalties and third downs:"Yeah, they're resilient. I mean you said it, they kept finding a way and you're going to win when you can find a way."

On how disappointing their pass rush performance was with Seattle missing some of their starting offensive linemen:"We've just got to capitalize on our opportunities."

LB Alex Anzalone

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On the back-and-forth nature of today's game:"Yeah, that's really what it was. I felt like we did a good job defensively stopping the run. They made 80-something rushing yards. I think that we have to make those crunch-time plays and defense has to figure out a way to get a stop in overtime to help seal the deal. So, like you said we just have to make the plays. You know it's disappointing but you have to live with it."

On creating pressure for Seahawks QB Geno Smith but not finishing the play:"Yeah, he's sneaky athletic and he's older, but he still has some wheels on him. So, I felt like we couldn't necessarily get him down, or the rush plan wasn't able to get him down."

On the sack late in the fourth quarter:"Yeah, 100 percent. I was the man on the tight end. At some point he was scrambling around, I saw him tuck the ball as I was covering my guy. And I was like, screw it, you got to risk it to get the biscuit. So just pursued and made the tackle."

On his view of the final play:"I mean, it's a tough play. I mean it was (Seahawks WR Tyler) Lockett and we're in man defense. It's some learning mistakes and didn't really see necessarily what happened. But we just have to trust each other, play our leverage and it's a tough play."

WR Josh Reynolds

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On the loss to Seattle:"Lot of stuff we have to clean up. But that's just a tough one."

On emotions after today's game:"Yeah, especially after last year. It definitely was a payback game, but we couldn't finish it out."

On the difference between the two teams today:"We just kept stopping ourselves. There wasn't a lot they did on their end that ultimately caused us to three-and-out or the turnovers. There was a lot of miscommunication or just stuff we have to clean up on our own."

On the turnovers throughout the game:"Yeah, it's always hard to win in this league when you give the ball to the other team. And the places of the field that we gave it to them is never a good thing."

On being tripped up on a fourth-down play:"Yeah, he got a hold of my foot a little bit, I couldn't get it out from under me. I lost my balance. Wish I had that one back, but there's no do-overs in this game. So we got to kind of take it on the chin and move on."

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