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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 19-15 Preseason Loss To The Packers

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' preseason week 3 loss to the Packers at Lambeau Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Pete Carroll

(opening statement) "This was a really good final game for us, taxing, making the trip, first chance on the road. We really tried to emphasize that to our guys just so that we could start the process because we are playing so many games on the road coming up. Coming here is a special place. Good crowd and all that kind of stuff, so we had to do silent count and all the things you do on the road. Our young guys handled it. What I was really pleased about and what I love about these guys is that it doesn't matter who is out there. They play their tails off. Terrific effort up front on offense, up front on defense from our guys regardless of who is out there. We fight all the way throughout, whatever the opportunity presents to us. We were hoping to bring them down and win a football game there at the end. We were all thinking we were going to win. The mentality of that and this locker room is special, it is strong, it is together, and I couldn't be more pleased with it. As we get to this weekend, you think about here comes the change in the roster and all of that. Sixty-nine of these players are going to be with us and that is a bunch of guys in this locker room right here that are going to stay with us. There will be some changes. There are always some, but a bulk of these guys are going to be with us, and I love that because these guys are connected and they know how we play, what we expect, how we prepare, how we talk about our challenges and all of that. That is only going to make us better as we go through the start of the season coming up. I feel really good where we are right now. We have had a great camp. I would have loved to have gotten that touchdown right there. I would be screaming about you winning the game in the fourth quarter and all that kind of stuff and having fun with it, but we didn't get that. The rest of it we did, and so I am really pleased with all the work that is being done here."

(on Artie Burns) "He did pretty good. He left his feet on a sack opportunity that he is kicking himself about. It is probably the first real shot that Artie has had at one of those, so he has to learn, but Artie has done a really good job all camp. He has been really steady. He has been very consistent for us, and very flexible in where he plays and all of that. He helped us out there."

(on Jake Bobo) "He has done everything he has had a chance to do. He has blocked well. He has played with terrific effort. He is a smart kid. He has made big plays. He has made routine plays. He just comes through with whatever we ask him to do. I am thrilled for him that he had another chance in this game. Drew (Lock) gives him a great pass and a great call. The whole thing was just a gorgeous football play and he figured out how to finish it just right. He has been terrific."

(on Easop Winston Jr.) "He has great hands. He catches the heck out of the football all the time, so there is nothing new there, but he came through. You still have to do that in the game. I'm really glad that he got the opportunity to show that and put it on film."

(on if Winston is okay) "Yeah, no problem that I know of."

(on Holton Ahlers) "I wanted him to play. He has been such a great competitor throughout this camp, and I didn't think he had any less chance of winning it than anyone else in the game. You saw it. He almost got it done. You took us right down there and we were playing for the win right there. He has had a really good camp for us, a terrific camp."

(on Drew Lock) "I thought that Drew showed that he can get out there and play in all kinds of situations. He is comfortable with it. He handles it well. He communicates really well with the coaches and his teammates. As we face the challenges that come up in a game, the sidelines, the locker room and all of that, he is great to play football. The whole idea here was to get him ready to play football in this preseason and feel 100 percent solid that he is ready to go. Now he has to prepare every day like it is his day. He is going to try and take a lesson from Geno (Smith) about how to do that. I'm going to be hard on him because he knows exactly what it is to get that done. He needs to keep doing it week after week, and when the time comes, he will be ready to go."

(on how important it is for Drew Lock's teammates to see him play well) "I think they have seen it. I mean, he can do everything. He can make all the throws. He can move. He can get out of the pocket when we need him to. He has handled all the checks and everything that we need to do. If he is in the game, we are going to go win a football game is what we should be thinking."

(on how Michael Jackson played) "I need to see the film. I don't really have a good call on that. I'm sorry."

(on if Green Bay could be a special team) "I haven't watched them very much, to tell you the truth. We just saw a little bit of film on them in this week's prep. They are really well coached and they are really sharp in what they do. They have got great mix in their offense. They have a challenging scheme defensively, but I haven't looked at them that hard. I can't tell you."

(on Jordan Love) "I thought he did all right. They moved the ball a little bit. We didn't get off the field very well. He scrambled to make some first downs and they were resourceful about moving the sticks. He looks like he is in command. He looks like a good athlete out there."

(on if it was good for Green Bay's starters versus Seattle backups) "Heck yeah. Our guys knew exactly what was going on. They took on the challenge and I thought we held up really well, both sides of the ball."

(on if Devin Bush is okay) "He got a concussion. He looks like he was in a boxing match with something over his eye, but he is tough as hell. He said that he will be fine."

(on Joey Blount's taunting penalty) "I can understand growing up. Think about it. This kid grew up all the time. It was his first chance ever and his mind went wacko and he did a little thing there. It kind of cracked me up to tell you the truth, but it was a terrible thought at that time. We just made a terrific play, but I can see where it came from. He might have been 3 or 4 years old the first time he saw that happen."

(on SaRodorick Thompson) "I think he has been really effective in every game that he has gone in. He has found ways to make plays. He has good instincts. He has a good feel for the line of scrimmage. He seems to get out the back door all the time on runs. I love the way he hit the touchdown run down there and knocked it in. He has been a good player for us."

(on Holton playing so much today) "Awesome. We weren't sure if he would be able to hold up in there. He did a great job. This is a really tough kid. His mindset, his mentality about him is exactly what we are looking for. He easily could have said, 'I think I need to come out now,' or something. That is a really good competitive demonstration by him again. Tough demonstration by him."

(on his roster) "I would love this group to be together. We are going to try to do that. If we can, we will see how it goes. We will have some challenges about that. Right now, there are a bunch of guys that know how they fit on this team and what their role is. I like to keep it as solid as we can. It probably isn't possible to get it all, but I want those guys to know we want them in our locker room."

(on practice-squad rules) "I think we are more aware of how many guys we are really managing to be on the squad and in the locker room with us. This is a really good place. These guys have been part of it and I want to keep that going as best as we can because we have a chance to have a really good club."

(on Jaxon Smith-Njigba) "He came back to the building and he was playing with the football. He was ready. He was talking like he is OK. His attitude is great. They might say it is going to be 10 days or something. He wants to get going and get running and all of that so we will see how that works out. He is the kind of kid that we will have to hold back more than anything. I was really pleased about it. On his departure, he was talking the same way. 'Whatever this is I am going to be OK, don't worry about it,' kind of thing. He came back even more forthright in that regard, so it was really good. He has a little brace on."

(on Derick Hall) "He hurt his shoulder a little bit. He sprained his shoulder a little bit."

(on if the injuries will impact the opening roster) "Joey's shoulder and D-Hall's shoulder is really what we are talking about and the concussion. We won't know until we get it looked at. Both of them have like AC sprains, that kind of situation."

(on Jordyn Brooks being ready for Week 1) "I'll be shocked if he is not playing. I'll be shocked. He has been running around. He has been practicing all this week and all last week. I'll be shocked if he isn't ready, but if he isn't, we aren't going to play him. If he's not OK to go and we aren't confident that he has been able to show everything that he can do, and he feels that as well, we aren't going to force that at all. He just looks so good that I'd be surprised if he is not ready to go. We left him behind so he could have a great weekend and work and all of that so hopefully that will all add up for us."

(on Jamal Adams practicing this week) "No, not yet. We didn't have the right setup for practice."

(on Devon Witherspoon playing Week 1) "That's what we are shooting for. He has been home too trying to get a great weekend in. I watched him run yesterday and he is flying. So he is going. There is a lot more to it than that; there is the conditioning level that he can maintain and hold up with the workload of practices. We have to figure that out. It will be Tuesday before we get on the field, but he is working out with guys all weekend."

QB Drew Lock

(on the importance of the scoring drive) "Definitely important. You'd like to put more points up on the board. We just kept shooting ourselves in the foot a little bit here and there on those drives. Needing to get the first, first down and just keep it rolling. A lot of stuff we'll be able to look back on and get better from. Little details here and there, but yes that last drive was a really good drive for us. We needed it. We needed to go down and score and guys executed. Like I said before, when the ball is put in these guys' hands, they make plays with it. It was exciting to see us go down the field like that and to be resilient. You know, you can kind of start curling up into a shell. The drives, a couple drives in a row its just three and out or first down. Then you come back off the field. I'm happy we didn't. We kept fighting. We didn't give up. Even until the last play of the game, we were giving it everything we got."

(on what WR Easop Winston Jr. has shown) "Yeah, he's a sure handed guy. Ever since he got here in the middle of the year last year. I've had a lot of reps with him on scout team in the previous years. He and Cade (Johnson) both. They are just two reliable guys that I've gotten a lot of work with over this past year. He's a shifty dude. He can go make plays when he needs to."

(on what got Winston Jr. so open) "Well, we finally got a press look. You know they were not pressing us most of that game. Everything just timed up well with the play call we had, the look they finally gave us. I bet it was the release. I'm holding the safety with my eyes for a step. I have to go back and watch it. He's pretty good getting off the ball in press (coverage) so I bet it was his release and putting his head down and running. He did a good job with late hands. I saw him beat the guy pretty early, so I didn't want it to be a throw the ball up in the air and let him track it. I wanted to get it into his hands and let him run a little bit, so that's why it came out the way it did. Great job with late hands."

(on if the pass to WR Jake Bobo was a called play) "That was actually called that way. It was a great call, great timing. It was just, for the play we had called and then finally pressing one of our guys that we were going to get a go ball up to man it was good timing.

(on how helpful all the preseason reps have been) "Huge, huge for me. I've said it way too many times but, with limited reps last year, I was looking forward to this preseason. I knew I was going to get a lot of reps, and I just wanted to show, not only the players on this team, but also myself, that I can go out there and do this. I'm confident in who I am as a quarterback. I'm excited with the way the plays and the drives over this whole combined preseason. I'm excited with the way they went. I feel confident going into this season that if anything were to happen, I'd be ready to roll."

(on what playing the Packers taught him) "You never want this. You never want to kind of have the, you know you were moving the ball a little bit. Off the field, punt. Three and out, punt. Move the ball a little bit, punt. You never really want that but to have that feeling now in a preseason game, before possibly getting that in a regular season. Knowing that if we just stay on our P's and Q's, and keep working, sure enough we're going to put a drive together. Defense did a great job of keeping us in that game. Just knowing that's NFL football. That happens sometimes. There's going to be games like that. I'm happy I got to experience and kind of feel one of those this preseason."

(on playing again with C Olu Oluwatimi) "He's been great man. He's super vocal up there. That's the one thing that, when you think about rookie centers, maybe second guessing a call or two they make on a couple run games or maybe even taking into his own hands and flipping a protection. There's no second guessing from that guy. Super smart, super confident in all the calls he makes. That makes the QB feel good. That makes the o-line feel good. That makes the guards, the tackles feel better about what's going on. If he just keeps doing what he's doing and keeps being him, he's going to be good."

Check out some of the best action shots from Preseason Week 3 vs. the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on August 26, 2023. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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