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What The Packers Said Following Their 19-15 Preseason Win Over The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from week 3 of the preseason at Lambeau Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Matt LaFleur

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(opening statement) "Just want to start out by saying that was one of the more entertaining preseason games I've ever been a part of. The energy in the stadium. Our fans, the energy, you could feel it. I would love if they would refrain from doing the wave when we're on offense, but it feels like that's tradition. All in all, it was really good. It was great. I was really excited for our team at the end of it. Whether it's preseason or not, you always want to come away with a win. To see how we ended it right there, with the offense going down and scoring and then the defense with a stand and Benny Sapp making a big play at the end of the game. To see the genuine enthusiasm from Benny's teammates surrounding him was really cool. I think it's just kind of an indication for how close this team has come together. I feel really good about the guys that we have in the locker room. Obviously, it's a tough time of the year when we have to make some really tough decisions, but that's because of the effort and type of locker room that we have. Gutey (GM Brian Gutekunst) and his staff have done a nice job of getting a very competitive roster, especially at certain positions. But, it's on to the regular season now."

(on WR Romeo Doubs' injury) "There's always concern, right? When you plan for somebody to go out and play, but I think it's more precautionary. We'll let you know here in about a week and a half when we have our first injury report."

(on if he got what he wanted out of the starters today) "They had three series I want to say. Certainly wanted to simulate a two-minute drive just for the mechanics and the operations of that, and I thought it went pretty smooth. I thought Jordan (Love) did a great job directing people and communicating. I thought we moved at a pretty quick pace, which was very encouraging to see. It was great to end it too with a touchdown pass right there to Christian (Watson). I thought our defense did a really outstanding job. For the most part, I thought we were in control of the game, although though the score didn't necessarily indicate that. We have to do a better job of finishing in certain situations. But I thought all in all, it was really good work for our guys today."

(on if it was two-minute or no-huddle offense) "That was just two-minute."

(on Jordan Love's performance today, including the tipped pass to himself) "Yeah, that was interesting. That doesn't happen too often. First of all, just watching him, the poise that he had, he held the ball a little bit longer than we'd normally like to, but it was great protection around him and that was really encouraging to see because that's a total feel thing from the quarterback. And then he used his legs and got out and scrambled and picked up positive yards. So I thought, all in all, he did a pretty good job. I mean, he can't help it when we miss a block and the ball gets batted at the line of scrimmage, I think twice, so there's certainly some things to clean up. I think he would like to have the long ball back to Christian Watson, but for the most part it was a pretty positive performance."

(on the first series when Love had an incompletion to Watson and used a side arm throw) "I'd have to go back and see it. The play felt like it took a little longer than we'd like, and usually when it does it gives the defense an opportunity to react and get a PBU (pass breakup) like they did in that situation."

(on the level of concern with QB Sean Clifford's injury) "No, he's fine. So basically what happened, we ran the quarterback sneak and I think he got hit on the elbow. Hit his funny bone, and if it wouldn't have been the fourth quarter he would've stayed in the game, we just wanted to give Alex (McGough) some time. I think he's earned it. He did a nice job there of bringing our offense down at the end of the game and converting that drive into a touchdown and ultimately providing the points needed to win the game."

(on how he feels about the push-QB sneak) "I mean, it's effective. Yeah, I have mixed feelings about it and I was telling our staff about it. You never want to put your quarterback in a tough position where they can get dinged up, but also if you look at the history of quarterback sneaks and how effective it typically is, sometimes you have to do what you have to do."

(on who called plays during today's game) "Adam (Stenavich) called the majority of the game. So, basically, I only called it when Jordan was in there. It was the first time I called it this preseason. Just wanted to get him accustomed to hearing my voice before we go play week one. So that was the design behind it and the thought behind it. But I thought Stenavich, throughout the course of the preseason, did an outstanding job. I think it's really good experience. I know I was provided those opportunities when I was with Sean (McVay) in LA. It's just such a great learning experience, getting your mind ready to call a game and then actually having to do it in the heat of the battle... 40 seconds seems like a long time, but it goes by quick and you've got to make quick decisions. Stenavich has shown a ton of growth, as evident by the production we were able to do offensively and that's a big-time credit to him."

(on K Anders Carlson's performance) "I thought he did an outstanding job. That was really encouraging to see a 57 yarder right there that looked so casual when he kicked it. He's got a big-time leg. I think he's shown improvement. Like any young player, there's going to be some ups and downs, but I think we have total confidence that he's got the ability to be able to play in this league for a really long time."

(on whether Carlson's range will change thoughts on when to go for a field goal) "Every game is a little bit different in terms of how aggressive you want to be. A lot of it is going to be dependent upon how we feel about our offense, when we get into some of those fourth and short situations, where we are on the field, what was the score of the game, who we are playing. There's a lot of factors that go into it."

(on Malik Heath's performance and whether he could get in on this season's rotation) "Potentially. He was out there first snap of the game. I think he might have been a little nervous, hence the false start. He wasn't perfect, but it never is, so I think Malik has shown a lot of good things. Not only his catching the football, but the way he blocks has been big time for us. He's a physical player and I'm excited for him. I think he's going to continue to get better and better and better."

(on LB Brenton Cox's performance in the preseason) "Cox has done a great job. Really, that is a very deep group and all those guys want in there. They play extremely hard. I think any time you have a competitive room, it brings out the best in everybody and you've seen it with guys like Kingsley Enagbare. All these guys have improved and made plays throughout the course of the preseason."

(on the course the offensive line has taken since the start of camp) "I think we'll have a better indication as we get into the early parts of the season to see where we're at. We have a lot of confidence in that group. We have a chance to be pretty good up front, but ultimately we're going to have to go do it together. It will be nice to get David Bakhtiari out there as well. Obviously, he's one of the best in the business and anytime you're missing a player of that caliber, you don't get a true indication of where you're at."

(on pass protection) "Yeah, I thought all game, the quarterbacks had a lot of time to throw the football."

(on how this team differs from teams he's coached in the past) "It's too early to tell. We're talking about preseason football and I think it will be a work in progress. But I'm excited about the guys in that locker room, the overall attitude of the team, the energy they're bringing on a daily basis, the competitive spirit and that's what we're looking for."

QB Jordan Love

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(on what he got out of simulating a two-minute drill without the actual time restriction) "It was two-minute for everything but the clock. We were just trying to simulate going to our no-huddle, two-minute series there and just get some reps at it since we didn't really get to get any reps during the preseason games. Everything was two-minute but the clock right there, but it was good."

(on how he feels about the way he threw, ran and caught the ball) "I feel good. I feel there was a couple plays I left out there throwing the ball, a couple throws I wish I had back, but other than that I think the receivers made some plays out there. Some of those deep balls are tough to judge with the wind we had today, but I think they did a good job managing that. Running it, the pockets (were) great today. I had a lot of time back there to kind of look around, move around and was able to get out, pick up a couple first downs right there, and then the catch was interesting."

(on if he feels more comfortable using his legs and if he was discouraged by LaFleur to run in the preseason) "I've always felt comfortable using my legs. I think in practice it's one of those things you want to work throwing it more, not running as much because obviously you're not getting hit. Everyone's staying away from you in the red jersey. I think games, that's the time to just be able to break it out. But I've always felt comfortable running it and I haven't felt discouraged. Matt (LaFleur), he's always been good on letting me play, letting me do my thing out there. Obviously, they want to make sure I'm not taking any hits, so I just (try to) be smart when I get out of the pocket."

(on the deep throw to Christian Watson) "It was a great route by him. I was able to see at the top of my drop that he just won, beat the DB (defensive back) and was running away. It was just a ball I underthrew. As it left my hand, I thought it was good and the more it was just getting out there, once he turned (and) his shoulders come back to it, I was like, 'Oh, man.' So that's definitely one I wish I had back, whether the wind negated it or what, it's just something you've got to able to work through. You've got to hit those ones."

(on the way the offensive line protected during the preseason) "I think they did a great job the whole preseason. I don't think I got hit in the pocket at all. I could be wrong, but I think they did a really good job just keeping me clean. The run game also was really clean. There was a lot of holes opening up, but I'm proud of the O-line. They battle and they did a really good job."

(on how he improves on deep throws moving forward) "I think it's just one of those things you've got to just keep working at. You want every ball to be perfect, but things happen and it's not always perfect. I think it's just something you've got to keep working at. Obviously, we'll have practice and different games throughout the season, but it's just something you've got to find a way to hit those, especially when Christian's (Watson) wide open like that. It's a touchdown right there."

(on what throws he'd like to have back aside from the Watson deep ball) "The other one I was thinking of, scrambling left, J-Reed (Jayden) was open in the middle. I was just a little bit short. I can't think off the top of my head about the other ones, but those are two examples right there."

(on the sideline throw to Watson and if he made the right type of throw) "They did a good job defensively. When I got to the top of my drop, the safety was cutting the high cross, so I didn't feel comfortable throwing it right there, but as I moved in the pocket I saw Christian was continuing to come flat and was running away from the safety, so I was just trying to put it out there the sideline. I felt like on that one the DB (defensive back) got there a little early personally, but he made a good play."

(on taking checkdowns vs. taking deep shots) "I think just positive gains, moving the ball forward is the biggest thing. Checkdowns can turn into big plays, but I think we had explosive plays that are out there, it's just a matter of hitting them, and I think we've done that, and then there's times we haven't done that, so it's just a matter of being consistent with it. I think we've got a number of playmakers on the team. It's just getting them the ball on offense and letting them do what they do, but I think checkdowns can turn into big plays too."

(on what he likes best about the way he performed) "I think for me it was just going out there and wanting to feel comfortable. Playing the same way I play in practice is a big thing for me, not having to feel any different out there, any nerves or anything like that. I think that was the biggest thing for me and I was able to accomplish that. Credit to everybody on the offense. I think that was the biggest thing for me."

(on whether he can tell how sharp the offense is yet) "I think that's going to be the test this season, but I mean right now going into it I'm confident in the offense. I think when we get to be consistent, hitting on all our big plays, I think we're going to be tough to stop."

(on Malik Heath's performance through the preseason) "Malik has balled out since he got here. I think the biggest thing since when he got here is just how aggressive he's been when he catches the ball he attacks it, His mentality and after he catches it, he's trying to get those yards but I think he's balled out from OTAs to now. He's taken a lot of leaps just learning the offense and now he's just going out there and making plays. But he's done a really good job."

(on the overall playbook they used in the preseason) "I think we kept it pretty vanilla. I think it's similar scripts to the preseason games in years past. It's preseason. You're not really going to try to show too much, but you're still trying to get reps in with the main plays that we run, of our installs 1, 2 and 3. That's kind of what we were doing. But you don't want to show too much."

(on how well he can tell what the offense can do) "I think game playing is a whole different animal in itself because you have certain looks or plays that are designed for these certain looks and that's what the game plan is all about, but I think through practice we have our whole offense in we've been able to rep it for the Bengals, the Patriots and get different looks. We're going to be just fine. We're going to flourish in that scenario."

(on any surprises he faced during the preseason) "No, I don't think anything has caught me by surprise. My main thing is just to focus on day by day, just taking one day at a time. Don't look too far ahead, and don't be looking in the past, just take it day by day and keep growing. But I don't think anything surprised me.

(on what his biggest area of improvement is heading into Week 1 at Chicago) "Consistency. Just being consistent for myself and this offense as a whole. When we get the opportunity to make big plays, we've got to make them. It just comes down to consistency every day in practice and it's going to translate to the games.

Check out some of the best action shots from Preseason Week 3 vs. the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on August 26, 2023. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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