12 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About Seahawks Defensive Tackle Brandon Mebane

How many of these 12 things do you know about the Seahawks defensive tackle?

You may know Brandon Mebane for his infamous "belly roll" celebration dance, a move he stole from MC Hammer circa 1994. But he never wore the Hammer pants. (So he says.)

Instead, the big man has his own style: "I used to have a lot of loud-colored suits, man. I used to wear all-green, all-blue, all-purple. Any color you could think. I try to stay business-casual now. "

So what's in Mebane's closet? The answer tops our list of 12 things you (probably) don't know about the Seahawks' veteran nose tackle:

1. His favorite shoes are Ferragamo.

Mebane: "The reason why I like Ferragamos is, I have my suits and my dress shoes in a certain closet, and every time I open that closet door I can smell the real leather of the shoes. It's got that authentic smell to it."

2. He's not a big fan of snakes.

Mebane: "I'm not afraid of anything, but I don't like to see snakes. I don't play with snakes."


3. His first job was working with his grandfather.

Mebane: "He was a brickmason. He laid bricks, so my job was to basically keep the cement from drying up, just keep water in it, keep it moving back and forth. I was probably 7 or 8. It was work."


4. His dream job is to be a construction engineer.

Mebane: "I don't want to do the work, I want to be the supervisor, basically. I want to learn how to build homes. My grandfather built boats, homes, all kinds of stuff."


5. He watches a lot of HGTV.

Mebane: "House Hunters, Property Virgins, Property Brothers. I like the whole thing about houses: Buying, remodeling, building from scratch. I like everything there is about a house."

6. He's handy around the house, but not that handy.

Mebane: "I'm OK. I'm not your No. 1 guy you call, but I remodeled my parents' house, and I didn't hire an interior designer. I did it all myself."

7. His dream vacation involves big boats.

Mebane: "What's that place where they got the big yachts? Where they got the Monte Carlo, Formula One, and they have the big yachts? Monaco, yeah. I like the yachts, and I like the beach."


8. He sings in the shower.

Mebane: "A lot of '90s R&B, like Jodeci, H-Town, R Kelly. I Can't Wait Another Minute by Hi-Five."


9. He has a newfound respect for rapper Ice Cube.

Mebane: "Right now, man, I'm listening to a lot of Ice Cube, man. I didn't realize how deep Ice Cube was until I saw Straight Outta Compton. I always liked Ice Cube, but I didn't realize how deep he was when it came to writing lyrics and stuff."


10. He had literacy issues as a child.

Mebane: "One of the main things I care about is literacy. I'm starting a foundation, working together with my wife. We want to focus on kids who have literacy issues, because we feel [that] if you can't read anything, then your confidence will be very low and you won't strive to be anything you want to be in life."

Michael Bennett and Brandon Mebane helped unveil the limited edition Seahawks Library Card today as part of a new campaign called "Two Teams, One Goal" to promote libraries and literacy. 

11. He's a patient father.

Mebane: "I felt that I was patient before, but [fatherhood] just put me in another stage of being more patient."


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12. His parents are his idols.

Mebane: "My parents are real special to me. Growing up, a lot of my friends didn't have their parents at the games, when I had both my parents at all my games. I don't think my parents missed any game I ever played in."

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