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12 Questions From The 12s For Wide Receiver Kasen Williams

We asked 12s what they wanted to know about Seahawks wide receiver Kasen Williams.

We asked fans what they wanted to know about Kasen Williams. See some of his responses below to get to know the Seahawks wide receiver a little better.


Kasen: "Going back to my junior year of college, I got hurt with a season ending injury.  Senior year it was all about coming back from that.  It was terrible.  I was ready to rock as soon as rookie year started. I ended up making practice squad.  Then I was practice again last year and here I am today."


Kasen:"I don't know. However high the ball is, that's how high I am jumping."


Kasen: "It is lovely because this is a dream come true.  All my football has been played at home, so for me to actually be able to be a Seahawks player now, the fans have a personal connection with me and I cherish that."


Kasen: "The man Kenny Lawler."


Kasen: "Wow, that is a great question. My favorite animal is a snake, but I am very, very afraid of them.  That is my favorite animal, but I am fearful."


Kasen: "I would be a rapper because I write poetry all the time."


Kasen: "That was all on me.  It was on me.  It was all personal."


Kasen: "Honestly, each game I play in I am making more memories. So far, my favorite memory has been that San Diego Chargers game, preseason one."


Kasen: "I was always a Husky fan. It wasn't even NFL, it was Huskies all day!" 


Kasen: "If it's a home game, I play Halo all day no matter what time the game is. If it is a 7 p.m. game, I get at least 10 games of Halo in."


Kasen: "Russell Wilson because he would buy a helicopter to save us. If that doesn't work, Richard Sherman because he can also buy a helicopter to save us. Paul Richardson, just because that's my guy. Let's also add Tyler Lockett, because he's also my guy."


Kasen: "Randy Moss, Chris Carter, Marvin Harrison, Larry Fitzgerald…all the greats."


Seattle receiver Kasen Williams and the Seahawks hosted a Gatorade Junior Training Camp on Friday, July 7, a two-hour clinic that combined football fundamentals with a motivational life-skills session for local youth at Skyline High School in Sammamish.

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