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10 Questions with Receivers' Coach Nolan Cromwell

Nolan Cromwell, 52, is in his ninth season with the Seahawks and 28th in the NFL – the first 11 as a Pro Bowl safety with the Los Angeles Rams.


Nolan Cromwell is in his 28th season in the NFL.

Nolan Cromwell, 52, is in his ninth season with the Seahawks and 28th in the NFL – the first 11 as a Pro Bowl safety with the Los Angeles Rams. Cromwell came to the Seahawks in 1999 to be the wide receivers coach and he's responsible for the rotation of skill position groupings to match up with the play selections during practice and games. He held the same position with the Green Bay Packers for coach Mike Holmgren in 1998, and in the previous six seasons he was the Packers special teams coach. He began his coaching career in 1991 with the Rams as a defense/special teams assistant for John Robinson after finishing his playing career. Cromwell was also an All-America wishbone quarterback at Kansas and set an NCAA record with 294 yards rushing in a game as a junior. Cromwell and his wife Mary have a son, Lance, a daughter, Jennifer.

The following 10 questions asked of Cromwell were answered thoughtfully, and quickly, although obviously he would have rather been fishing.

Do you have a defining moment in football?

That would be winning Super Bowl XXXI when I was a coach in Green Bay. That was fun.

What was your defining moment out of football?

Anytime I've won a small fishing tournament, it's been great.

Who was your role model?

I learned a lot from my older brother Wayne - he's eight years older than me. He played high school and some in college. He was good.

If you weren't a coach in the NFL, what would you be doing?

I'd be coaching in college or high school. I enjoy this life and the game.

What was the last movie you saw?

"The Holiday" with Cameron Diaz – I liked that movie.

What was the last non-football sporting event you attended?

My daughter's NCAA rowing championships for the University of Virginia. That was a great experience.

What was the last non-sports TV show you watched?


What is your favorite meal?

My wife's lasagna

What's your favorite hobby outside of sports?

I love fiddling in the yard. I like mowing the yard and fiddling with the landscaping. I don't have time to garden, but I like the landscaping.

Who are the other three people in your dream golf foursome?

Lee Trevino, because he was such a great character along with golf that I liked; Michael Jordan, because I have a ton of respect of his accomplishments; and Edwin Moses, he set such an incredible record of 107 consecutive wins in 100 meter hurdles, which is the event I ran.

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