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Seahawks High School Coach of the Week Nomination

Seahawks High School Coach of the Week Nomination

Guidelines To Keep In Mind:

  1. Must be a member is good standing with the WSFCA.
  2. Create more Diversity in your selections.
  3. For Districts Reps. - are your selections representing the whole community in your respective Districts?
  4. Current boys high school football head coach.
  5. Importance of the week's game – Big game or important victory for school and community. Significant victory in League, District or State play.
  6. Current team record
  7. Promotes good Sportsmanship. A win that supports WSFCA standards of fair play, sportsmanship, and safe competition.
  8. Has the coach made a positive impact on the culture of the football program at the school? What was the football program's culture before he arrived?
  9. Has the coach been an influence in the school community for promoting high school football?
  10. Recognition of a major career win