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2017 Seahawks Account Representatives



KARA Edwards

Account Representative Kara Edwards

Kara is from Sammamish, WA and graduated from Washington State University. Kara joined the Seattle Seahawks organization in 2015 and she loves the energy and passion the 12s bring to Seahawks gameday.  Her favorite Seahawks moment is when the Seahawks won the NFC Championship game in 2014. Her favorite player is Tyler Lockett.

Phone: 425-203-8137

Nari Kalafian

Account Representative Nari Kalafian

Nari joined the Seattle Seahawks organization prior to the 2013 season. She attended the University of Washington and has several years of experience working with the Husky Ticket Office. Nari's favorite Seahawks moment is proudly waving the 12 flag at Super Bowl 48 as the Seahawks were presented the Lombardi Trophy. Her favorite players are in the Legion of Boom.

Phone: 425-203-8134

Karen Kelly

Account Representative Karen Kelly

Karen joined the Seattle Seahawks organization prior to the 2013 season. Her favorite thing about Seahawks game day is the passion and volume of the 12s. Her favorite memory is from the 2015 NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers, when Chris Matthews recovered the onside kick at the 50 yard line in the fourth quarter! Her favorite player is Jon Ryan.

Phone: 425-203-8135

Carson Locke

Account Representative Carson Locke

Carson joined the Seattle Seahawks in 2015. Born and raised in Seattle, Carson graduated from University of Washington and then received his Masters degree at Seattle University. His favorite player is the explosive play prone, Tyler Lockett. Carson’s favorite Seahawks moment, the BEAST QUAKE, still gives him chills when he watches replays of it.

Phone: 425-203-8140

Stephen Lund

Account Representative Stephen Lund

Stephen joined the Seattle Seahawks in 1997. He is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah where he graduated from Granite High School, home of the Farmers. His favorite all time player is Marshawn Lynch because the passion he played with embodies our fan base and the power of the 12s. His favorite part of gameday is looking around and seeing the generations of fans supporting the Seahawks. There is no other community in the NFL like the 12s!

Phone: 425-203-8132