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Videos - September 2021

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2021-09-01 Jake Curhan On Making The Initial Roster: “I Felt A Whole Lot More Relaxed”
2021-09-01 Seahawks Daily: Setting The Bar
2021-09-01 1-on-1 Matchups We're Most Excited To See In '21 'GMFB'
2021-09-02 Everything You Need To Know About The 2021 NFL Season
2021-09-02 Pete Carroll On Sidney Jones: “He Wants To Play”
2021-09-02 Steve Raible Shares Insight On Seahawks' New-Look Offense
2021-09-02 Jake Luton On Playing In His Home State: “It’s A Dream Come True”
2021-09-03 Seahawks Daily: New Faces
2021-09-06 Thank You, K.J. Wright
2021-09-07 Seahawks Daily: Ready to Go
2021-09-07 Game Theory: Projecting Every Team's Win Total for the 2021 NFL Season
2021-09-07 Game Theory: Every Team's Chance To Make the Playoffs
2021-09-08 Duane Brown On Playing Week 1: “It Means Everything To Me”
2021-09-08 Ken Norton Jr. On Darrell Taylor: “We’re Excited To Watch Him Become The Player We Expect Him To Be” 
2021-09-09 Sidney Jones IV: “I’m Here To Compete”
2021-09-09 Jamal Adams On Sunday’s Matchup: “We Have To Come With Our A-Game”
2021-09-09 Russell Wilson On Shane Waldron: “I Think He’s A Wizard”
2021-09-09 2021 Week 1: Seahawks at Colts Film Session
2021-09-10 2021 Week 1: Seahawks at Colts Key Matchups
2021-09-12 Chris Carson's Strong Stiff-Arm Punctuates 33-Yard Run
2021-09-12 Tyler Lockett Tracks Over-The-Shoulder Pass For Terrific 23-Yard TD Grab
2021-09-12 Russell Wilson Evades Pass Rush And Scrambles For The 1st Down
2021-09-12 Can't-Miss Play: Wilson Heaves MOONSHOT 69-YARD TD To Lockett
2021-09-12 Russell Wilson Fires 15-Yard TD Laser To DK Metcalf
2021-09-12 Carlos Dunlap Envelops Carson Wentz For Massive Loss On Two-Point Try
2021-09-12 Russell Wilson: “The Number One Mission Is To Win Every Week”
2021-09-12 Pete Carroll: “We’re Just Getting Started”
2021-09-12 DK Metcalf: “It’s Hard To Stop Us”
2021-09-12 Jamal Adams On Quandre Diggs: “I’m Happy To Be Back There With Him”
2021-09-12 Tyler Lockett On Russell Wilson’s Touchdown Pass: “He Threw A Dime”
2021-09-12 Seahawks vs. Colts Game Highlights | Week 1
2021-09-12 Seahawks Kickoff Viewing Party at Lumen Field
2021-09-12 Every Tyler Lockett Catch From 2-TD Game In Week 1
2021-09-12 Russell Wilson's Best Plays In 4-TD Game In Week 1
2021-09-12 Raible Call of the Game - DK Metcalf Catches A Touchdown
2021-09-12 Raible Call of the Game - Darrell Taylor Sacks Carson Wentz
2021-09-12 Raible Call of the Game - Gerald Everett Catches His First Seahawk Touchdown
2021-09-13 Locker Room Sound: D-Line Dominates
2021-09-13 Seahawks at Colts Recap
2021-09-13 Pete Carroll On Russell Wilson: “Excellent First Game” - Pete Carroll Monday Press Conference
2021-09-14 Seahawks Daily: A Complete Effort
2021-09-14 Tyler Lockett: Pre-Snap Adjustments Were Big Factor In Win Over Colts
2021-09-14 Seahawks All Access - Seahawks at Colts
2021-09-15 DK Metcalf On A.J. Brown: “We’ve Always Been Competitive” - DK Metcalf Wednesday Press Conference
2021-09-15 Bobby Wagner On Pete Carroll: “He’s Always Positive And It’s Fun To Watch” - Bobby Wagner Wednesday Press Conference
2021-09-15 Pete Carroll On Russell Wilson: “He’s Just Getting Warmed Up” - Pete Carroll Wednesday Press Conference
2021-09-15 Wisdom With Wagz - Week 2: Public App
2021-09-15 Ken Norton Jr. On The Competition Against Titans: “It’s A Real Challenge” - Ken Norton Jr. Wednesday Press Conference
2021-09-16 Seahawks Daily: Another Year Around The Sun
2021-09-16 Week 2 Matchups That Will Have Exhilarating Ups And Downs 'GMFB'
2021-09-16 Seahawks Video Vault: Overtime Win vs Oilers (1990)
2021-09-16 Lincoln Loud MVP Nominees For Week 2 'NFL Slimetime'
2021-09-16 Jordyn Brooks On Jamal Adams: “I’m Lucky I Get To Play With Him” - Jordyn Brooks Thursday Press Conference
2021-09-16 Jon Rhattigan On Signing To The Active Roster: “It’s All I Could Ask For” - Jon Rhattigan Thursday Press Conference
2021-09-16 Russell Wilson On Playing In Front Of The 12s: “It Matters To Us All” - Russell Wilson Wednesday Press Conference
2021-09-16 2021 Week 2: Seahawks vs Titans Film Session
2021-09-16 Shane Waldron: “We’re Ready For A Tough Defense” - Shane Waldron Thursday Press Conference
2021-09-17 Seahawks Daily: West Point to the NFL
2021-09-17 2021 Seahawks Team Intro Video
2021-09-17 Seahawks Soundbites: Pete Carroll On Turning 70
2021-09-17 Seahawks Soundbites: Russell Wilson On The Passing Of Trevor Moawad
2021-09-17 Darrell Taylor: ". We’re going to have a great time and enjoy our fans being there." - Darrell Taylor Friday Press Conference
2021-09-17 2021 Week 2 - Seahawks vs Titans Game Preview
2021-09-17 Top 5 Connections By Air Distance Through Sunday Week 1
2021-09-19 From One Seahawks Legend Of The Year To Another
2021-09-19 Poona Ford Gobbles Up Derrick Henry On Early Tackle For Loss
2021-09-19 Bobby Wagner Perfectly Jumps Snap For Crushing Third-Down Sack
2021-09-19 Can't-Miss Play: Tyler Lockett Makes Defenders Collide on 63-yard TD Catch And Run
2021-09-19 Chris Carson Plows In 2-Yard Touchdown Run
2021-09-19 Nick Bellore Brings The BOOM On Crushing Special Teams Tackle
2021-09-19 DK Metcalf Bulldozes Titans DB To Ground On Tough Catch And Run
2021-09-19 12 Flag Raiser Interview - Doug Baldwin Jr.
2021-09-19 Al Woods Bulldozes Into Titans' Backfield For Dominating Sack
2021-09-19 Kerry Hyder Pressures Ryan Tannehill Into Critical Fourth-Down Incompletion
2021-09-20 Every Tyler Lockett Catch From 178-Yard Game In Week 2
2021-09-20 Russell Wilson's Best Throws From 343-Yard Game In Week 2
2021-09-20 Bobby Wagner's Best Plays From 20-Tackle Game In Week 2
2021-09-20 Tyler Lockett: “It’s A Learning Experience” - Tyler Lockett Postgame Press Conference
2021-09-20 Bobby Wagner: “We Need To Make Sure That We’re Locked In” - Bobby Wagner Postgame Press Conference
2021-09-20 Jamal Adams: “We Need To Continue To Do Our Jobs” - Jamal Adams Postgame Press Conference
2021-09-20 Russell Wilson: “It Was Really Special Today To Be Around The 12s” - Russell Wilson Postgame Press Conference
2021-09-20 Raible Call of the Game - Freddie Swain 68-Yard Touchdown
2021-09-20 Raible Call of the Game - Alton Robinson Strip Sack
2021-09-20 Raible Call of the Game - Tyler Lockett 63-Yard Touchdown
2021-09-20 Locker Room Sound: Bobby Wagner Sets Franchise Record
2021-09-20 Locker Room Sound: Momentum Change in Second Half
2021-09-20 Locker Room Sound: The Return Of The 12s
2021-09-20 Seahawks vs. Titans Recap
2021-09-20 Pete Carroll On Tyler Lockett’s Start To The Season: “It’s Pretty Spectacular“ - Pete Carroll Monday Press Conference
2021-09-20 Seahawks Saturday Night: Tyler Lockett Mic'd Up vs Colts
2021-09-20 Seahawks Saturday Night: Kerry Hyder is Committed To Giving It His All
2021-09-20 Seahawks Saturday Night: Duane Brown Interview
2021-09-22 Bobby Wagner On Al Woods: “He’s Been A Force Up The Middle“ - Bobby Wagner Wednesday Press Conference
2021-09-22 Pete Carroll on Kirk Cousins: “He’s As Good As I’ve Seen Him” - Pete Carroll Press Conference
2021-09-22 Tyler Lockett Believes Titans Game Was A Learning Experience - Tyler Lockett Wednesday Press Conference
2021-09-22 Wisdom With Wagz - Week 3: Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun?
2021-09-23 Seahawks Daily: A Big Force
2021-09-23 DK Metcalf On Tyler Lockett and Russell Wilson’s Relationship: “They’re Just Special” - DK Metcalf Thursday Press Conference
2021-09-23 Quandre Diggs On Dalvin Cook: “He’s Always Making Big Plays” - Quandre Diggs Thursday Press Conference
2021-09-23 2021 Week 3: Seahawks vs Vikings Film Session
2021-09-24 Seahawks Daily: A Historic Start
2021-09-24 2021 Week 3: Seahawks at Vikings Key Matchups
2021-09-25 Seahawks Saturday Night: D.J. Reed Interview
2021-09-25 Seahawks Saturday Night Mic'd Up: Jamal Adams vs Titans
2021-09-26 Russell Wilson Hits DK Metcalf For A 10-Yard Touchdown
2021-09-26 Chris Carson Shoots Through The Gap For A 30-Yard TD
2021-09-26 Russell Wilson Back-Shoulder 21-Yard Pass To DK Metcalf
2021-09-26 Travis Homer Turns On The Jets For 31 Yards On Final Play Of First Half
2021-09-26 Wilson Locates Metcalf For Explosive 27-Yard Gain On Third Down
2021-09-26 Will Dissly Breaks Loose For Big 39-Yard Catch And Run
2021-09-26 Darrell Taylor Jars Ball From Kirk Cousins On Key Strip-Sack
2021-09-26 Chris Carson's Best Runs Against Vikings Week 3
2021-09-26 Every DK Metcalf Catch From 107-Yard Game Week 3
2021-09-26 Seahawks At Vikings Game Highlights Week 3
2021-09-27 Pete Carroll: “We Have To Just Keep Staying Together“ - Pete Carroll Postgame Press Conference
2021-09-27 Carlos Dunlap II On The Mood In The Locker Room: “Frustrated, Disappointed”- Carlos Dunlap II Postgame Press Conference
2021-09-27 Russell Wilson: “We Have To Stay The Course” - Russell Wilson Postgame Press Conference
2021-09-27 Locker Room Sound at Vikings: Positives On Offense
2021-09-27 Raible Call of the Game - DK Metcalf 10-Yard Touchdown
2021-09-27 Raible Call of the Game - Chris Carson 30-Yard Touchdown
2021-09-27 Locker Room Sound at Vikings: Better Execution Needed
2021-09-28 Seahawks Daily: A Common Theme
2021-09-28 Seahawks All Access - Seahawks at Vikings
2021-09-28 Carlos Dunlap II Throws First Pitch at Mariners Game
2021-09-29 DK Metcalf: “We Need To Execute" - DK Metcalf Wednesday Press Conference
2021-09-29 Bobby Wagner: “We Gotta Be Better" - Bobby Wagner Wednesday Press Conference
2021-09-29 Wisdom With Wagz - Week 4: Meditation and Yoga
2021-09-29 Ken Norton Jr. On Robert Nkemdiche: “It’s Really Important To Him To Be Apart Of This Team” - Ken Norton Jr. Wednesday Press Conference
2021-09-30 Seahawks Daily: A Ball of Energy
2021-09-30 Jamal Adams: “Starting This Week, Things Will Change” - Jamal Adams Thursday Press Conference
2021-09-30 Robert Nkemdiche On Being Part Of The Organization: “I Love Every Bit Of It” - Robert Nkemdiche Thursday Press Conference
2021-09-30 Russell Wilson: “We Just Gotta Stay Hungry” - Russell Wilson Thursday Press Conference