What The Seattle Seahawks Are Saying About The Green Bay Packers

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Packers before the two teams meet in Week 14 at Lambeau Field.


Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Packers before the two teams meet in Week 14 at Lambeau Field.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On this week's game against the Packers…) "This is a really exciting matchup for us. We've had great matchups over the years with the Pack and going back there with the conditions and stuff, it's going to be a really fun football outing. We're going to take advantage of the fact that our weather is pretty similar to theirs and get out when we can here when it makes sense for us, and we'll get ready for a team that's really hitting it. They've really turned their season around and they're fired up about it and looking good. They've had a couple great games in a row, looking sharp and we can see all the best, when we see these guys we only see the best that they've ever had because we can't see it any other way. Aaron [Rodgers] is doing it, Jordy [Nelson] is doing it and it just looks like the Packers teams that we've seen. Our guys are fired up about it and looking forward to a good matchup."

FS Steven Terrell 

(On if he expects Aaron Rodgers to test him with Earl Thomas out…)"You got to prepare for that. I would assume they would. This defense, it's kind of hard to single one person out and try to attack them. We have so many weapons and the way our style of play is, but I assume they will come after me. I don't really know."

CB Richard Sherman

(On if Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is harder to read than other quarterbacks…) "I wouldn't say he's any harder to read. He's more mobile than people ever give him credit for. He plays for a scramble. A lot of times he has a guy open and he'll play for the scramble to try to make a bigger play. They'll do the double count thing and since people don't know the rules about double count, jumping off sides and things like that and free plays — Aaron Rodgers makes a living off of free plays — he's one of the most adept at it probably in league history. Drawing people offside and getting deep penalties on people, pass interference. I think they got the longest pass interference of the season this year, like 70 yards or something like that. That's one of those rules that needs to change and needed to change long time ago. Until they do, people will keep taking advantage of it."

Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell 

(On this week's game against the Packers…) "Great opportunity to play another great team. Defensive wise, just some of the early looks that we've had, they obviously have some great personnel with Clay Matthews and [Julius] Peppers and some of those players that they have. They've been there for a long time and played at a high level. Dom Capers defense, there's a lot of pressure, a lot of different personnels they use, they move guys around, so it's the same players in different spots. Targeting I think will be important in our protections, understanding how they're using their guys, as well. That'll be an important part for us this week."

(On going back to the state of Wisconsin, where he played in college and coached for Green Bay…) "I love the state of Wisconsin. It was good to me, I was there for my years in college and then I was there for six years in Green Bay. I have a lot of fond memories, a lot of friends that are still there. It's a special place in my heart and I bleed Badger red. The Green Bay stuff is kind of gone, but the Badger red is still there."

(On Clay Matthews...) "We have to find out how they're going to use him. They've been using him as that stack backer, they've also been using him in his normal defensive end spot. They move him around quite a bit, he'll be lined up in the interior, as well. I know that he's not 100 percent, that's a factor for them as well and for us. We'll monitor it and watch it and see how it plays out."

(On how Green Bay has improved since four straight loses...)"I only see half of it, so I'm only watching the defense, but I think their defense has played better. They're playing well, they have a good mix of what they're trying to do on defense.  I think that's something that Dom [Capers] has really always done."

QB Russell Wilson

(On what it means to go against Aaron Rodgers…) "That we're playing the Packers is really all that that means. He's a phenomenal quarterback, I have tons of respect for how he plays the game. It will be a great football game. They'll have a lot of great football players on the field and we will too, so it will be a battle for sure."

(On if he did anything with the Packers when he was at Wisconsin in college...) "No, we saw some players every once in awhile, but I didn't have the opportunity to really go up there a bunch. It was about two hours or so away for the most part. When I got there in the summertime I was studying the playbook like crazy, I gave myself three weeks to learn the whole playbook. I was just there all morning and all night on my own, just trying to study as much as I could, we would hang out with the players and all that so we had that connection. Then obviously the school year started and I was taking tons of grad school classes and also obviously playing football. Next thing you know season was over and I was training at IMG and getting ready for the Combine. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go up there, but you could see how much the Packers were a vital part to all the lives in Green Bay and just Wisconsin in general. My teammates would love wearing all the Packers stuff and all that. You had the big offensive linemen who now play in the National Football League, Kevin Zietler and tons of other guys, Travis Frederick, and they'd come in with shorts on and sandals and a Green Bay t-shirt on and it would be 10 degrees outside. That's how passionate people are about it."

Defensive Coordinator Kris Richard 

(On if he expects the Packers to go after Steven Terrell...)"No. I think they're going to plan accordingly just based upon our scheme. It's not going to be him in particular."

(On why Aaron Rodgers is so good at drawing defenses offside...) "I think it's because he has a real powerful voice, I don't know [laughing]. He's got a real good knack for it. It's a gift. He does a whole lot of things well, that's just part of his package."

(On staying patient against Aaron Rodgers...)"Yeah, I think it's obvious. Again, you're in a fantastic situation in regards to it's a very good football team, a very good quarterback, you know you can have a great impact on the game if you're able to get him on the ground. We just have to make sure we maintain our poise and just cannot get overanxious in regards to getting after him."

(On what stands out about Green Bay's success the last few games...) "Aaron Rodgers. His ability to extend plays. His wide receivers are really good at essentially once the play breaks down, and they extend the play, they're really good at finding the open spaces out there. That's really what it's come down to. Rodgers has done a really good job of extending plays, obviously his rhythm plays, he's kind of the best in the world doing what he does. We know we have a tough task at hand. We have to try to keep this guy bottled up, try to keep him in the pocket and keep rolling."


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