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What The Seahawks Said Following Their Win Over The Giants

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following their 24-7 win against the Giants in Week 7.

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following their 24-7 win against the Giants in Week 7.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On the offense…) "We really had a lot of shots tonight. It was a great night for Bev (Bevell) calling it, and mixing it up and giving our guys a chance to make some things happen. Just missed the two deep balls that were, you know, maybe three of them. Jimmy had one on the sidelines too so we had a lot of yards we left out there but all in all it was a very good night."

(On if the offense was frustrated…)"Yeah. We got all the way down the field, couldn't score on the one with about 15 shots down there. There was a lot of frustration on that but the point is what do you do about it. Our guys dealt with it beautifully, the coaches handled it well, leaders on the offense handled it well, the leaders on the defense handled it well in supporting those guys and kept pulling them through it and we turned it around and got cranking."

(On the poise of the team with how the game started…) "It is about finishing. You know, it always is. It ain't how you start. You can start really good and things don't turn out right. You can start poorly and things don't turn out the way you want them to. But it is about how you finish, how you take care of business when you're coming down through it. We went 5:56 with the ball in our hands wanting to kill that clock in the fourth quarter. It's a great drive by the offense and we scored a touchdown. That's great poise and great composure and the confidence to execute like that. So yeah it does say something, and we've been here before, we've been through it, we have tremendous leadership from our guys and I'm hoping that this is just the next step obviously but it's important and we'll learn from this and grow from it."

(On DT Jarran Reed…) "Yeah, big night and the line of scrimmage was just controlled you know, up front. The guys did a great job. He and Sheldon (Richardson) did a fantastic job inside. We had a big rotation tonight and everybody played and all that but those guys really held up play after play to keep the running game what it was. They were trying to run, they tried really hard to run it and our guys just didn't let them."

(On RB Thomas Rawls game…)"He played good and hard. He played tough and we saw Thomas go after him. He had a chance on that screen to go for about 50 and he said, 'I'm going to go get that guy' and that's the kind of message that he is sending and sent in the past about how he wants to play and we love him. We love him and the way he goes at it."

(On the special teams overall…) "Neiko (Thorpe) covering kicks, Terence Garvin had a big play on a kickoff coverage. The guys were just on it, you know, every punt we just surrounded it. The thing that was frustrating was that we didn't get the yards that we wanted to get in returns but Tyler kept banging it out and giving it his best shot. Those will come, those are going to pop. The game gets fun when he starts popping some runs."

(On Shaquill Griffin's game…) "He's done great. He's played game after game. You know, he just keeps doing things right. Play after play after play after play and he keeps getting checked out and he keeps getting tested and he doesn't change. That's the best thing that he's doing. He's got the confidence and he believes in what he's doing, and he's doing things right so he's really consistent. Sherman's been a huge factor on him and this has been Sherm's best play that he's ever had in my opinion and he set his sights on doing that in the offseason and has stayed with the consistency and the technique of it. Just the perfect time for Shaq to see, that's all he can see. He's got this marvelous example working on the other side. Sherm sits right next to him in meetings and I sit right next to him on the other side and we're just bringing him along. He's just listening and competing and doing right talking to Shaq. He's doing a great job and there's you know, they're going to keep challenging him and he's going to keep playing. He's going to keep making plays."

Linebacker KJ Wright

(On the defense…)"We played great team defense. We checked really well. We went after the ball and tried to get those rip attempts so we did a great job tonight. But we'll get on the film and see what we did well but this game really felt like it was great Seahawks defense and we're going to continue to get better."

Defensive End Frank Clark

(On the defense…) "It felt like we were playing a hard fought game on defense. We felt like it was one of those times like, something good is going to happen."

Wide Receiver Paul Richardson

(On his touchdown…) "I just had to win. I had to win my route. We sold the run long enough, we sold the sweep. They threw a good pass to Russ, as soon as I saw the ball go back to Russ I just started heading to the pylon."

Running Back J.D. McKissic

(On Paul's touchdown…)"Man we practiced the whole week. I just wanted to get it back to Russell as clean as possible so he could make the harder throw down the field to Paul."

Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin

(On his touchdown…) "Cover zero, again. Defenses figure it out. Guys still haven't figured it out. They gave us cover zero in the redzone. It's a look that we like to go against. Russ saw it, I saw it, we all saw it across the board, got really excited checked out of the play we had and made it happen."

(On the running game…) "That's what our identity is based on. Our whole program on the offense is based on the run game. We're going to run the ball down your throat then when you try to stop the run we're going to be explosive in the passing game and behind you. We haven't been able to do that as effectively as we'd like to but we're going to continue to work on it. Again I think it's a process and we're on the verge of it."

(On Paul's touchdown…) "You can't say enough about Paul. Just his maturity. Not like when I say maturity off the field, maturity as a football player in terms of learning coverages, knowing how he fits in the role in this system, how to adjust his route on the fly. He's really becoming a well-rounded receiver and I told him on the field I really admire him because he's had some struggles. Injuries, and not getting opportunities when he could have but he makes the best of every opportunity that comes to him and again I couldn't be more proud of him."  

Cornerback Richard Sherman

(On if there was more of a spotlight playing here…) "We've had a spotlight for a long time. We've had a spotlight on us every game, every week. I mean I think a lot of people just look for us to fall, and look for us to fail and hope that it comes this game and they keep watching us hoping that its coming, hoping that it's this game, or this game, or this game.  But we've had the spotlight on us for a long time and I don't think the market necessarily matters in our case. I think we've turned Seattle into a big market team. We've got a lot of pro bowlers, all pros, a lot of jersey sales, we get a lot of media attention so I think as small of a market theoretically as it is, we get a lot of attention."

(On the defense…) "They didn't let me get involved very much today honestly. I was out there, it was like being part of a great dance group and you're just a side dancer. But you know my rookie played well, JC (Justin Coleman) played well, Kam and Earl always play phenomenal football. The backers KJ and Bobby, you know we locked them down on every level. The D-line was outstanding against the run game. I don't know how many yards they ended up with but we just played great all around team football. That's what it is, nobody is being selfish, nobody's sacrificing, trying to be greedy. Guys are playing within the scheme and taking the plays over there. The times you get kind of beat are the times where guys are getting greedy, guys are getting stat hungry. Guys are trying to hunt for stats, then you jump out of your gap, give up a big run. You're letting your teammates down, and that's what you can appreciate about our guys. They try not to do that, guys are unselfish and we appreciate that."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On Paul's touchdown…) "Well what an exciting play obviously. It was a great call by Bevell and you know toss it to J.D., he throws it back to me and just let Paul do his thing. Gave him a chance one on one, wouldn't want to pick anybody else one on one other than Paul and he just did a great job of tackling the football, snagging it down. It was contested that's for sure, I think Paul got his hands on it first obviously and brought it down, and you know it was definitely a pretty crazy play but you know its like baseball you know simultaneous hitting the back first. It was a great play by Paul, great effort obviously by Landon Collins too but fortunate for us."

(On this game requiring patience…)"Yeah, you know the score was seven to three. We were calm you know just be calm, no panic, why panic and for us we just had to stay the course. We've been here before, physically we've been here before in New York. We like New York but also I think that in these situations there's no panic, defense was lights out tonight. I want to give credit to them and what they were able to do. For us, we just had to make plays. We were moving the ball down the field, we just weren't finding the endzone for whatever reason. Then we get a penalty and bring us back, and then we do something silly. We just had to stay the course and once we corrected that and came out in the second half we were lights out."

(On going to Jimmy after the dropped passes…) "How could I not go back to him. Arguably one of the best tight ends to ever play the game. I have no doubt, no doubt in my mind ever crosses my mind just so you guys know. This guy can make every play you can imagine. You know he ran that route right down the middle after the couple drops or whatever but he doesn't normally do that. That's a rare, rare thing to see. He's got the best hands you could ever see. He's running down the middle I gave him a shot down the middle and ever since then he got in the flow, he caught that slant route, he was big and physical. You could see what he can do and he's super special, one of a kind talent. Like I always say great free throw shooters miss some free throws once in a while so I'm going to just keep giving him a shot to make it and he's going to do that."  

Game action photos from the Seahawks' 24-7 victory over the New York Giants in Week 7. 

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