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What The Seahawks Said Following Their Win Against Detroit

Take a look at what the Seahawks said following their meeting in Week 8 against the Lions.


Opening Statement: "Firstly, this is the first game since Mr. Allen passed away, just about two weeks ago. So, we had an opportunity to celebrate (him) once again, and I know we'll continue to celebrate. There are so many reasons to celebrate his life. That's what we did in the locker room and we gave the game ball to his best friend. We just had to make sure we connected the spirit one more time and we'll continue to do that. Without Paul, none of us would be here. So, we're very grateful and appreciative and we'll continue to feel that connection and play for that. Today's game was a really good football game for us. We did well in so many different areas. On the road, against a team that's been hot, had been running the football, doing some really good things. We were able to kind of change that climate for them. They weren't running the football like they had just a week ago, they ran for a ton. Our guys went in to get that done. It was a good job by the coaches and a terrific job by the front seven guys again. So, that's kind of—when we got the thing under way, even though we gave up the first score, it really didn't matter to our guys on the sidelines. For us, we went right down, got a touchdown for us on the second drive, whatever it was, and put us back in the game. And then responded with a turnover, which was fantastic. We really were able to play right within the framework of how we want to do it. We want to get the football, we don't want to give it up. No turnovers today, and take advantage of that and run the heck out of the football. We ran it 42 times today. Matter of fact, I couldn't be more fired up about it. That's just commitment and it's attitude and it's what we're trying to do. So, I'm really fired up about really this whole month plus, and hopefully we'll just keep on cranking it and it'll keep unfolding."

On his opinion of his team's performance: "I realize I made that statement because of our respect for the way they've been playing. They've been hot and they've been winning and doing it with style and all of that. We were able to equalize it today and play our game. Matt (Patricia)'s done a great job with this team. He's turned this thing around and they're rolling. So, it's a big win for us. And to get that particularly on the road—we've been on the road a lot now. What is it, five out of seven? It's no big deal to us. I'm sure we'll get a couple more chances, but we've been doing some traveling and our guys have really responded beautifully. It doesn't matter where we play right now to get the style of play we want."

On the completed catch challenge that was ruled in favor of Seattle: "Yeah, that was a big play. It's a new rule, a new interpretation. If you look at it a year ago, that would not have been a catch. But he got three steps down with the control of the football before it came out. This is like—I think it's going to be a precise illustration of what the new interpretation was all about. So, we jumped on the chance at it. Again, Russell (Wilson) hooked up with David (Moore). David Moore's doing a great job, doing all kinds of cool stuff for us."

On Seattle's punt at the end of the fourth quarter: "Aussie sweep? Yeah, we've been drawing that one up for months waiting for the chance. No, that's not the rule. That was us taking a safety, and that was a really terrific competitor, seeing the moment and seizing it. I thought Mike (Michael Dickson) was smiling as he turned the corner and he knew he could make the first down. He knew he was going to have to take a hit and he was thinking about taking care of the football. It was an incredibly beautiful play. Sometimes you have to improvise and really good players seem to do it at the right time. I thought that was a fantastic illustration of what's to come."

On if the punt at the end of the fourth quarter was supposed to be a safety: "Yep."

On what he was thinking if they weren't going to get the first down from the fourth quarter punt: "Well, there were a couple superlatives or whatever you call them that came out. But I thought it was awesome. I can't love a play more than that. It was like he (Michael Dickson) went against all tradition, all thinking and everything. But he saw a situation and he took advantage of it. And I think that's what great players do and they surprise you sometimes. That was truly a surprise. That was a great moment and I was really fired up for him."

On if P Michael Dickson has the option to look for the run: "Well, he might tell you that last week in London, I mentioned it to him. He's been after me. I said sometimes you're just going to have to take off and go. And the next time out, he did it. So, I don't know. That's something that a really good player can do. Sometimes the coverage, the return team takes off and they give you a soft edge and that's what he saw. He was going to kill some time and took full advantage of it. So, that's awesome."

On if looking for the run was part of his game-plan: "No, I did not have that scenario in mind. Maybe I was a little out of whack back there out in England when this happened, but anyway, ask him. He'll tell you all about it."

On QB Russell Wilson's performance, including his quarterback rating in today's game: "Beautiful game. Not just that, Russell's doing more than just that. We ran the ball for 170-something yards today. He found some opportunities to run it and fix some things for us and took advantage of the game-plan. He did a great job. He played a great football game today. What did he throw the ball for, 15 times? When you run the ball like this, you went for almost 250 in 14 completions. Awesome game. And I think we were pretty good on third down again too, 50 percent or something like that. That's the makeup of—it's really hard to beat you when you play like that and we're fired up for him."

On what is making their play-action game so positive: "The running game. It's the running game and then also it's the guys that protect it up front. It's taking advantage of—they can sense our commitment and they have to try to take care of the running game. It gives you an opportunity, the great placement with the throw over the top, gets it to David (Moore) on the deep cross route. That was just a gorgeous play. Great play fake, it did some loosening on third-and-short. Those are terrific plays, but they're all set up because of the running game."

On how P Michael Dickson looked in his first game: "He did great. It was a great touchdown catch. He had a chance to shake and bake a little bit on that play and then he kind of left that up in Eugene or something, I don't know where that went. But he did great. K.J. (Wright) did really well, too. He felt great coming out of the game. That's a tremendous asset to us to have him back. So, both those guys were a main difference today."

On SS Bradley McDougald coming in and out of the game today: "He was sick today. He was sick going into the game. He got banged around a little bit, but he was just really ill before the game and just sucked it up and played anyway."

On the forced fumble after FS Tedric Thompson gave up a big play: "Yeah, he answered with that great tackle on kickoff coverage. That was probably my favorite play of the day, except for (Michael) Dickson's play. That's going to be my favorite play for a while. But that was a great hit and we got three-plus today. Offense started another streak of not turning the ball over. We've been trying to get to double digits by mid-year and we're there going into game eight. So, that's a great accomplishment. We had set our sights on that a long time ago, so that's great to hit that spot. It makes a difference."

On how valuable it is to have previously injured starters back on the field: "It's a great boost. Of course they play on the field, but it's even more than that. Particularly for Ed (Dickson), he had a nice game today. We hadn't seen him play. He went out, he had his chance to make some stuff happen and will help us moving forward. K.J. (Wright), his presence is really powerful for us. So, yeah, it's a great boost."

On the physical skills CB Justin Coleman had to use to intercept Lions QB Matthew Stafford's pass: "He's a terrific ball player. He's just been such a great cover guy for us. That was a great catch, great play, feet in bounds, the whole thing. It was a beautiful play at a great timing moment for us. He's been a really great addition. I remember when we got him a while back, John (Schneider) found him through New England and he's been a real stellar player for us ever since."

On DT Jarran Reed's performance today and in general this season: "Those guys up front, you can talk about all the other stuff that happened, but they only allowed 30 yards today on a team that wants to run the football. And that was a great job. And it starts right there with J. Reed and DT Shamar (Stephen) and those guys up front and inside. All the credit goes to them playing great, disciplined defense. We didn't do anything special today. We just played our scheme and did the stuff we wanted to do. It starts right there. Bobby and K.J. (Wright) are the beneficiaries of really good technique play and getting the blockers off. They do all the dirty work in there and they're really good at it."

On going for it on fourth-and-one: "Thanks for bringing that up. We had them down so I just wanted to take a shot at it and fell back on my Trojan days a little bit for a moment there. But I just wish we would have made it, it's too bad we went out of bounds. Rus (Russell Wilson) makes a great play to find Nick (Vannett) and unfortunately we were out of bounds on it. I wish we would have hammered it in a couple times there. We missed our chance. He made a great throw to Doug (Baldwin) too and unfortunately he couldn't stay in bounds on that one, so we almost scored a couple times there."

On forcing turnovers: "We're working really hard at it. It's ongoing forever, all the time, every day from a mental emphasis. And I'm really fired up to get to where we are and we're close to the top of the League, which is good. But really, we set our sights on being in double digits in game eight and here we are. So, that's a big accomplishment and it makes such a difference in the game and for them, too. They go minus-three and we're plus-three, so it's a big deal. It's hard to win when it happens on the other side."

On how the team keeps the momentum going: "Gosh, I don't know. We'll seem to find a way somehow. We're rolling, I don't know. We're jacked and we'll just keep on working on it and busting our tail and practicing really hard and not changing anything. Just do exactly what we know how to do and come back and tell the truth Monday and we'll get back on our way."

On returning to play at home for the next six of nine games after being on the road: "That can't be the truth. That's not the reality. Something is going happen. We might play somebody else, we're tuned into travel. We just automatically go to the bus and get on to go to a plane somewhere."

On if he's satisfied with the team's position right now: "No, I'm always going to regret the fact that we started lousy. And it's a 14-game season for us to try to do something with it after screwing up the first two games. But this a nice team, I like our team. I like what's going on, I like the way it's going and I like how they feel about it. It's really clear, there's no mystery how we're trying to get it done. We're not going to fool anybody."


Opening statement:"I wanted to say something about Paul (Allen). Obviously, to get this win, you know, on the road and everything else. To be able to say that we got a huge win, obviously after a tough, tough loss of Paul Allen. He meant so much to us, all of us players. The culture that he was able to create that will forever live on here for the Seattle Seahawks and the impact that he's made, not just for us as individuals, as a team, but also as a city. There's probably not too many people that have impacted the world more than he has. Obviously from Microsoft, to all of the things that he's done for other people. For brain research, everything else, to all the animals around the world. I think that there's so much more about Paul Allen that we'll forever miss, but forever remember. But I think I just have so many memories of Paul, just music and how much that meant to him and just being able to share that with Ciara and talk to him about those moments like that and he was a man that had so much grace and so much love for the world. So we'll forever miss him, but we'll always remember him."

On if he would have expected such a high passing completion rate:"Yeah, I think that our receivers did a tremendous job of getting open. I thought it was all (Tyrone) Swoopes, that was phenomenal, great catch by him. You see David Moore make the next big-time catch and then to see (Ed) Dickson get his first touchdown and go up and get it. Me and him were able to get a lot of extra work before and after practice and show it off right there. And he's worked so hard to get back, so it was exciting to see him. And then the great thing about our team right now is it doesn't matter who's making the plays, it doesn't matter what's going on. At the end of the day, all that matters is each other and all that matters is us winning and finding a way to win and doing whatever it takes to win. So, that's really showed up in the past several weeks. Felt like we had a great chance against the Rams, we were a field goal away from winning that game. You know, that could be five straight wins. Ultimate goal was to go 1-0 each week and finding a way to win and our defense was lights out. Tough all day, came up with some big plays. Our offensive line, I mean, got to give those guys credit. Duane Brown up front, just do all the things he can do, so easy, physical, athletic as he is. And you know obviously, Justin Britt up front, who's one of the best centers in the game as well. And D.J. Fluker is tough as nails and so passionate about the game. We were able to run the ball really well and (Germain) Ifedi's done a tremendous job too the past several weeks. And it starts with those guys and they set the attitude and the tempo. We were able to do a lot of things on offense. Coach (Brian Schottenheimer) was doing a tremendous job of calling a lot of different plays, and looks, and things that we want to be able to do from the passing gam,e to the run game, to the movement game and everything else. And guys are just making plays. You know, so it's been exciting to see what we're doing and you got to enjoy the process. It's a long journey, and got a lot more to do. And so we're keeping our heads down and trying to be great every game."

On how much it helps him in the passing game when the running game is good:"Well, I think that we're very versatile. I think we can do whatever we want right now, I guess that starts with the offensive line. We can run it, we can run right at you, we can gap scheme it, we can zone scheme it. Obviously with the zone reads too, really as well. We have so much versatility in what we want to do and it starts with (Offensive Line) Coach (Mike) Solari, (Offensive Coordinator) Coach (Brian) Schottenheimer, and what they're doing and what they've brought to us. And in terms of the passing game, it always goes down to the protection. They're doing a great job of protecting. I've got a lot of time and I always tell them when we're watching film, 'I'm cooking steaks back there.' Got a lot of time, and when that happens great things are going to happen and that's a tribute to those guys. And ultimately, my whole job, and I've always said this, is to facilitate the ball to the right guy at the right time. We have so many guys that can make plays, playmakers across the board, so it's exciting to play football and play quarterback with these guys


On the Seahawks performance against the Lions: "It doesn't matter what they do. I don't know how focused they were, but what matters is that we came out with the W."

On if the Seahawks defense frustrated Lions QB Matthew Stafford: "I hope so. I hope he was frustrated, but overall he made some plays out there and it just wasn't enough."

On the message the Seahawks secondary is sending to the NFL: "Our actions speak louder than our words. We're going to go out there and ball no matter what. So, that's it."

On the confidence the Seahawks secondary is playing with: "It's all about confidence and the legacy the older guys left and we're just going to carry it on and continue to ball out."

On the interception at the end of the game: "I feel like it wasn't anything special. It's just something we work on all the time in practice. And I see the quarterback rolling out, and I feel like I had to just get in the space where I felt like he was going to throw it, and he threw it and I was able to come down with the pick."


On how many runs or fakes he has had before: "Two in college, I got both, but one got pulled back for a holding penalty against USC. I guess I took the frustration out today."

On him not using the play call and doing his own thing: "Yeah, we meant to take a safety and try to melt the clock. I was meant to just kind of run around, take some time off the clock and just step out of bounds. As I ran to the right, I just looked and saw that there was a bit of a gap and I thought, just stuff it, just tuck it and try and run."

On what Head Coach Pete Carroll said after that: "He was hype, he came in here after and was like, 'What were you thinking?' He told me after the London game, I think he was joking, but he said, 'When are you ever just going to run one,' and I said, 'Whenever you tell me too.' He was like, "If there's a gap, just run it." I told (Brian) Schneider, our special teams coach, and he said, 'Don't ever do that, he might be messing with you, don't do it.' Then today, when I was doing it, I was like, 'Pete said,' It paid off."

On the original intention of the punt scramble play: "Yeah, so I was meant to run to the right and soak up some time before we took the safety. It was open, I thought stuff it. Try and get the first down."

On what would have happened if he failed: "Oh, man, I would be extremely embarrassed. I don't even know, that did not even cross my mind. Honestly, I knew I was going to get it and I'm glad it paid off."


On the wide receiving group's mindset each week: "It's just a thing that you have to have. As wide receivers, that's what we preach in the wide receiver room is having confidence in going out there and having fun. Our coach tells us that if the ball is in the air, it's ours. So that's what we do."

On how much time the wide receivers spend planning celebrations: "I would say, we do all of our practicing celebrations at practice when we're not in. So we just try to come up with some stuff that, 'Hey, we practiced.'

On the inspiration for the baseball celebration: "World Series, so we had to try to do something."

On the offense's performance coming out of the Bye Week: "It showed a lot. It showed us that no matter what, we can always come out and do our job, put the time in and do what we have to do and execute. And just keep playing hard doing what we do playing Seahawk ball."

On P Michael Dickson: "Michael Dickson, he's amazing. So everything that he does, we appreciate it and we just try to take it and run with it. So the fact that he's doing what he's doing, we love it and we just hope he keeps it up."


On what the Seahawks' performance showed today: "That we got grit, you know what I'm saying? We got guts. First drive of the game they shoved it down our throat, 91 yards, they were all the way down the field and after that we kind of buckled in. We kind of honed in. Everybody just went back to their responsibilities. We just started playing ball. You kind of felt the guys get settled into the game and once we did I felt like we imposed our will on them."

On whether the secondary is going to start celebrating like the receivers: "Nah, we definitely got to step it up. That's something we've been talking about. We need the ball to get the celebrations, but we had an opportunity today when J.C. (Justin Coleman) caught a pick, but our main focus is playing good defense right now. And we have fun with that. We don't really need to celebrate besides the celebrations we do. Hearing that, we might have some down the line for you all."

On how fun the past five games have been for the Seahawks: "Yeah, I mean that's what we're doing. It's the time of year to do that. Everybody is comfortable in their job, we all know our job requirements, what we're supposed to do, and it's hard not to have fun. You're around your brothers, you play hard for these guys, and when you get results like that it feels good."


On how they turned around the game: "We just got to the drawing boards. Nort (Ken Norton Jr.) got on us and said, 'Wake up.' You know how it is for those 10-o'clock games and you have to wake up a little bit. We woke up and we came ready to play. We were dominating for the rest of the game."

On how good it felt when CB Justin Coleman got the interception: "That was big. J.C. (Justin Coleman) really bounced back. He missed that thing early in the game but Coach (Pete Carroll) got on him and he bounced back. He pretty much had a game-winning interception, hats off to him. He's had a good year so far."

On the locker room celebration: "We're having fun, we're in our groove and it feels good. It's a perfect time, coming off the bye-week, to just really take off. We have a home game next week and we just have to start stacking these wins on top of each other. That what it's going to take to make the playoffs."

On their preparation for next week: "Oh, it's the same thing. You get back on Monday, (talk about) what happened, watch the film, talk about the good and the bad, and take care of your body on Monday (and) Tuesday. Then, we get back up and compete against each other on Wednesday. Just because you've had a win or a loss, you have to treat each week the same."

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' 28-14 win in Detroit in Week 8 of the 2018 NFL season.