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What the Seahawks Said Following Their Week 1 Win Over the Falcons

Transcripts, interviews and press conferences from the the Seahawks' opener in Atlanta.

Pete Carroll

To get out in the first ballgame and everybody, all the questions, how you going to play it how you going to do it, what's it going to look like, I thought it was a really pretty clean game.

Some tackling issues I think late. The game was long and it took awhile, both sides of the ball, both teams I think, that I think will grow into the conditioning part of the game. But what I was really excited about is what we've been doing in practice showed up, and rest has been extraordinary all camp. He had a great summer as I told you guys in throwing the ball to everybody and he had you know perhaps his best throwing day numbers-wise just about you could have. Was in great command of the game.

We messed up a couple sacks but after that we really cleaned things up and were able to really move the ball. So it was a big day for Tyler Lockett, eight catches, was all over the place. Big day for D.K., particularly the big touchdown pass. Really big showing for Greg Olsen like to see him have games where he can have games where he catches eight to ten passes as we go along and the running backs ran really hard, too.

I think you're going to want to know about the sacks and all that kind of stuffs numbers early on, but guys settled in the second half and protected Russ and we really had command of the game on the offensive side throughout.

Defensively, you couldn't help but watch Jamal Adams, all over the place, 12 or so tackles, a sack and was close on a couple others and just made some beautiful plays, tackles and hits and pressures and all of that. He's an extraordinary football player but all the guys played well, Bobby, the guys up front in the running game in general.

I just liked the way we played together as a team today, and I thought probably the play of the game was Blair on the fourth down when they faked a punt, he makes a great hit to knock the ball loose and Rook (ph) free swing, jumped up, made a great recovery to get the ball.

So I think what happened in the game to really make the difference was the defense went in on fourth down. Had he went on third down, went O-for-4, giving up on fourth down, so really great job, guys came out pretty healthy and we'll get ready for next week.

Q. What did you make of how Schotty called the game on the first two drives of the offense?

PETE CARROLL: I thought he called a terrific game all game long. He just went with the stuff we've been doing, looked good in practice. Wasn't anything out of the ordinary for how we have been preparing to play. Looked very much like we had been practicing. That's a good statement about the looks they have been getting and the work we have been getting to get us ready. I thought it was a terrific football game for us offensively.

Q. How did you come to the decision of locking arms before the game?

PETE CARROLL: That really was handled by the captains for the most part. Mo Kelly helped communicate with Atlanta so they knew what we were doing together. I thought it was a really good statement by both teams, and to make a statement, you know and we don't know what -- how much we can do to help but we are going to keep trying. We don't ever want to go back. We know that. Never go back was really the thought of the day. We'll see what happens next week -- the leadership of Bobby and Russ and those guys to get it all wired so everybody could get comfortable with how we did it.

Q. We could hear you screaming in the press box --

PETE CARROLL: Really? I've been kind of anonymous for a long time --

Q. Russ, 35 passes in 21 play calls, how much was today a sign of what you want to do the rest of the season with him?

PETE CARROLL: I think it's just a sign of how we've worked in this off-season and like I said it three or times already, it's really the way we've been practicing and Russ was in total command of the game and had a beautiful game. But there's so many things that factor in on that. Schotty making the calls, all the preparation to get there, it's the guys coming through with their plays and all that, Russ will be the first to tell you.

It is a statement, though, off the off-season, that this whole Zoom season, our guys did a marvelous job. Russ was extremely involved integrally involved with all of that and it just showed. It showed. We were together and tight and functioning well. I don't know what we did on third down, I don't know if it was any good. Even backed up with penalty situations or sacks, we came back and converted. That's confidence and belief. These guys, first game, they have earned their way right here. They have earned their way to play like that by the way they practiced.

Q. With Jamal, how much does he just change entirely how you play defensively because of all he can do to --

PETE CARROLL: Totally freelancing on his own -- we have no control over the guy.

No, that's not true. He is such a marvelous football player. You have to put him in positions to give him a chance and stuff happens. I thought Kenny called a terrific game to keep him off balance, even though they put up a bunch of yards because we were way ahead. I liked our tackling style and our guys really played to it well.

So we'll go from here.

Q. How do you resist the urge not to blitz him every down?

PETE CARROLL: Well, maybe we should, I don't know. I haven't thought about that.

Q. The fourth and three call, 38-yard line to Metcalf, that's something we saw a lot of in practice. What went into the decision with you and Schotty to pull the trigger at that moment?

PETE CARROLL: Really believing in our guys. Look how much belief and how comfortable Russ was in that situation. He didn't think to just dink it to try to get the conversion. He took what was there and took a great shot to D.K.. beautiful execution by both those guys.

That's Russ. That's Russ just making the most of the opportunity and I think it was a really good illustration of that. You know, to execute like that under that circumstance is what we really hope to see, and first game out, gave him a shot, went for it and up it goes. That was a huge play in the game.

Q. You mentioned Jamal making plays. The secondary did have some ups and downs today. How long do you think it will take to kind of get to peak performance in terms of them playing together?

PETE CARROLL: I don't know. I don't know. We gave up that big play in the third quarter which was really a blunder and we need to do that way better. That really was the play that kind of gave them -- changed the field position and all of that and we were even playing for the situation. So we didn't do that well.

We've just got to get better and keep working at it. There's a lot of good play making in these guys, and you know, you can see that they are really aggressive, they really played in tune with the game, because they are such good communications during the game we really played to the situations and I think that's what you saw rise up on fourth and get all those nice wins.

Benson Mayowa had a couple terrific plays for us today, the ball he knocked down in a crucial situation and also the sack he had in fourth down. Two huge plays come through for us.

We'll need to play cleaner. A little bit loose in the throwing game.

Q. Being that you didn't have any preseason games, wondering what surprises stood out to you positively or negatively about the way you guys played today?

PETE CARROLL: You know, it seemed pretty much like we have been practicing. I don't think there was many surprises today. Really thrilled to see Benson make two crucial plays but he's been looking good in practice. I think, not surprised but what's really pleasing is to see us carry that whole camp and all this off-season and go play football and execute like that on offense.

I think that's the thing that will take the most out of this first game is that we were able to go out there and really function, and Russ was -- I've been telling you, Russ has looked great, all camp, he's been so integral in everything that we did in kind of the process of teaching what we are doing offensively during the Zoom period. I told you, also, we looked like we are smarter, like we are farther ahead than normal in the off-season. I don't know what to tell you about that, but that's just the Zoom process really brought out the best in us somehow and I think the coaches had a lot to do with that and the leadership did, too.

Q. What's your initial impression of how the D-Line played, the group as a whole and how did it fit in with the fourth down plays, too?

PETE CARROLL: I think we came through in crucial situations and we were playing backup here at the end, knowing they couldn't win the game if we did it right. Gave them some good yards there.

I'm really anxious for us just to come back after this first game and start building on it. I really think this is a very good offense. The quarterback very good. He has an all-time receiver and all-time tailback and good tight end and terrific line and play caller. They have a lot going for them and they are going to put a lot of points on the board during the course of this season. Giving them credit. I thought that we played the game really well, offenses, defenses and went through it and gave up a little bit at the end.

Q. I know you mentioned earlier this week that you were possibly looking to play more guys, Jordan Simmons getting some reps and Jordyn Brooks getting on the field some. How nice was it the first game of the season to get some of those other players experience while getting a convincing victory?

PETE CARROLL: That was by design. We wanted to rotate. I don't know till we see what the numbers were but we tried to really rotate guys. You saw a couple guys did cramp up by the end of the game, so we don't rotate well enough, a couple of those guys, they weren't even playing all the time, so we have to figure that out.

But we hope to continue to keep the rotations going and let a lot of guys play. I think it's good for us in a lot of ways and shows our depth and shows our players that we believe in them.

Q. The visible energy and spirit that Jamal played with, is that infectious? Does that rub off on the rest of the defense?

PETE CARROLL: There's no doubt. There's no doubt. He is such an energetic just personality. He's got so much fire in him. He's an incredible job competitor. Does it rub off? Yes. And I'm so thrilled he's on our team and we got him as much not just for the play but what you brings and how he affects other people and he'll continue to do that.

I thought during the day, when we go back home, our fans won't be able to see it in the stadium early in the year, and I wish they could, because a lot that goes on that's happening off the play field and off the sidelines and cheering up guys. This game now with nobody in the stands, really does call on us to really maintain the juice and the energy, and he's a wonderful player to exemplify that.

Q. Have you ever scored a touchdown on a play where your tight ends run into each other pre-snap?

PETE CARROLL: That was pretty good, wasn't it. That was by design. Let them think we were confused. Kind of a rope-a-dope thought there -- indiscernible -- no, I can't remember that happening. They did score a touchdown when our guys ran into each other on the other side, I don't know if you noticed that one, that was the corner route that they caught. Shouldn't have happened.

Q. The atmosphere, what was that like?

PETE CARROLL: It was different. But it didn't matter. It didn't matter to the game. You know, like I say, we were on the road and we didn't have a crowd screaming at us, either, but like way back when, I always felt like this was going to work out okay because the guys don't really -- they don't play for the fans on game day. They play the game the way they are supposed to, and there was enough juice and energy there that, you know, it was really fun.

It was really a fun game, and locker room was cool before the game, at halftime and after the game, you know, all that good stuff that we love to -- we share all the energy, the build up of the game and the finish. It was all there. It's more exciting, I guess, there's more atmosphere, of course, but when these guys are playing, they have got to go. The competition on the field was really, really good, both sides.

Q. We saw Rasheem Green go out would shoulder injury. Anything significant?


Q. Rasheem Green.

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, yeah, he was okay. He had just a little something going on for a bit. He was fine.

Q. You mentioned the cornerbacks struggled a little bit --

PETE CARROLL: No, I didn't see that. I didn't see the cornerbacks struggled a little bit. I said pass defense, we messed up a play, so I didn't really say that. I'm not trying to correct you on that. I just don't want guys to think I'm talking about them like that because I didn't think they played bad.

I'm sorry, now ask the question.

Q. Sorry about that. Just with the rotation, with Quinton and Trey at right corner, is the plan keeping them both come in and out, try to get a feel for who --

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, we are just taking it as we go. Trey played a lot during camp and did a really good job and all that and I felt like they deserved to rotate and we'll just go to the next game and see what happens. That was a lot of work for Quinton today and it's the most work he's had, so see how he recovers this week and all, but it's great to have the ability to rotate.

We had some flexibility, too, with the other backup spots at the dime and nickel stuff which was great. A few other guys got in the game, too, which really just helps us down the road, the more guys play early.

Q. Obviously Russ was kind of the leader of the offensive prowess, but Chris Carson had some nice catches. Just how have you seen him come along as a pass catcher over the last couple games?

PETE CARROLL: Chris has great hands. He really does. He can catch the ball as well as anybody, and he doesn't get nearly as much work at it but just naturally he's got great hands. That was an incredible job perfect screen pass that we hit for the touchdown. All the guys, can't wait to see that and show that in highlights and stuff. He also ran it beautifully and the timing was beautiful and the execution was exquisite on that one.

But Chris will continue to be a target for us. He's just too good at it. He's really a natural catcher. If a ball gets away from him once in a while, I know how he can catch the football -- it's like D.K. didn't handle a couple balls today, but he's incredible, and we're going to keep throwing it to him because we know that he's a great player.

Q. Bobby looked like he was a step ahead several times today. What did you see from him?

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, he's played so well, he's been so healthy throughout camp and been able to get all of the work. He had been doing great and so it's no surprise he would play well. This is an illustration of how you practice, you can play, and trust how you prepare if you don't go out there and make stuff up and try to do things that you normally wouldn't do, you can play football like that. And you can tell, it doesn't matter where we go. A lot of trips coming up on the road to the East Coast and we're okay about it. Everybody asks about the two days and what's going to happen and that. I can't tell you until after we get back home and do a lot of testing and all that.

But I thought it was another beautiful illustration of the way we like to travel and just thrilled about that because it's so important. We got four more times coming to the East Coast to this time zone and we need to get really good at it.

Q. Curious if the rotation at running back is how you want to keep things moving forward, getting everybody in there and making sure you keep Carson fresh for the entire year?

PETE CARROLL: I don't know what the numbers came out today, but it felt good. It felt good giving those guys the chance to keep them fresh. Those were two guys that hammer the football and T-Home was such a good change of pace, I just like the three-guy rotation. Again I don't know what the numbers were today but it felt good.

Imagine how much fresher you can keep a lead guy that doesn't have that opportunity, and so we'll just go one game at a time right now. We don't need to call it any way -- never have, and I don't think there will be a time in the season where I'll tell you, oh, this guy is going to get all the snaps or this guy is not. I don't think that's what's going to take place. We'll just keep moving through the game and see what's happening and the style of plays and the runs and all, and I thought we ran the ball well today. We didn't run the ball a lot but we ran the ball well when we did and really pleased with that.


On going straight into the season with no preseason:

"I think we did a great job. We have a lot of great players. We were super dialed in all off season. We spent a lot of time on Zoom calls. We talked a lot about the ball and life and everything else. We have a lot of smart guys I think like I have said to you guys earlier I feel like we are smarter than ever. Obviously, we have great talent. Everybody caught the ball today and that is what we want. We want to diversify the football. D.K. [Metcalf] made great plays. Tyler [Lockett] made great plays. Greg Olsen made great plays. [Will] Dissly, everybody touched the football. Of course, [Chris] Carson scored two touchdowns. It was great just to see that. The offensive line did a great job. They had a sack the first play of the game unfortunately they came right up the field and didn't even go for it and they came right up field and had that one and then I think they had two other ones but I think we did a great job up front. They were giving me time to make throws. We threw the ball quite a bit we ran the ball well. We were able to do a lot of things. I think it is a testament to preparations and a testament of how we prepared in the offseason and obviously through training camp and definitely this week as well."

On throwing 21 times in the first 35 plays:

"I think we wanted to spread the ball around get the ball to different guys. We wanted to be aggressive in our approach just in general. I think we wanted to be able to run the ball well too which we were able to do when we did. It felt great. We had three drives in there I wish we could have back. We kind of got stagnant there we did not stay hungry with how we approached up the line of scrimmage and everything else. I think we had those couple penalties there, but other than that I thought it was a great day. For the first game of the year to step up like that the guys made plays and we are very confident in what we are doing. That was great.

On the fourth down pass to D.K. Metcalf:

"To be honest with you they made a good stop on third down and they were all celebrating. We kind of just looked to the sidelines and was like well lets go after them. We wanted to be aggressive in that approach right there. We were going to send in the kicking team out. I think Schotty [Brian Schottenheimer] and I were on the same page and we went for it and sure enough D.K. [Metcalf] makes a great play, slips by them and runs down the field and makes a great touchdown catch. That was big for us."

On Jamal Adam's first game and his added energy to the game:

"I mean he has been unbelievable as a teammate, as a leader. I mean he is one of the best players in the game. He brings the juice; he brings the energy. He is just focused, he is dialed in. He is on his assignments. He can make every play on the field. Our defense is going to be really special this year I believe. It obviously starts with Bobby [Wagner] always and what he does and his consistency. K.J. [Wright] his consistency and then our defensive line was able to make plays. But then when we get a guy like [Quandre] Diggs last year who was able to step in for I don't know how many games he played, five, six, it felt like he played 12 with how many plays he made. For him to step in the way he did and then to get another guy like Jamal Adams to come into our football team. Those are great football players and he has brought the energy. He has brought the focus and I think that we are going to have a really great defense. That secondary looked really good."

On going up-tempo and doing it more this season:

"I think we are going to mix it in here and there. I think it is an important part of the game to be able to control the game and to strike fear into defenses in multiple ways, different personnel's, different players, different people. We were able to do that because of our personnel. We got a lot of great confidence in our tight ends. We have a lot of great confidence in our wide receivers. We have a lot of great confidence in running backs. We have stable running backs back there and ultimately, our offensive line they are smart guys. They have been doing a great job all camp I was proud of DLew [Damien Lewis] getting his game. I thought he did a tremendous job throughout the whole game. He was super focused. I told him early in the game 'listen the last game you played you won a national championship. I think you will be okay'. It has been fun being with great guys and guys who are passionate about the game not just good guys that like football but love they love the game. That is a fun thing to play quarterback and help be a part of this journey."

On having Breonna Taylor's name on the back of his helmet:

"Well, I have a daughter. I have a beautiful three-year-old daughter and when I think about everything that has happened in our country it has been an emotional time. An emotional time where there is a lot of hate in the world a lot of disappointing things that are happening and when I think about Breonna, I think about somebody who seemed to be a gracious person from what we hear and what we read, but also somebody who was just trying to be at home. What is going on in America is very real. It is a very sad thing. I think it important that we need justice for Breonna. We need people to step up and our leaders in our country to be able to step up and make a change for these types of situations, especially like those. When I think about my daughter, I get fearful because a young girl like Breonna having her life taken away is pretty difficult. I think also for me I think about everything going on in the world, all of our faces may be different but for me personally I pray that we can come together and love people better. For me when I think about the Jesus I know I think about somebody who wants us to love one another. I actually had pulled this up because I want to read it because I think it is important time in the world. It is Jesus speaking, it is John 13:34-35 and this has been on my heart honestly all week. It says 'a new commandment I give you love one another. It says a new commandment I give you love one another as I have loved you so you must love one another. By this everyone will know you are my disciples if you love one another. I love that part where it says a new commandment, I give you love one another as I have loved you so you. I think that is so important. And my other favorite scripture that I have been praying over is first Corinthians 13:4-8 it's a love chapter in a way. It was read at our wedding even. It says Love is patient. Love is kind. It is not envy. It is not boast. It is not proud. It is not dishonor others. It is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered. Not easily angered. It keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects. Always trusts. Always hopes. Always persevered. Love never fails. I think in the reality of life right now we are in a critical time. With a pandemic happening around the world. Within America to be honest with you Black people being shot without carrying a weapon. These things are really happening and have been happening for years. To all the different things that are going on just in our country. You know there are wildfires at home and the reality is that this life is short. We only have so much to live and no matter how much we have or how little we have Paul talks about I have had a lot and I have had a little and learning how to be content with both and the reality is that we need to learn how to love better. We need to learn how to realize that this life is very fragile it is very short. We never know. It is our assignment; it is our duty for each one of us no matter what we believe in or who we believe in to do a better job of that. To do a better job at loving because that is what we can control. To control our inner circle. We can control our language we can control how we are around each other we can control how we teach our kids. We can control our loved ones and how we control ourselves. The change we want to see has to start with me, it has to start with you all. I think that is really critical along this journey. I am proud to be a part of the Seahawks as we are going on this journey together as players, as a n organization, as a coaching staff and everybody else. It is a testament to knowing that love never fails, and it is important that we continue that."

On how the new offensive line played together:

"I thought the guys did a great job. Like I said we had the first sack of the game, they just ran upfield. That wasn't on them it was just a good play by them [Falcons]. All of it I thought the guys were dialed in and tuned into the situational football. We were on it. All the different words and languages and all the different things that we are doing. We are super advanced in how we are doing things. We are going to be a tough football team to beat. I am excited about it. We can score a lot of points and we got a lot of great players and I think the offensive line is doing a great job of it. They are detailed. I think Dewayne is a tremendous leader in terms of that group as a whole. And the addition of DLew [Damien Lewis] and [Brandon] Shell. They have done a great job. I feel like I have been playing with them for years to be honest with you. they have done a tremendous job stepping in and it was nothing for them. It was great. They did a great job today.

On what circumstances led to the many screen passes:

"We threw a couple of them there. They were big plays obviously because [Chris] Carson scored that one touchdown on one of those, that was a great play by him. The line did a great job blocking on that too. I think we spread the ball around all over the field obviously deep balls to D.K [Metcalf], Tyler [Lockett] running down the field. We mixed the quick game in we mixed the mid-range game all these different things we did. We got a couple screens in, nakeds. All the different plethora of plays and versatility conceptually is really key because it messes up the defense. They don't who the ball is going to where it is going to go. We have such great running backs. Of course, when Chris Carson gets the ball in open field uh-oh you know so you want to give him the ball as much as you can and find ways to do that. He did a great job of that. It was a great job by Shoddy today and just calling great plays."

On how crucial Tyler Lockett is:

"Tyler [Lockett] is one of the most consistent players in the NFL. He is one of the most explosive players in the NFL even though he is a smaller guy he gets open all day. His ability his feel for the game his intelligence his awareness his ability to get open in a blink of an eye and obviously out scramble ability with me and him is really special. I think it is one of the best in the game. I think we are doing a great job of it and we have to stay on it. It is not just him I think all the receivers looked great today. I was proud of DMo [David Moore]. He stepped up and stepped in today and did a great job today. [Freddie] Swain got his first NFL catch. That was pretty cool. Almost got that first down on third-and-long, but Tyler [Lockett] he is Mr. Dependable in so many ways. I love how he approaches the game there is nobody who approaches the game better than he does. He needs to get more recognition honestly for what he is doing. He has been unstoppable for I don't know how many years. He has been unstoppable, and I think he is one of the best receivers in the game hands down.


On what it was like to play his first game as a Seahawk:

"I'm glad that that first one is kind of behind us. I think there was a lot of uncertainty coming in with the lack of fans, no pre-season. I know personally, having played a long time, first time in a new setting, new system. A lot of new scenarios playing out in your head leading up to the first game. You feel like a rookie again, you have your nerves about whether or not you can still do this. So, to get that first one under our belt and to score 38 and not even play that great. We made a lot of mistakes and pre-snap penalties and all sorts of stuff. We have plenty to clean up but Russ [Wilson] he was pretty on fire all day. We spread the ball around to a lot of different guys. Running backs, wide outs, tight ends. Everybody really touched it and had an impact today. That's kind of the style we're looking to play and I think for the first game it was a good start."

On what he sees in terms of potential from the offense and playing with Russell Wilson:

"Obviously it starts with him [Russell Wilson]. He's just so efficient and so good with his decision making and accuracy and all those things. Around him, we have a lot of different guys that can contribute. Obviously, Chris [Carson] got us started out taken those screens and making an impact the way he did then both he and Carlos [Hyde] in the running game kind of wearing on people, pounding them and making them tackle him throughout the course of a game is tough on those defenders. DK [Metcalf] made some players, Tyler [Lockett] made some plays, we got David Moore involved. We have a lot of guys that can contribute. Obviously, Tyler and DK are going to get a lot of attention and when the rest of us get our opportunities, we have to make those plays and be there for Russ. It was cool to see the ball spread around to so many guys. It puts a lot of pressure on defenses."

On the pre-snap motion collision with Will Dissly in the fourth quarter:

"It's so funny. Something so silly. I've had five people text me saying 'why are you and [Will] Dissly hugging in the backfield.' We had a little of mix up coming out of the huddle so we had to switch sides and so we added a little shift to the play. I guess it looked funnier on TV. It didn't feel that big of a deal on the field but I guess on the broadcast it seemed like we had a little moment."


On what it was like to play his first game as a Seahawk:

"It was fun, a lot of juice, a lot of energy. A lot of ups and downs. I thought we played really well but we had a lot of mistakes, I'm speaking for the defensive side, that we can definitely get better on and to where we can be even more dominate. So that's the good thing about this game. Obviously, it is week one so there's a lot of mistakes that we can clean up. I think that the most important thing is that we got the win and that's what matters."

On what it was like getting to go out and tackle for the first time this year:

"I had obviously missed the live scrimmage when we did go against our twos, maybe about a week or two ago, due to cutting my finger. No, I did not cut it by cutting a strawberry, so obviously, in the kitchen, I was cutting fruit. I was cutting a lot of watermelon and what not. I definitely feel like for myself, I'm speaking for myself, my tackling was good but not where it usually is. I think I missed a couple that a rarely miss but I have to do a better job of wrapping up and just getting the guy down and making the tackle and being smart using the right technique. Overall, I think that we did a great job tackling as a defense. Flying around the ball. I think that's the main thing. You have a lot of guys flying around the ball and when you fly to the ball you make plays and that's what we did."

On what it is like watching Russell Wilson and the offense from the sideline:

"I'm not used to it. It's exciting. It's exciting to know when we do come off the field, we can definitely make our adjustments, catch a breather. For Russ [Wilson] to go out there and do what he's always done, I'm just happy to be a part of this organization. These guys are telling me they're happy I'm here, but I'm really happy I'm here. I just see so much talent, so much great success coming our way. As long as we just continue to keep our head down and continue to strive. Obviously, it's just one game. 1-0 that's what matters. We have to clean up this film and get ready for next week."

On whether there was any pressure to get the energy up on the defense without any fans:

"No pressure, no pressure. It was definitely weird at first, I'm not going to lie. Just going out there and not hearing any fans. The good thing about that is just the team comradery. Just coming together as one and feeding off one another. Once after that first series, we were good. It was all good. You could hear a lot of noise, talking out there, but at the end of the day it did show. It showed who loves football more than that other person or whatever the case may be. As long as you step on that green you got to be ready to play."

On why he chose Trayvon Martin as his helmet decal:

"When I was younger that was one of the biggest tragedies that had happened that I remember of police murdering a black man. That was just, to me, obviously there was more that happened before that that probably wasn't recorded or whatever the case may be. That was one of the bigger ones that I remember. That and Alton Sterling when I was at LSU. That was tough. Obviously, I want to represent him as a black man knowing that this was a start of change. We're going to continue to fight as black men as one and that's what we're going to continue to do."

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